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Primary Prevention/Health Promotion Teaching Work Plan Research Paper Example

Primary Prevention/Health Promotion Teaching Work Plan Research Paper Example


These findings indicate that the average health conditions in South Orange Village Township are relatively better than those of the entire state. Nevertheless, there are inflated rates of obesity and diabetes in South Orange Township compared to the State averages. In respect of this finding, our group decided to design a Teaching Work Plan that would focus on primary prevention/health promotion, with a bid to enlighten the community on how they can prevent the cases of obesity and diabetes.

Primary prevention is the first level of health care activities, which are designed to prevent the occurrence of diseases and promote health.Primary prevention aims to support and promote good health, and eliminate or reduce factors that contribute to poor health. Preventive programmes have played a fundamental role in reducing rates of disease spread within our societies and across the world. The objectives of the CLC group Teaching Work Plan include:

Planning Before Teaching
The group has the following plans before the actual teaching work is carried out:
– Identifying/designing the most appropriate method of reaching as many of the community members as possible.
– Conducting public awareness campaigns before teaching work.
– Allocating time for the teaching activities.
– Apportionment of role among CLC group members.
– Preparation of teaching materials and other necessary facilities.
– Contacting the local administrative authorities for easier accessibility of the community.
– Securing means of transport for the group members.

Epidemiological Rationale for the topic
Our group has decided to focus on primary prevention measures for diseases such as obesity and diabetes, which were found to rate higher compared to the State averages.And with respect of this, the group shall teach the community about the causes, effects, and levels of obesity and diabetes in South Orange Township. This has been deemed important because the data by the has not been be accessed by a significant number of South Orange Community members. The group will also teach about the interrelationship between obesity and diabetes. In addition, the group will teach the community about the available primary prevention options that every household would find easier to practice, and importance of health promotion shall be emphasized.

Nursing Diagnosis
Nursing diagnosis shall be drawn from health promotion diagnosis perspective because these health conditions: diabetes and obesity, are attributed to poor feeding habits. From the finds, it could be concluded that there is general good health in South Orange Community because health issues have been well articulated.

Readiness for Learning
The group will assess the level of readiness for learning South Orange Community members by observing the level of participation among the community members. The community will be involved in discussion of the topic: their views will be collected and assessed to find out whether they match healthy living. Our group will also assess the degree of willingness by individuals to home health information given by the CLC group.

Learning Theory and Goals
The learning process will involve interaction between the CLC team and the community members. The group will lay out the guiding principles of interaction during the teaching work, where we shall take the guiding role, while the community members shall participate by contributing on the topic and seeking for clarifications. The goals for devising this method of interaction is to allow for participatory learning process; where the community members can feel comfortable to share information on health issues, and develop willingness to absorb new information. The key issues that will be discussed entail nutrition issues, with focus on developing healthy feeding patterns; this would help to reduce the rates of obesity and diabetes among the children and adults.The key goals of this work plan include:

Our group will devise teaching skills that would encourage interactive sessions with the community members. The group will incorporate question and answer sessions to allow room for making clarifications. Comments and recommendations from the community members will be welcomed for consideration in the policy making process.

Evaluation of Objectives, Goals, and Teacher
The group shall assess and ascertain whether the objectives and goals have been achieved by analyzing the responses by the community members about the call for health promotion. The teacher will be evaluated by observing the level of community participation induced by the teacher. Low level of community participation would indicate poor score for the teacher; information not well delivered to the community.

Barriers and Strategies to Overcome Barriers
The barriers that the CLC group would likely face in the community include difficulty in accessing the community members, insufficient time for teaching work, language barrier, bad weathers, and lack of willingness to participate by the community members. It was found out that in South Orange Township, the working population is very large; this would mean difficulty in assembling the community for teaching work because these people are so much involved in work. South Orange Village Township is fairly larger; therefore, much time would be needed to conduct a comprehensive health promotion education in the entire Village Township. The racial composition indicated that there is a mixture of people from different origins; this would create an element of language barrier, more so at the local level. South Orange is located at the boundary between humid continental and humid subtropical climate; this gives an impression that weather patterns would fluctuate at different times, thus affecting the smooth flow of the teaching process. In addition, certain individuals would not feel comfortable to participate in the health promotion education, especially the victims of the poor health conditions like the obese and diabetic persons, for fear of being ridiculed.
Therefore, the CLC group will organize the teaching activities both during the day and in the evening to cater for all. We will carry out health promotion/primary prevention education in areas of larger populations, and network to reach those who reside in areas of sparse population. This would allow for proper coverage of the Village Township. The group shall also assign interpreters to enable the dissemination of information to all and sundry. The teaching work will be conducted during good weather times to avoid hitches. The group will conduct public awareness campaign to enhance participation process. Members of the public will be informed about the education programme; they will be asked to feel free to participate in the programme, and emphasis will be laid on the importance the teaching programme.

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