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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Copywriting

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Copywriting

You’ve got a great SaaS product, but there’s one problem: your audience doesn’t know it.

And when you think about writing, you think about folks with their fingers glued to their laptops, burning the midnight oil. But since you’ve burned that same midnight oil, there’s a common ground.

And in that overlap exists the world of SaaS copywriting, and SaaS content writing.

So today, I’m going to show you how to:

  • Launch that lander with confidence
  • Make sure your articles pack a punch while educating your audience
  • Create a SaaS copywriting strategy that turns window shoppers into happy customers
  • Learn from the greats

I’m pumped, are you pumped?

Let’s do this!

1. What is SaaS copywriting?

Look, selling shoes is easy. It’s not nuclear science: you’ve got a pretty shoe, your visitors want a pretty shoe. They don’t have to check with anyone else – it’s their feet! And if the price is right, you’ve got yourself a conversion.

When you’ve got a SaaS product to sell, things get a little tricky:

First, your SaaS customers aren’t just the people looking at your landing page. In most cases, they have a boss or a team who are peeking over their shoulders. You can’t just convince them – you’ve got to convince all those people who have different objections.

Secondly, the pricing is different. It’s a commitment – even if you offer a no-strings attached contract. Every expense has to factor into the budget, and you have to prove how you’re going to make them money (while accepting their money).

Finally, some visitors come because they’re looking for a solution like yours. Others are on the fence – do they really need it? What’s in it for them? You’ve got to cover all of these points of view.

Technically, yeah, you can. You built the product, so you know all the ins and outs of it. But that can also become a problem when:

  • Your landing page word count starts reaching the in-depth blog post word counts (visitors skim – if they see long-form copy on a landing page, they bounce)
  • You start focusing on features you’re proud of building, instead of focusing on benefits visitors care about (you care about the behind-the-scenes work, visitors care about how that helps them)
  • You’re not getting the conversions you deserve

In that respect, SaaS copywriting helps you:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Get more mailing list signups
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Lower your CPC and increase your click-through rates
  • Turn barely aware visitors into people who are ready to solve their problems with your tool

What you think visitors should know and what they want to know are two wildly different things, and that’s why SaaS copywriting matters.

So let’s get you set up for success!

2. How to create a SaaS copywriting strategy

Step 1. Perform audience research

I’m not saying you haven’t! But when you start thinking about SaaS copywriting, you have to go beyond your product validation stage research. You should:

  • Read your reviews
  • Get in touch with your customers
  • Check out social media discussions

The more feedback you get, the easier it will be to perfect your current messaging.

For example, I’ve worked with a SaaS company that thought their main benefit were powerful features.

It turns out, what customers really cared the most about was how easy it was to get everything set up. They cared about 24/7 customer support and quick start guides. Those two never even made their landing page copy. Their blog didn’t reflect their knowledge.

Other SaaS companies managed to identify high-impact goals their customers were achieving with their product, and they hadn’t thought of that initially.

Find out what really resonates with your audienceand then start speaking their language.

Step 2. Perfect your unique value proposition

For example:

“Our Tool TM helps you learn foreign languages by live-chatting with native speakers.”

How to check if your value proposition statement works:

    • Does it say what your tool does?
    • Does it say how that helps your customers?
    • Is this a benefit your customers care about?

Netflix’s value prop is again very clear – “Watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere.”

But what if your tool is new and you can’t rely on the reputation that Netflix and Slack already have?

We’re not Netflix. But we offer great writing services and work with writers who make it their mission to help you explain what you do so your visitors don’t convert because of sales gimmicks, but because of pure value.

So we found a really clear and simple way to explain it.

Our hero section UVP covers:

      • The problem – You need content for your business?
      • Our solution – We’re an online, on-demand content writing platform.

If you’re still in doubt, grab coffee with a friend. Then tell them what you do. Rinse and repeat until you can explain what you do, and how it helps your audience solve a problem.

That’s the simplest UVP you can use to write darn good SaaS copy.

Step 3. Identify your SaaS copywriting needs

The third part is identifying all the places that you’ll need to write SaaS copy for:

      • Your landing page(s)
      • Your product page(s)
      • Blog content
      • Newsletters
      • Social media
      • PR

And so on!

I’ll cover these later in the text, so if you’re very eager, head on down and we’ll meet in ‘SaaS landing page copywriting.’

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