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Australia is a massive country that encompasses both Indigenous as well as non-indigenous populations. The indigenous community, also known as the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginals are the first inhabitants of Australia. Sadly, the health of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander community has always suffered, since the time of its inception. Thus, improving the health of these people has always been a national priority and a hot topic in Australia. The question which looms large today is what is the role of nurses and midwives in improving the health of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. With this blog, we will be exploring some vital elements related to this topic and try and see how we can use them to bring in the best health outcomes of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

What is the Closing the Gap Campaign?

Before we move further, have a look at some facts about the health of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

By the facts and figures, isn’t it clear how bad these people suffer when it comes to accessing the healthcare facilities as compared to the non-indigenous community in Australia? Realising this situation, the Government of Australia commits to work upon the healthcare services and bring improvements in them so that the health conditions of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals improve. Closing the Gap is the name of this commitment. There are certain health targets of Closing the Gap, that is met with the assistance of a lot of nurses and midwives in Australia. This is where the role of nurses and midwives for improving the health of Torres Islanders come into the scene. Let us see the targets that nurses and midwives need to meet under this campaign:

1. Primary health care

Under Closing the Gap campaign, nurses are hired to look after the primary health care of patients. There are several organisations which the government funds, such as the Aboriginal community-controlled health organisations (ACCHOs) that work in collaboration with the nurses and midwives to deliver healthcare services to the Indigenous population and aid the health workers as well.

2. Better access to medicare services

Our Aboriginals and Torres Strait assignment help experts consider this role to be the most imperative one for the nurses and midwives. Only when patients can access proper medications and treatments, they will recover speedily.

3. Extra immunizations for free

With appropriate immunisations, any disease can be cured. Therefore, the role of nurses here is to make the national immunization program take its course smoothly.

4. Tackling Indigenous smoking

Our nursing assignment writers consider smoking to be solely responsible to degrade the health conditions of the Torres Strait Islanders and the Aboriginals. Thus, the role of a nurse and midwife is to help patients reduce the high rates of smoking among these people.

5. Research

The role of a nurse is not only confined to taking front-end actions. Being a nurse, students have to be involved in researching the latest health trends, diagnosis, and treatments for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

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