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reasons why you should become a Pokémon Master this Summer

5 reasons why you should become a Pokémon Master this Summer

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, (or just been prepping really, really hard) you are probably already aware of the viral phenomenon that is Pokémon GO. An augmented reality game for mobile phones developed by Niantic, that uses your phone’s location services and camera to let you catch pokémon in «real life».

If the idea of fulfilling your childhood dream of becoming a pokémon master is not enough for you to download the app right now, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. It’s Free (for real!)

While the game allow you to buy convenience items through microtransactions, there’s no need to spend a single dollar in real life to get the full experience, or feel like your progression is being hampered because you don’t want to pay.

2. Burn Calories, Get Fit

Ever wonder how Ash Ketchum stays in shape and remains young and happy season after season? Because he’s usually walking or bicycling everywhere. Outside. In fresh air.

Pokémon GO provides incentive to keep your body in motion and rewards you for doing so. The game requires you to walk or run to places to find and catch new Pokémon, and walk certain distances to hatch «eggs». The app will register the speed you are moving at, so there’s no benefit to driving around with a car. And considering how many traffic related accidents Pokémon GO has already caused, this is probably a good thing.

3. It even trains your brain!

Contrary to what people might have told you when growing up, games are actually great for training your brain. Countless studies show a direct correlation between playing games and higher intelligence in children. Gamers are usually smarter and perform better in school.

While deceptively simple on the surface, Pokémon GO is not simply about catching them all, but also requires observation, planning, strategy, concentration and a lot of patience and determination.

4. See new places, Meet new people

In the game you can collect items at places known as «Pokestops», which are spread around your neighborhood in the form of landmarks, buildings, etc. You’ll definitely find some cool location you never knew were even there. And since everyone with the app will usually gather around these hotspots, it’s also a great conversation starter or even ice breaker.

If you meet someone you really like, why not ask them to meet you tomorrow to hunt for a Pokémon together? If that doesn’t scream romance to you, I don’t know what does.

5. It’s pretty extreme

If you think Pokémon is a kids game, think again. In addition to a huge risk of addiction, Pokémon GO offers just the right amount of danger and excitement to keep you on your toes, without being outright hazardous.

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