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Nursing is a diverse and interdisciplinary field to be studied. Many different perspectives of human science, be it diseases, anatomy or psychology are to be taught for the advancement of Nursing services. Human Services Case Management is one of the significant case studies that require interdisciplinary approaches and practical endeavour from the students to ace their assignment, HSW2120 Reflective Analysis.

One important thing should be mentioned here at the beginning that this particular assignment deserves great critical and professional skills and diverse knowledge on Human Psychology and Family systems to inculcate a good assessment on this topic. It is sometimes difficult to find out much time to pay heeds to the assignment, especially for the students of Nursing.

The Task Requirements in the HSW2120 Human Services Case Management Assignment

It is an assignment upon the reflective analysis of the critical situation of human beings. The assignment is divided into 2 parts.

• Part A- You have to mock the case file chosen from the two given in your assignment. Elements template can be used to organize and adorn your assignment.

• Part B- You have to write reflective statements regarding the mock case you have enumerated. You need to use references and critically analyze them and in the end, you need to articulate an action plan concerning your assessment.

There are three important purposes for which the course has been designed. Let’s take a look at what they are:

• To enable students to engage in scenario planning

• Maintenance of Case Management

• Reflections of the classroom training

Major Concepts You Should Know for Writing the Reflective Analysis

The course needs to be written in different segments as the marks are allowed to multiple segments with appropriate importance. You have to be tactical enough to handle the content, design, and several other practical measures of this assignment. Only experts with years of experience can guide you to prepare the assignment within a very short time. You can schedule a live chat with the experts at My Assignment Services for the nursing assignment help. There are a few segments you have to emphasize more and certainly, you have to be informed about some of the significant nuances for assignments, especially like this one.

• Case Management Principle – You have to reflect some nuanced understanding of principles as well as your critical insight needs to be reflected here.

• Demographic Information – Detailed and conscientious content on Demographic Information needs to be recorded as well as presented structurally.

• Social History – A comprehensive detail of the client’s social history needs to be presented. Multiple questions are required to be framed to analyze the client’s condition critically. The action plan needs to be prepared based on the answers to the questions.

 Risk Assessment plan – Comprehensive risk factors and situations need to be presented and assessed. The complexities of practice are required from a student of nursing to work with the factors.

• Case Conference Note – A concise but extensive Case Conference Note designed in a SOAP model is required to be invoked here for working on some critical information to prepare a high-quality service plan.

• Action Plan – A good Action plan from the clear perception of a student of Nursing needs to be articulated in a smart format. An action plan should be realistic, collaborative, timely, and logical.

How can I prepare my assignment? Can I get a conceptual framework?


Yes, why not! The first segment, Mock case files, that come at the front needs to be elaborated from your perception. The imaginary scenario needs to sound logical and critical from the subjective point of view.

The mock details that are to be articulated in part A deal with a critical scenario of a grandmother who is depressed and she needs to take care of her grandchildren. Now let’s see some of the crisis pointwise.

• The grandmother has two grandchildren, the elder one is a boy who is 9 years old and the younger one is a girl who is 6 years old.

• She is depressed and beaten daily by her husband.

• The grandmother is the primary care-taker as the mother of the children is not around. So the grandmother cannot grow away from the responsibility of those children.

• The children have a direct influence on the unhealthy culture due to the family situation and family history. The children now don’t listen to their grandmother. Indeed the elder one intimidates the younger one. During the study of this case, they remain unresponsive.

• The children’s drunkard father hardly comes and whenever he comes, he comes after drinking a lot.

• The grandmother requires a house and grocery. She needs to relocate herself quickly.

What are the risk factors and what is the level of risk?

There are two risks.

• The mental health of the grandmother

• The physical and mental risk of the children

The risk, having felt to be pretty serious, needs to be alleviated with some definite actions.

The safety goal can be designed accordingly. The children should be sent to go to respite once or twice per week. Housing and grocery need to be found for the grandmother.

Part B requires your reflection and action plan against the risk factor. You have to determine the safety goal accordingly and evaluate the action plan. The safety goal is to change the score (diagnosed by you) of the mental health of the grandmother. You have to strategize a plan that may help her revive from this dismal situation. The root factors are to be taken cognizance of, to prepare the safety goal.

The assignment may seem to have some practical exposure and critical analysis. Both of them deserve a long time for research and spontaneous strenuous effort. Sometimes, Nursing students cannot find that much time or mental pursuit to prepare an assignment of this standard but the institutions never compromise with the score. The only way to balance both social and academic life is to take assistance from a nursing assignment help expert in this field.

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