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Quality Safety Education for Nurses

Quality Safety Education for Nurses

QSEN, AHRQ, NDNQI, and NQF Research

Paper Instructions: 

  1. You will search each of the websites of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, (QSEN), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), National Data Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) and the National Quality Forum (NQF).

On each website, choose an article or subject to give a synopsis. Include a synopsis, the importance of the article or subject, significance to nurses, nursing care, profession of nursing and healthcare in general.

Include the author(s), publisher and date.

  1. Search NSC Library or other professional data source for two (2) articles on any topic dealing with Leadership or Management. Provide a detailed synopsis of the article, to include significant to leadership/management, to nurses, nurse managers and what was the important point(s) to you. Include the author(s), publication and date.

This is an APA formatted paper, with abstract, summary, reference page, 6-8 pages in length. Follow the guidelines of Paper Submission criteria found in this syllabus

Two (2)) points per day will be deducted for lateness. Late entries that are more than two (2) days past due will not be eligible for credit.

Criteria 10 Points 5-9 Points 4 or < Points

Content Article/topic synopsis from all four website,

Complete article (2) synopsis on leadership.

Paper follows guidelines and submitted timely.

Two article synopsis complete. No APA errors. Incomplete or superficial synopsis of the websites and articles. More than one APA errors. Partially not following paper submission guidelines. Paper submitted late.

(Minus one point for each APA error) Incomplete, superficial, or omitted synopsis from website, or leadership/management article. Three or more APA errors.


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