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Case studies and nursing courses are old friends in which the students have to suffer. And when their mutual friend care plan joins them, the party is nothing less than Team Rocket. That is where the students look for ways to answer nursing care plan case study assignments.
In this post, I am going to explain to you what all the things that you need to keep in mind so that you can answer your nursing care plan case study.

1. Read the case study

You must think that I am crazy and who has the time to read that boring 3 page long document. But trust me, reading that case study is the best thing you are going to do if you want a good grade in that assignment.

Oh, and do not forget to have a pen and paper handy so that you can jot down all the important details as you go on about reading the case study. This paper will be your best friend in the next steps.

2. Once done, prepare a rough outline

Every nursing care plan has three components –

  1. Patient before treatment
  2. Patient during treatment
  3. Patient after treatment

So, when you are planning to prepare the nursing care plan from the case study, your nursing care plan should also be divided into these three parts. Prepare a brief outline that you care plan will follow.

Write the details of the patient before treatment, during treatment and after treatment. Here, you will find the gold mine of information in the paper on which you wrote the information while reading the case study.

3. Collect secondary data

On the basis of the information that you just got, you might have some thoughts about the care that you are going to give to the patient. You must also have a plan in your mind. Write that down. Every idea and thought that you have, write that down.

Once done, open Google. You now need to search all the secondary data that you can related to the care plan. Unless you have evidence of the effectiveness of the care and the support of other authors in the field, your care plan will not be effective.

This care plan has suggestions for the measures that you would undertake had you been in that situation.

4. Make sure you highlight the personal goals

Writing a nursing care plan where you are a dedicated nurse is all good. You care caring for the needs of the patient and taking all his/her needs into account, very good. That is obvious of a nursing care plan.

With that you need to make sure that your nursing care plan is highlighting your own personal goal. Reading the case study, you need to identify what goal does it have for you. Does the case study want you to develop your cultural competency, improve your sense of morality, develop the problem solving skills or want you to become more open to facts. Only when you have successfully identified the personal goal that preparing this nursing case study is highlighting, you will be able to write the care plan as the professor is expecting.

5. Do not deviate from the goals

There are a lot of students who get carried away with emotions and write whatever that comes to their mind. Please be do not be that student. Keep the paper where you have prepared the outline with you and refer to it after every couple paragraphs. This will prevent you from going off track.

Keep the focus of the nursing care plan related with the case study that you studied.

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