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Students pursuing courses in healthcare have to develop themselves as cultural friendly. They have to provide a safe healthcare service to the patients that is culturally unbiased. For that, their skills are developed through assignments. One such unit is HSC230 and its mind map & written reflection assignment.

Why do you have to reflect?

The aim of giving out this assignment is to develop the students’ cultural competencies. Through writing the HSC230 mind map & written reflection assignment answer, you will be able to explore the knowledge that you are taught. Furthermore, you will be questioning your beliefs and values that redefine your ‘cultural self’.

HSC230 Mind Map & Written Reflection Assessment

I know you are dreading this question but do not worry because I am going to tell you how you should answer it. Here is a step by step explanation of how to prepare these both answers –

1.  Lay down the information that you have from the question

  1. This assessment is divided into 2 parts – mind map and personal reflection

  2. Identify 4 values, 4 beliefs and 4 behaviours in you that define your cultural identity for mind map

  3. Write a reflection that defines how the above mind map information is helping you become a culturally safe practitioner

2. Prepare the mind map

To prepare the mind map, you need to first look into yourself. For the mind map you have to identify 4 values each. That means 12 values. And then you need to connect them all with how they are contributing to your culturally safe practice.

If you think that this is not a too-heavy task, then think again. Even a nursing assignment help provider takes a significant amount of time in preparing the best mind map.

Anyway, let me tell you how to prepare this. See the sample mind map from my HSC230 mind map & written reflection assignment answer.

You might be thinking what is big deal in this. But look closely. Each component mentioned in the mind map is analogous to providing a culturally safe healthcare. I have to mentioned what all skills define my culturally safe healthcare practice.

3. This is the tough part of the assessment – writing reflection

Like every other good boy reflection, this HSC230 reflection writing answer will also take on a specified format of writing.

Take a pen and paper out and start preparing the outline like I am telling you to. First, divide the outline of the reflection into 3 phases – beliefs, values and behaviour. The order can be as you want, there is no formula for that.

Once decided which component you are taking up first, you need to read the skills you mentioned in the mind map. In my HSC230 reflection writing answer, I chose to start with Beliefs. Explain what role does belief play in your culturally safe healthcare. Take the same approach for mentioning the other two paragraphs about Values and Behaviour.

In every paragraph here, you need to relate the skills you mentioned in the mind map with the topic you are writing about. Here is the example form my HSC230 reflection writing answer.

Then you need to mention which skills you are strong at and what needs development. For example, I mentioned that my values and beliefs are culturally competent but I need to work more on my behaviour. Then I outlined why I thought so and how am I going to work on the said skill.

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