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How to Swag Out Your Dorm Room 101

How to Swag Out Your Dorm Room 101

August is an exciting time of year when prepping for back to school. For college students, you’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to decorate your dorm room and if you’re anything like me, you want it to look pretty dope. I’m talking string lights, tapestry, faux lambskin rug, mini-bar with rotating liquor dispenser…just kidding (am I though?). ‘Tis the season to get totally pumped for the new school year and unleash your creative side. To help you embrace your inner interior designer, I’ve curated a list of the top stores and websites to scour so you can go from cinderblock to swaggggg city.

1. Target

Okay, so Targét as I like to call it may not be your first thought for anything fabulous but as a rising college senior, I can’t emphasize enough how many times this establishment has been a saving grace in my life. Not only do I go here for basic school supplies but it’s my fall back for cheap living utilities that everyone is going to have to buy at some point (yes, even you will have to buy a toilet plunger at some point).

I recommend making your first stop here and picking up all your basics (towels, sheets, mirrors). You might even notice that they even have some pretty chic décor at pretty affordable prices.


Once you’ve gotten your basic living necessities, hit up to style up your space. They have some pretty cool dorm room accessories- everything from faux fur lounge seating to mini fridge stands and beachy wall murals. The vibe is pretty young, maybe teetering on the side of too young for a college student at times, but with some weeding, you can do some serious work on this site.

3. Etsy

Lord, how do I begin to describe Etsy and how it’s impacted my life… If I’m shopping for anything and I don’t necessarily need it to have a shiny, designer logo on it, then I’m probably going to be buying it on, an e-commerce platform where people can sell their handmade products.

I’ve randomly found some really sick stuff for my dorm room on Etsy. Who wouldn’t want to buy a handmade dream catcher to hang over their bed instead of paying $80 for one from Free People? When you’re buying pieces to jazz up your space, try to think about if you really need to buy things from big businesses or if you can manage to buy them handmade for cheaper from Etsy or a local flea market.

4. RHteen

That said, if I’m going to drop bank on something for my dorm room, I’m hitting Restoration Hardware. My freshman year, I bought the Belgian linen duvet twin set and will never use anything else. It feels like heaven on my skin and god damn, I deserve it. Seriously though, if you want to splurge on bedding (this goes for people who aren’t going to be drunk eating pizza bites at 4 am on their beds like absolute savages), I recommend Restoration Hardware. Their teen website is geared more for students, offering a younger collection of bedding and décor.

5. Urban Outfitters

You know when you find an Instagram or Pinterest account that just gets your aesthetic and you’re just like fuck yes… well this is how I feel whenever I check out the apartment category of Urban Outfitters’s website. My dorm rooms over the years would not have been swag without the sole existence of UO and all their campus collection glory. Honorable mentions: Firefly string lightsForest Tapestry, Max Wanger Art Print, Crosley Portable Vinyl Record Player.

6. Ikea

Ikea is just swag in of itself. The Scandinavian ready-to-assemble furniture is reliable, ultra sleek, and multi-purposeful as we can see from this kitchen caddy-turned supply organizer. You can wheel around this RÅSKOG utility cart for only $29.99. I want one in my bathroom to put my towels and shower supplies in…no I actually just want one in every room. Shout out to the Swedes.

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