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Historical Culture and Art In London’s Museums

Why You Need To Travel Abroad To London

London is one of those destinations where so much of the history of Western culture is concentrated and displayed. The city’s most famous museums attract millions of people on a daily basis according to a report published by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. If you’re planning to travel, a trip to London should appear as an absolute must on your bucket list just because of the sheer amount of history and perspective that the city offers.

London’s Deep Cultural Roots: Theatre, Literature, and More

London exists as a cultural nexus that encompasses much of the developments of Western society and history. For instance, one of the stereotypical things that people think of when they think London is theatre and Shakespeare. The modern reconstruction of the famous Globe Theatre known as Shakespeare’s Globe now offers a faithful and comprehensive recreation of what it might have been like to sit in on one of Shakespeare’s plays in the past.

In fact, a number of theatre companies are stepping up their game with regard to providing their audiences with an immersive experience by doing the research into how the original lines would have been pronounced hundreds of years ago. There is a unique charm to hearing the language pronounced in the way it was intended, because some of the rhymes and wordplay are lost in translation when works such as Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet are read with modern accents.

While Shakespeare is known for revolutionizing the genre of the play, London also hosts a number of attractions that feature renown novelist Jane Austen. Austen’s works such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Mansfield Park paved the way for the popularization of the novel a few centuries back and have profound implications on a number of mainstream tropes in modern narratives. Today, you can visit locations such as Box Hill, Surrey – which is less than 20 miles outside London – and delve into the settings that Austen had imagined for her protagonists in these revolutionary novels.

Besides being a host to some of the most influential literary figures that have shifted the landscape of multiple genres, London also hosts a number of historical marvels. Embarking on a journey and exploring the mysterious ruins during a Stonehenge tour can really give you a new perspective on history.

Check Out Contemporary Royalty

Monarchies and royalty are a thing of the past, with most countries being guided by governmental body elected by its constituents. However, the royal titles held by various families throughout England and in London, while a formality, still command and preserve an important set of traditions that are representative of England’s past history. One of the foremost attractions with regard to the subject of royalty lies in where Queen Elizabeth II resides: Buckingham palace.

With so many modern advancements in construction methods, many historical buildings are lost to the tides of change and renovations. But London’s royalty and long regal history means that there are a number of relics in the form of castles and palaces that have weathered and survived the modern era. There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking to experience the former living spaces of the aristocracy such as Warwick Palace, Blenheim Palace, Brighton Royal Pavilion, and much more. These locations can all be covered in a convenient day trip and will give you a new outlook on the idea of extravagance.

Get a Taste of Historical Culture and Art In London’s Museums

London’s museums are renown for their breadth and extensiveness. You can literally spend miles walking across multiple exhibits in multiple museums and still not run out of things to explore. The best part is that many of London’s best museums are free and open to the public on a regular basis.

There are so many great choices across a variety of disciplines that each of these museums can offer you. For example, the Victoria and Albert Museum hosts one of the greatest and most numerous collections of art and designed objects in the world and boasts an immense gallery that consists of 2.3 million pieces in total. If you’re more scientifically or naturally inclined, there are exhibits of real dinosaur skeletons along with a model of a giant blue whale located at the Natural History Museum.

There’s a wealth of scientific, cultural, and artistic creations all concentrated in free exhibits throughout London. The free access to many of these great museums makes London an essential destination for anyone who wants a taste of the finer aspects of history, culture, and civilization. Visiting all of these attractions also presents a great opportunity to give your social media profiles a nice boost as you document the details of your trip and share your experiences with your friends.

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