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Evidence-based nursing (EBN) is the most fundamental approach that nurses use to solve problems under different clinical settings. There are many dimensions of this practice such as studying the internal evidence, carrying out various assessments for patients and making note of the preferences of patients.

Being an imperative concept for nursing students, a lot of students are seen wandering here and there for guidance on Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Assessment Answer. This blog will take you further into this topic so that you can solve all those assignments yourself.

What Is Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN)?

When student nurses use the evidence-based nursing approach to solve their assignments, there is a shift in paradigm wherein now the emphasis focuses on bringing the best outcomes for patients based on the existing evidence. Or in other words, the traditional decision-making process gets replaced with clinical decision making that is backed up by evidence from various learning and research studies.

There are 7 key steps that our nursing assignment writers use to implement EBM.

These are:

  1. Cultivating a spirit of inquiry
  2. Use the PICO format to ask the clinical question. PICO stands for the patient population, intervention, comparison groups and outcome.
  3. Gather the most relevant evidence to cater tot he clinical question that has been asked
  4. Critically appraise the existing evidence, in terms of its reliability, applicability and validity
  5. Integrating and relating all the available evidence with the preferences of patients to make wise decisions
  6. Evaluating how the EBM affects the outcomes of healthcare services
  7. Disseminate the outcomes

With the help of these steps, our nursing assignment help experts approach the assignments that come under this topic. Now let us proceed to give you a glimpse of how to write Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Assessment Answer.

Concepts Included In a Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Assignment

The primary aim of these assignments is to broaden the thinking capabilities of students, where they can relate both the practical and theoretical aspects of nursing and solve the given problem.

Certain concepts play a major role in these assessments. These are:

  1. Principles and processes of evidence-based nursing
  2. Role of individual patient preferences in clinical judgments
  3. Implementing the findings of the research
  4. Barriers and facilitators to EBN practice
  5. Adequate literature search on the clinical question

With this clinical judgement nursing essay assessment, students get an opportunity to utilise the clinical experiences and work upon their skills. It also enables them to critically review several relevant works of literature to get a deep understanding of the EBN practice.

Write Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Assignment Just Like an Expert

There are 2 parts under this assignment, Part A and Part B. With the help of Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Solution, our experts would now explain you in brief both the sections so that you are in a position to at least begin drafting it.

First, let us see what is to be done in Part A.

Part A: Essay 1800 words(40%)

This is the Principles And Processes Of Evidence-Based Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Question Part A. Here, you are required to write an 1800 words essay, that will contribute 40% to the total marks for this unit.

In this essay, students are expected to recognise various challenges that they have encountered in their clinical settings and then devise out certain strategies for implementing EBM to mitigate the barriers to the nursing practice.

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