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Are you a student studying NRSG139 unit and looking for free NRSG139 assessment 2 answers online? Do you want to know how can you write your NRSG139 assessment answers and work your way around writing a perfect solution?

I am going to tell you how can you write your NRSG139 assessment task 2 answers.

Let us see what question I solved.

Now, do not get confused that this is a simple nursing essay. Had that been the case, you wouldn’t have been reading this blog right now.

So, what you have to do in this task? You need to write an essay, that is understood. What next? You need to develop nursing health assessment and also show interview skills. What are you going to do with these interview skills? You will demonstrate skills in critical thinking (very important skill for a nurse), clinical reasoning (cannot practice nursing without this, right?) and clinical judgement (cannot have a patient dying on my watch, can I?).

Now that you know what you have to do in this assessment, here is how you have to write the answer

I wrote my NRSG139 assessment 2 answer while taking care of a lot of factors.

Here we go.

Since we are talking about health and nursing, what better source of information is there other than World Health Organisation, right? The first thing you have to do is open the website of WHO and download everything that you can about the question in hand. My topic was ageing so I searched for all the documents related to ageing.

Through that, I wrote an introduction which talked about why ageing is necessary to be taken care of, how people perceive ageing, what healthy ageing is, and why healthy ageing is important for the society. Here is a sample of the NRSG139 assessment 2 answer introduction for your reference.

Afterwards, you need to explain the various steps out of which the first one is considering the situation of the patient. Here, you need to talk about what does the patient think about the parameters you are going to judge him on. For example, for my assessment, the patient showed his definition of a happy life. Then, compare the health of your patient with the general trend. In my case, I compared how my patient was different from other ageing patients.

Next up was collecting information. This information is necessary to assess the patient. These can include breathing rate (if it is normal or not), the heart rate (comparison with general trend), sleeping habits (if healthy or not), etc. These allow you to assess the patient if he or she is living a healthy lifestyle or not.

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