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Are you a student enrolled in PUBH6210? Then you must have an assignment to write – the critique of a case study. Even if you know how to write a critique of a case study, the actual assignment differs a lot than reading these online guides. That is why nursing assignment help experts are here to help you with assignments.

You will get complete assistance from the professionals regarding writing the critique of the assignment in PUBH6210.

The assignment is simple. You have to read this study and then write a critique. I am going to guide you on how can you write your Latif case study critique assignment answer.

1. Identify your study

There are various types of studies and your critique questions differ as per them. What questions give you answers for an empirical article might not give you the answers you seek for a literature review type article.

While writing the critique, you have to focus on each and every aspect of the article. It can be general as well as specific to some argument made by the author.

Every critique will have some basic information. This information for the Latif case study is discussed below.

2. Name(s) of the author(s)

Write the names of the authors as many as there are. If your research article was prepared by 8 different authors, write the names of all of them.

The authors of the Latif case study are –

  1. Asam Latif

  2. Helen F. Boardman

  3. Kristian Pollock

3. Title of article

The article title is visible to everyone right at the top of the research article. Title of Latif case study is –

“A qualitative study exploring the impact and consequence of the medicines use review service on pharmacy support staff.”

4. Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers

All this information is found in the citation of the research article. For Latif case study, this information is as follows –

  1. Title of journal: Pharmacy Practice

  2. Volume 11, Issue 2

  3. April to June

  4. Page numbers: 118-124

5. Statement of the problem or issue discussed

Generally, the authors mention their objective statement in the research article. If they do not, you can identify the objective statement from either the abstract or the first paragraph in the research article.

In the Latif case study, the author mentioned their objective statement separately.

“The objective of this study is to explore the impact and consequences of the English Medicine Use Review (MUR) service on pharmacy support-staff.”

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