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Ethics play an imperative role in every field. But when it comes to nursing, it is considered to be the foundation. Ethical and legal issues and patient-centred care go hand in hand.

This is why a lot of assessments on ethical and legal issues in nursing are rolled out to nursing students.

Nursing Assignment Sample: Mavis case study

Now, we will be talking about Assessment 2: Essay on ethical and legal issues in nursing. This essay has to be based on the given Mavis case study. This essay contributes 40% to the overall grades for this course and has to be a 2000-word document.

One thing which has to be ensured is you do not include the cover page, title page or some quotes which have used directly, and end-text references in the word count.

Now, let us see the steps that our experts take to decipher the case and then write the nursing essay on it.

Our nursing assignment help experts first go through the given case study thoroughly and conduct extensive research related to all the symptoms that have been mentioned in the case.

Then, we bring forth all the legal and ethical issues that the case highlights. Simultaneously, we also talk about all the actions that could be taken knowing the ethical considerations. In addition to this, our nursing assignment writers elaborate upon the implications of the actions that have been talked about previously. The perspective which we use here is a legal and ethical one, that is in adherence to the guidelines laid by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

Points to Consider While Writing a Nursing Essay On Ethical And Legal Issues In Nursing

Before we go on giving you a glimpse of the essay that our professional nursing assignment help experts draft for the reference purpose of nursing students, we would like to enlist those vital points that need to be there in your mind while drafting one for yourself.

These are:

  1. The essay has been centred around some ethical theories to substantiate all the actions/inactions that you have found out in the Mavis nursing case study.
  2. Always, there is some doctrine or principle or concepts working behind the situations given in these case studies. So you need to bring those in your essay and in front of your readers.
  3. If there is any conflict between law and the ethical principles raised by you in the case, it needs to be mentioned in the nursing essay.
  4. Our nursing assignment helpexperts make sure that they mention the Torts that is applicable to the suggested action/inactions in the given case study.
  5. A lot of guidelines need to be adhered to for such essays. These include the guidelines provided by the NMBA, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and RN Standards of Practice. Not just this, we also explain how these standards are applied in the situation as mentioned in the case study.

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