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MBA404 Consumer behaviour and marketing psychology is a course that helps students explore the reactions and behaviour of individual customers and a group of organisations. When you can study consumer behaviour accurately, you will be able to purchase appropriate products that suit the requirements of the consumers.

There are several dimensions to the consumer behaviour assignments that students receive when they study MBA404. Our proficient experts have dealt with a plethora of such assignments and have now garnered the skills of producing flawless reference assignment solutions for students all across the globe. In this blog, I shall be throwing some light on the most imperative concepts that are associated with consumer behaviour and Pyschology and explain how those can be incorporated into the assignments.

5 Factors That Influence Consumer Behaviour

Often as a marketing student, you might have thought what factors drive consumers to a specific product, isn’t it? Well, consumer behaviour assignments also answer this question. Primarily, there are certain factors that influence the decision of the consumers on buying a product. So, before we go on with the assignment, let’s get into a brief discussion about those factors.

1. Marketing campaigns

It is a well-known fact that advertisements are the most potent tool for influencing the decisions of the consumers. The marketing campaigns contribute immensely in bringing a product or service within the reach of the audience and influence their decision. This is the reason assignments that are rolled out to students always consist of a lot questions based on marketing campaigns.

2. Economic conditions

As per our marketing assignment help experts, it is believed that the decision of consumers on purchasing a product or service solely depends on the economic conditions prevalent in the market. Any item such as vehicles, houses, electronic appliances, etc is a huge asset that customers buy after thinking about the prices. Every consumer has some of the other financial liabilities, therefore a budget-friendly economic condition is needed to make them feel confident about investing.

3. Personal preferences

Even at a personal level, there are a lot of factors that influence consumer behaviour in the market. These include personal likes, dislikes, moral values, and more. Also, the fashion sense that varies in different people tends to influence the decision-making powers of the consumers a lot.

4. Group influence

It is believed that man behaves according to the people who are around him. There are various influential groups around a consumer that affects the decision made by them. These include the peers, relatives, and family. As per our marketing assignment writers, group influence has a strong impact on consumer behaviour.

5. Purchasing power

This is a potent factor that has a strong effect on consumer behaviour. Every consumer carries out an extensive analysis of his purchasing power before they buy any product. If a product doesn’t meet this purchasing power, then sales will be high. Now that you are aware of the factors that influence consumer behaviour, let us now give you a glimpse of how our marketing assignment help experts approach MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assessment Answers.

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