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If you are also studying the unit NCS2101, your aim is to develop knowledge of the body. Using this, you will have skills that are specifically related to diagnosis and then cure of an acute episodic illness in adulthood. One attempt for that is to give a case study and write an essay. Nursing assignment help expert will guide you.

I am going to help you understand what the question asks and how should your NCS2101 essay writing assignment solution should be, all with the help of a sample solution.

NCS2101 assessment sample

We all have our own case studies for this assignment, right? So, I am going to take the sample of the Josie Milligan case study. The students who have that one, this is your lucky day. And if you have some other one, you can always use this blog as a guide as a reference to prepare your NCS2101 essay writing assignment answer.

The question is –

1. List down what is given in the question and what you have to do

No, I do not say that you write the entithere case study once again on a piece of paper. That is going to waste your time. But, if you can, do obtain a hard copy of the case study.

Read the question file in your assessment. List down all the information that is given and what you have to do.

  • You have to write an essay

  • You have to mention how will you manage after their surgery

  • You have to mention how the patient will be taken care of

  • You need to focus on 2 diagnoses that was obtained and focus on them for the care

2.  Plan the introduction

When you plan the introduction, you will have identified the issue and already have a care in mind.

In my case study, I chose Open Reduction and Internal Fixation surgery which is popularly used to treat broken bones. In the introduction, I mentioned about the ORIF surgery and how is conducted. Not only that, but I also mentioned how the patient will be handed over.

3.  Writing the background

Before I can suggest all that is going to be done, I need to analyse what I know. That is why the background section in the essay is important. Here, I discussed what is ISOBAR technique of patient handling. Then, using each component of ISOBAR technique, I related it to what I can infer from the given case study.

For example, this is what I wrote in my NCS2101 essay writing assessment answer –

4. Analyse the nursing process

The nursing process is important because this is what that tells the assessor how you would have handled the situation and if you have sufficient knowledge or not.

In my essay, I first defined what is nursing process and why nursing process is important for my nursing practice. Then, this nursing process was used to assess the patient.

The sample of my NCS2101 essay writing assignment answer is given

Also, using this nursing process, I mentioned the nursing diagnosis. The nursing diagnosis sample of my essay is attached below –

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