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Ethical Dilemma Course Work Example

Ethical dilemma
Ethics are an important part of the medical profession so in a case such as this when one is confronted by a dilemma such as the one described in the quesyion, it is important to act accordingly. In a case where a patient is found with an infectious disease, the health authorities should be informed as soon as possible and measures should imemdiately be taken to isolate the patient accordingly.
As soon as the patient is diagnosed with the infectious disease, no time should be wasted to create the Electronic Medical Record based on the information available. If no physician is present in the ward, then steps should be taken to go ahead with the EMR just the same and move to inform the appropriate authorities. Obviously, in an ideal situation, the physician should be informed and his opinion asked before such a step is taken but it is also important to inform the authorities as soon as possible as they will then take appropriate steps to isolate.
Demographic orgeographic information may or not be relevant to the case so it is important to consult with the physician before this is submitted. If he/she is not present then the basic information should be handed over and this may be amplified later after consultation. The level of information and the actual content is also important although when the case is crystal clear, no speed should be lost to inform the relevant health authorities accordingly.

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