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Nursing is a vast domain that needs special attention from every student. This is because it is an amalgamation of both practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

PUBH6001 Health Policy And Advocacy is one such unit that has grown to be popular among the youth in the last few decades. Not only due to its extensive scope, but also because this concerns the domain of public health.

What Is Health Policy and Advocacy?

Before we go on further to let you know how our providers cater to such assessments on health policy advocacy, let us first get an overview of the topic.

Health policy

There is a different set of instructions that a nurse has to abide by while dealing with their patients. For instance, there are certain guidelines that the National Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) lays. When a nurse comes in contact with such a patient, she has to abide by them. In short, such guidelines are known as health policy.


You might have heard that nurses may need to engage in advocacy. But what do they exactly mean by this term? It is the act of leading on behalf of another person. Or in other words, it is the support of the cause.

When nurses have to treat their patients, they have to act and take decisions on behalf of their patients, isn’t it? That’s advocacy. This is the responsibility of a nurse to strive and promote the well-being of their patients.

In general terms, a nurse has to undergo an outrage in the form of frustration and stress when they come to terms with situations like inadequate medicare reimbursement, inadequate staff, unsound conditions of working, etc.

In this situation, health policy advocacy plays a vital role in channelising this outrage into action. This means all the inadequately conceived laws and regulations would have some solutions for them.

For applying health policy advocacy, you do not need to acquire any new skills. You just need to harness the ones you already possess being nursing students such as the skill of communicating, the skill of building a therapeutic relationship with the patient, etc, but in a different context.

Write Health Policy Advocacy Assignments Just Like a Nursing Expert!

Now that you are aware of the two terms, you are good to go. I hope, you are finally in a position to register in your mind the way our nursing assignment help professionals approach these assignments.

So, have a look at the PUBH6001 assignment question that has been recently solved by one of our nursing professionals for the reference purpose of a student.

So, the assignment that was given to us requires students to write an essay on policy analysis targets, stakeholders, and their representation. While writing the essay, the above-mentioned questions are needed to be addressed.

In the essay, our nursing assignment help the team focused on the current and historical policy context of a scenario that is prevalent in the healthcare domain of Australia. This was the thesis statement that was elaborated and explained with suitable evidence in the 3-body paragraphs of the essay.

After this, we highlighted the problems that had to be addressed in this essay and suggested ways by which the health policies could help solve them. Simultaneously, we also talked about those problems that have been overlooked.

Our nursing assignment makers subtly talked about the dominant discourse evident that they have extracted from relevant journal articles during their research on this topic and formulated certain assumptions associated with them.

The next section of the essay elaborated upon the people who were being affected by the health policy so that proper advocacy could be devised out. In this process, we also identified the other stakeholders who were also being affected by the policies. Briefly, we touched upon various parameters such as the structure of the institution, agency and the capacity of the workforce building.

Through this, we could draw a parallel between the way different social groups were being affected by the policies and what all implications it will have on society. In the end, we brought forth some moral judgments that have been expressed in the essay.

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