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Among so many types of assignments covered by the universities, journal critique is one of them. If your assignment is to critique a journal article, then yes, this is the right destination. Here, you will find all the steps and tips to critique a clinical nursing essay. But wait, before starting your assignment identify the type of journal article that it is. Is it a review of literature or an empirical article or something else. The guidelines given below apply to all types of articles, but remember each article can provoke different questions. To find out, let’s read beyond:

The basic information for a journal article you are going to be a critique to are:

  • Author’s Name
  • Title of article
  • Journal title, volume number, date, month and page numbers
  • Statement for the issue or problem
  • Purpose of the author, methods or approaches and finally the hypothesis with conclusions

Steps to Critique A Paper Effectively

The tips given below will help the students to write a journal critique paper and critique the journal article as well.

The very first step that a scholar should follow is to do thorough research on the topic they are about to analyse and critique. Your reading must be in-depth to make better sense of the elements. However, here are a few things not to have overlooked while reading.

Read the introduction section

While going through this section, you are required to identify whether the hypothesis is clearly stated? Does a necessary background check and make use of research methods, find if they are included in the introduction? In addition to these few questions, you also need to make a note of the information given in the introduction or of any other question.

Read the method section

Method section includes different heads like study procedures, types of variables used by researchers, etc. Thus, here you need to check that the study procedures are outlined clearly by raising questions like what variables have been used by researchers and many more according to requirement. You can also jot down thoughts and questions that come across you while reading this section.

Analyse the result section

A few things need to be analysed in the result section. For example – whether graphs and tables are clearly labeled or not, whether the correct use of statistical information is presented by the researcher with correct variables. Again, a note of questions or information that does not make any sense has been done or not.

Critique the discussion part

While analysing the discussion section of your clinical nursing essay, you need to focus on how the researchers interpret the outcome of the study? Check whether the results support the hypothesis statement or not?

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