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If you are studying the unit NURS2101 and have to write the NURS2101 assessment 2 qualitative research report, then you are in the right place. Here you will get a detailed understanding of each step of the question file and what to write.

Need for qualitative research in nursing

The nurses have to be empathetic to the experiences of the patients they are treating. Not only them but also their family are taken into account. This empathetic understanding is necessary for the nurse to be able to deliver a person-centred and family centred care.

Hence, the nursing students are given assignments like NURS2101 assessment 2 qualitative research so that they are able to find, critically analyse and then apply their findings to the patient care.

How to write this NURS2101 Assessment 2 Qualitative Research Report

Now that you know why qualitative research in nursing is important, let me take you further and explain how to write this report. Well, being a nursing expert myself, I pay extra attention while conducting the literature search and selecting qualitative nursing research studies for this report. This is because the entire report would depend on them. Also, you have to make sure that the selected articles are within 10 years of their publication.

One thing which you must keep in mind while writing this report is that you do not focus on the quantitative aspects as the marking rubric would strictly ask you to give emphasis on the qualitative information.

Further, you have to segregate the entire report into the following sections-

1. Introduction

The introduction forms the most important section of NURS2101 Assessment qualitative report. This is because you would highlight the topic that you have chosen for the report here. Whichever disease or problem that you aim to solve through the report must be discussed in this section. Then, suggest some reasons as to why you feel that the topic is important for a nurse. Next, in just 100 words end the introductory paragraph by highlighting the keywords or the database that you have used to find about this problem.

2. Discussion

The discussion would be the lengthiest portion of your report wherein you must include the aims of your research, how you will design the research, who all will be participating in this process, how you will collect and analyse data, the main findings, ethical considerations as well as the limitations of your study. You may also make use of CASP questions.

3. Reflection and Recommendations

The next section of your report must include your reflection on what all you have learnt while dealing with the patient and his/her family. Then, you must suggest some of your own recommendations which you would be using in the future.

4. Reference list

I feel that a reference list is the most important section in a NURS2101 Assessment 2 report which most of the students forget. This is because this section gives credit to all the three research papers and other sources of information that you have used in your report. Also, remember that this section is not included in the word count.

So, these are the sections which are compulsory to include in this report. However, this is just a brief of a complex assessment in nursing. For further guidance on how to write a NURS2101 Assessment 2 report, you can send in all your queries to us and we would solve them in a jiffy.

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