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Iknow that you are studying the NSC1201 unit and have to submit a 2000-word long client assessment activity. For that, you are probably looking for some nursing assignment help expert over the internet in the hope that you will get the ready solution for the assignment.
I am going to explain to you what the question is asking and what do you have to do in response to the teaching activity.

Understanding the assessment requirements

The assignment’s details and needs are pretty simple to understand. There are 3 scenarios given to you in the assessment.

  1. The first one is about a 5-year-old boy Jaxon who has been suffering from Type I Diabetes since he was 3. Now, he is going to start pre-school and has to learn testing blood glucose level (BGL).
  2. A 13-year-old girl, Charlotte, lives with her family. Her mother passed away 4 years ago. Today, she is coming to visit the school nurse to discuss menstruation.
  3. 36-year-old Jessica has children aged 4 and 7. Her maternal aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and Jessica has become aware of herself. She is looking for guidance on how she can take care of her health.

You need to choose any one of the above 3 situations and then prepare the teaching activity according to the needs. For example, I chose the Jaxon case for my assessment.

How to write the assignment answer?

The first thing that I followed when I was writing the assignment answer was to read the scenario once again. When you lay down all the information that the question scenario is giving you, get a brief of what information you have and what you need.

For example, in the Jaxon case study, I was able to conclude the following information –

Patient Name: Jaxon

Family: Mother, father and older sister

Problem: Type I diabetes

Recovery: Normal

Activity: Testing blood glucose level (BGL)

Laying down all this information allowed me to take a search on the internet for the ways to assess the client. Then, I linked my assessment to the development of the patient. Also, I followed the lifestyle of Jaxon and the effect the parents had on the measurement of the disease. Moreover, I have to understand the learning process of a 5-year-old and their social factors so that I can develop my teaching plan.

The next part is where I will define a problem statement which talks about the patient, the problem and also the needs. For example, Jaxon is 5-year-old suffering from Type I diabetes. I have to teach him to test BGL on his own in an interactive and calm manner.

Then I will present the teaching plan for the patient. This plan will be a long term one where the patient will be learning. The objectives have to be so that the patient is attentive to my plan. The goal can be defined as – To develop a teaching plan for Jaxon making him independent in testing his BGL in 6 weeks and assessing the growth through practical tests. The client may be responsive to cognitive teaching methods more than physical ones. That you need to search for a 5-year-old and what is the learning need.

Once done, you need to now describe what teaching methods did you use. For example, you can use interactive video tutoring. You also have to define the reason for choosing this particular teaching method.

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