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The health outcomes in Australia are quite good. And that is the reason why Australians trust health service organisations to provide them with a safe and high-quality healthcare service. Yet, there are a lot of cases where we observe a lapse in security and quality. This has an effect on the loves of the people and, in turn, the health system.

This is why it is important to follow some principles of clinical governance in nursing practice. And to develop them in a future nurse, the assignments are an important tool.

Problems in implementing clinical governance processes

Since there has been observed the difference in the standards and the actual principles that are followed in healthcare, it is obvious that there are some problems. The key issues in implementing clinical governance processes are –

  • Implementing an open disclosure reply that is uniform with the national and local standards
  • Have incident management and investigation systems who can analyse an event and offer sufficient observation to identify flaws in the safety failures
  • Executing corrective measures to counter the risks of the patient
  • Maintaining a complaint management system between patients and healthcare workers
  • Providing a dynamic and safe culture
  • Clearly explaining the roles and responsibilities of all the concerned personnel

Components of clinical governance

The Clinical Governance Governance Framework has five components. They are –

  1. Governance, leadership and culture
  2. Patient safety and quality improvement systems
  3. Clinical performance and effectiveness
  4. Safe environment for the delivery of the care]
  5. Partnering with the patients

According to Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, clinical governance is the set of relationships and responsibilities established by a health service organisation between its state or territory department of health, governing body, executive, workforce, patients, consumers and other stakeholders to ensure good clinical outcomes.

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