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Example Of Community Health Nursing Quality Of Life And Functioning Case Study

Example Of Community Health Nursing Quality Of Life And Functioning Case Study

A. Personal Perceptions
B. Strategies

C. Holistic Nursing Plan

C.1 Functional Ability

C.2 Providing Care

D. Chronic Depression

Community Health Nursing: Quality of Life and Functioning
The expectation of this paper is for the author to offer perceptions of this case study tendered for review; explain strategies to deal with the patient holistically, as well as family members; design an Holistic Nursing Plan for implementation; describe functional ability as a side effect of the client’s breast cancer; devise feasible intervention techniques; offer suggestions for provisions of care the patent could no longer take care of herself and explain how as a community health nurse I can intervene in Mr. Thomas’ depression.

A. Personal Perceptions of the Case Study
Often the role of the Community Health Nurse in United States of America can become every challenging, especially, when faced with sensitive situations being presented in this particular case study. It is obvious that Mrs. Thomas’ family history, the struggle with breast cancer, and children who do not visit often has affected her emotionally. However, the one thing she has to her advantage is a caring police husband.
Therefore, it is evident that her situation requires the intervention of a Community Health Nurse whose role is to meet clients in their homes and cater for the need of the entire family. Mr. Thomas seems frustrated with the impeding death of his wife and end of a 31 year relationship. He is faced with the financial responsibility of his wife and other social commitments which they shared together.
Also, being a police Officer there are pressures of work impinging on his health. Ultimately, depression steps in and he is incapable of coping with the situation. This is no surprise because he is confronted by two issues one the illness of his wife and the burden of caring for her with any physical support.
The tragedy here escalates since now in the home there are two people who are incapable of helping themselves physically. It is pathetic to find that Mr. Thomas now immerses herself in self pity realized that her illness the responsibility of taking care of her has led to a decline in health of her husband.

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