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“It is not how much we do – it is how much love we put into the doing.”

– Mother Teresa

Nursing is a selfless job and nurses are the noble creation of almighty who devote themselves to serving others and saving the lives of needy. For opting to nurse as a profession, one needs to have a kind heart full of affection for everyone. Promoting health and educating people and the community about the importance of health and ill-effects of diseases is the prime job of a nurse.

In this article, one of our assignment help experts will discuss health promotion and health education in the context of a professional nurse.

Roles of a nurse in health promotion & health education

Health Promotion

No matter how healthy you are, it’s obvious that every one of us had suffered from health issues in our lives, but have you ever thought how to define the exact meaning of health. World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Florence Nightingale the medical pioneer, defined health as “the absence of disease and illness.”

Health promotion means keeping people away from illness. The program focuses on engaging people in health promotion activities by empowering them to opt for healthy behavior and take a step forward to make changes that reducing the risk of illness.

Nurses play an important role in health promotion and preventive care. Health promotion comes under the more focused area of nursing known as public health. Nurses who are involved in health promotion activities are known as public health nurses. These nurses work to prevent illness spread on a large level. Their role is to collaborate with communities and people and remove the obstacles that are blocking the path of a healthy life.

Health Education

Health education is the education given by nurses to the people or community to cure and prevent the diseases from harming them. Under this education, nurses inform the patients how to improve their health or save themselves from becoming ill by following the safety measures. Health education focuses on solving health issues and reducing its negative impacts of widely spread disease on mankind. Nurses plans strategies that are needed to improve the community health, implement them and execute the outcomes so that they can know what are the next steps that should be taken for the well-being of people.

Importance of Trained Health Promotion Workforce

The nursing practice has a lot of scope and tons of definitions but what do you think about the core competencies that are a part of a nurse?

The most common abilities include catalysing change and empowering individuals and communities to improve their health, being able to develop goals and objectives that are measurable after properly assessing the needs of the individuals. Many professional nurses are also required to carry out sensitive strategies so as to improve the health of patients. Health policy development is another important area where nurses need to focus on. On the contrary, there are many nurses, mostly in acute care, who do not see health promotion as one of their roles. Many professional nurses today view health promotion as a guiding philosophy supported by individualised care. Other activities where health is promoted by them are active listening, social support, and participatory involvement. The societal position of a family plays an important role in determining health promotion.

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