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How to write Statement of purpose

How To write Statement of purpose to study abroad?

How to write Statement of purpose has been always an integral part of your application to any graduate school. It becomes even more important if you are applying for a study abroad position. Different universities have different specifications. However, every university will include a statement of purpose as one of the components for its application. More importantly, in this regard, the statement of purpose is given a lot of importance and a clearly written SOP can really help your application to succeed. So do pay attention to the following points to understand how you can write a winning SOP to study abroad.

Secrets to write a winning How to write Statement of purpose:

Students find it extremely difficult to understand what they are supposed to write when faced with the challenge of writing such a document. So if you have clarity on this aspect then naturally you get a head start.

  • Explaining the rationale behind choosing to study abroad: Universities, especially the top ones, are very particular in this regard. As now more often than not studying aboard has become like a norm that every student just aspires to without having any clarity on why they really want to go abroad to study. If the rationale for you are clear in your head, then write that down first. If you lack clarity, then talk to your present professors/teachers/mentors or parents or just well-wishers to be completely sure why you want to go for an internship to abroad. Don’t follow a mob and demonstrate that you are not part of it in the first few lines.
  • Pay attention to the academic aspect: The admission team will look for that you have the urge to put in the hard yards to learn and excel in the program you are applying to. So do mention why you want to choose the course you have selected and how much interest you truly have for that.
  • Explicate why you are choosing the particular school or university: It is important that you demonstrate that you are choosing the particular school for some reasons and not because this is the best option you have at your disposal. Every university wants students who are really eager to come into their space. For this, you need to either know about the fortes of the school you are applying to or you need to do some extra research to equip yourself on that aspect. Believe it putting in this effort will really pay you on the long run.
  • Focus on your personal traits: It is important to highlight the traits of your own personality. Schools prefer that as it helps them decide whether you would be a good fit for their program. You can bring in your personal life details if you think these are relevant or are important for the course you are applying. As contexts of different countries are different, these details also help the admission team to understand the background from where you are coming. Your background actually works in your favour in getting the position, especially if you are from a developing part of the world or from an underprivileged section of the society.
  • Elaborate on your goals: Let them know what are your long term career or academic goals and how you see the program is going to help you achieve those. If you manage to show some continuity in your choices, then universities generally prefer that as that you ensure you will be more motivated towards the particular course.
  • Write a great closing paragraph: After elaborating on all the points, it is important that you end the document on a high note. You should make sure that you have manage to retain attention to your document throughout. Make a quick summary of your points and once again elaborate why you really want to attend the course in the school if given an opportunity.

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