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How can we forget that day when the World Health Organization promulgated that 2020 is on the way to being the International Year of the Nurse with a sacred aim to commemorate and emblazon the success of all nurses who work their fingers to the bone in every adverse condition and to stand up for expanding the investment in nursing and nurses while annihilating the insufficiency of nurses around the globe. Before one knows it, the Coronavirus outbreak inundated the entire globe in 2020. The convergence of these two affairs cannot be overlooked or disregarded. Each day, we see stories of the challenging conditions nurses and their colleagues face as they care for an overwhelming number of patients with an unpredictable disease and shortages of supplies that could impact their normal protocols.

Serving Patients While Putting Themselves in Danger

While the day-to-day life of the nurses has changed, their core values, character, and commitment to their patients and each other has not. They are proud of the skill and expertise of their teams, of their courage and dedication to patients, and most importantly, of being the human connection in a time of isolation and quarantine. They are resilient, experiencing one rough day after another, but always coming back for the next shift. A nurse’s work is so often “behind the scenes.” The Year of the Nurse will shine a light on the vital role they play on healthcare teams and in so many lives. Let’s don’t forget the hard work they bring off day after day, year after year, and let nurses know they deserve our eternal gratitude. This is especially important to remember the sacrifice nurses and all caregivers are making during the Coronavirus pandemic. The situation is dreary for common people who are locked inside the houses. Imagine the condition of medical professionals and nurses who are exposed to the risk 24*7. They don’t even get to visit their houses often let alone meet their family members. Even during such an emotional breakdown, they are being courageous to serve people with the best aid and save maximum lives.

How Are We Paying Them Homage?

https:/ takes this opportunity to salute the nurses, doctors, and health workers who are on the frontlines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and wholeheartedly wish them a very happy International Nurses Day. We would also like to pay a huge tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives while fighting the COVD-19 pandemic. This global pandemic has made the entire world aware of the significance of investment in healthcare R&D and infrastructure, almost with an ultimatum; and one immediate positive outcome once we emerge successful in the battle against this novel virus will be the increased focus on improved access and quality of healthcare.

This year, more than ever, nurses deserve all of the honor and recognition for the hard work that they do, especially in the wake of a brand new virus that has claimed the lives of thousands around the globe. Thus we came up with Offers on Nursing Assignment; all you have to do is apply the coupon code – “NURSE” to avail 15% off on all Nursing Assignments. The offer ends on 17th May 2020, so hurry up before it’s too late! T&C applied.

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