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The Best Methods To Effectively Study In College

The Best Methods To Effectively Study In College

Methods To Effectively Study In College

Drinking five cups of coffee, sitting in a quiet room, highlighting a whole book or memorizing notes may not work for everyone contrary to expectations. Good habits are developed over time and effective studying is a habit. However, before hitting the books you should be aware of some simple tips to help you study better:

  1. Take excellent notes

Taking notes will help you be mentally engaged therefore retaining what was taught. The simple act of writing things down helps you remember better. Taking notes involves comprehension and more thinking. This is because you have to understand what is being taught and then summarize it in a way that you understand. Make sure to date your notes to make it possible to find specific notes quickly.

  1. Find the perfect sanctuary

People are different. Some concentrate better in the library, messy bedroom, coffee shops, and other on organized desks. Try different places to see what works best for you. Do you study better in a group or when alone? Make the most of your time spent studying by finding or creating the perfect environment.

  1. Be active, not passive

As we said earlier, notes are a great way to give your brain something to do. Research and ask questions on the topic in order to gain a better and more complete understanding. If the only thing that helps you stay awake is doodling on pages during class then does it. Focusing on the subject matter at hand will help you retain it.

  1. Be organized

Keeping a folder specifically dedicated to notes is a great time saver. Organize your notes in order by date. This way you can easily access them and you will not be worried about losing them. Make sure to put your notes in the same folder. This will save you from having to go through messy papers. Remember that organization may take time upfront but it will make your life very easy at the end.

  1. Take evaluation tests

Take those short evaluation tests at the end of chapters in order to make sure that you understand all the key points. Research for pre-tests online or create mock tests with your study friends that you can exchange with each other. Tests will assist you in recollecting skills.

  1. Attend all your classes

That should be obvious. I know that attending classes can be boring but this will increase your chances of getting better grades. So next time you are tempted to sleep in remember that you will have to make up for it. Trust me; it is much easier to stay up to date on lectures than playing catch up.

  1. Relax

Schedule for breaks in between long study sessions. You can take a 30-minute nap of better yet a full night rest. You can also meditate, do yoga, or listen to your favorite music. Remember that a perfectly prepared mind can still fail due to lack of sleep or stress. It is important to take care of yourself.

Find an effective study habit that works for you. You do not have to do what others are doing. Be your own self

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