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There is a reason why the nursing profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions in the world. It is because there are several other responsibilities that a nurse undertakes, other than just taking care of the patient. They have to establish a connection between theory and practice to deliver safe healthcare services. In this process, they also keep a check that it is underpinned by a fixed set of theoretical concepts and understanding. For this, being able to reflect upon their practice and appraising their performance is the key. This is exactly what the nursing unit NRSG139 underlines.

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In this blog, we will discuss how to the NRSG139 establishing and maintaining rapport assessment answer, which students have sent to us recurrently in the recent few weeks under this unit.

3 Foundational Skills That Are Covered In NRSG139 Integrating Practice Assessments

The students who study this particular unit in nursing get an opportunity to integrate both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge in their assignments. Other than this, three foundational skills are covered in the assessments.

These are:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Clinical reasoning
  3. Clinical judgement

Once you can complete the NRSG139 Establishing And Maintaining Rapport Assessment answer successfully, you will automatically gain command over these skills that are vital for all the aspiring nurses.

Let us proceed with the assignment and discuss how our nursing assignment help drafts impeccable reference assignment solutions for students.

How Do Our Nursing Assignment Writers Approach NRSG139 Health Assessment Interview?

The task that is rolled out to students is to perform a health assessment interview for an adult. For this, students get confused to choose which health history model or tool to provide credibility to the assessment.

NRSG139 health interview assessment for an adult

First, the report has to be established and maintained rapport. Based on this, an adult client has to be questioned. When a student sent us this question for us to guide him, our nursing assignment help experts follow some fixed steps, these are:

1. Review the topic

First, we review the topic to know carefully what is required to be included in the answer. Also, we take notes of the guidelines that have been provided to us regarding the word count, deadline and the type of format that is supposed to be followed for the assignment.

2. Research on the topic

By conducting thorough research on a variety of communication techniques available for nurses and several other concepts that are related to the topic, we refer to a plethora of journal articles that are relevant to our topic. We chose the Potter and Perry, Jarvis and O’ Toole texts for reference. We also make it a point to only take help from credible websites and sources such as AIHW, AHPRA, and the government sites of Australia.

3. Choosing a suitable health assessment tool

With the help of an appropriate tool, we conduct a health assessment interview for an adult. The tool that we use helps us to draft the questions of the interview. In addition to this, our nursing assignment writers also introduce some questions from their personal experience.

4. Formatting the assessment

As per our experts, using real-life examples from the life of the client is the key in these assessments. Thus, we ensure to equip our assessment with ample supporting evidence by referring to real-life situations from the life of patients. After this, our nursing assignment help experts use this format to write the assignment solution for students:

  • Introduction
  • Considerations that help us to establish and maintain rapport
  • Various techniques for establishing and maintaining rapport
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Conclusion

5. Prepare the first draft

Using all the information that we have gathered until now, we prepare the first draft of our work. Then, we reference all that we have borrowed from the work of some other authors as per the marking rubric. Then we check whether all the questions have been addressed in it or not. Finally, we prepare the final draft.

This is a brief discussion on the approach to NRSG139 Establishing And Maintaining Rapport Assessment Answer as used by our nursing assignment help experts. In case, you want us to guide you with an entire solution for this file or any other similar kind of file, then you can drop all your requirements to us and we will make sure to help you write better assignments instantly.

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