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Evidence-based practice is quite critical but makes the intervention process in nursing easier. Considered as one of the noble professions in which the nurses care of the people and their welfare. It makes use of clinical questions relevant to the patient’s problem in a way so as to extract the correct diagnosis. PICO helps in formulating a strategy by identifying some of the key concepts that need to be measured in answering a particular question. Such evidence-based nursing is important to be considered in your assessment tasks that need to be answered with PICO.

Elements of PICO

Let us take a look at the following set of elements in the processes of PICO.

P – Patient or Problems

The problems which are being faced by your patients can be extracted here by asking the right questions as:

  • What is the age, ethnicity, and gender of your patients?
  • What is the exact problem?

These questions are quite relevant as it can determine to find out the problem that your patient is suffering from.

I – Intervention

Interventions are actions taken by the authorities to reach towards the goals which are set accordingly.

  • Which intervention plans to follow?
  • What measures should be beneficial to the patient?

C – Comparison

The comparison is included in PICO to find out other alternative medication or any other form of treatment or there can be no treatment at all.

  • Is there any alternative to the current medications?

O – Outcomes

Your outcome should be measured as the best evidence out of all the relevant rigorous studies with a proper statistical determination. Some of the good question that can be asked:

    • What effect you like to see?
    • What medical effects you don’t want to see?
    • Are there any side effects involved?

Additional Elements of PICO

There are two other additional elements of the PICO analysis model. It comprises of type of foreground question and the type of methodologies used.

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