Discuss key elements of the philosophy and define how they contribute to your personal framework.

Introduction paragraph. There must be a thesis statement that tell the reader the purpose of the paper and what will be discussed. *to reflect and synthesize what you have learned in previous and develop a personal model/framework for your nursing practice*

Provide an overview of Praxis and discuss the benefit of a framework of praxis to the discipline of nursing and/or the development of nursing knowledge.
Include an overview of the advanced practice nursing role that you are preparing for, discuss how this role can improve healthcare. * I am preparing to become a women’s health nurse practitioner*

Ideological influences: Discuss your philosophical basis for practice. Discuss key elements of the philosophy and define how they contribute to your personal framework. Discuss the influence of your philosophy on your Phenomenon of Interest, concept analysis, and theories. *I feel the Continental Philosophy best suits my framework. My phenomenon of interest is that the nurse is a patient advocate in my current role as a labor and delivery nurse. My concept analysis was the word labor.

Theoretical influences: identify and discuss the nursing theories as well as general theories that will support your practice. How does your choice of theory benefit your practice? *I used the theories of Travelbee’s Human to Human relationship model and Lenz & Pugh’s Theory of unpleasant symptoms (TOUS) as theory influences*

Ethical influences: Choose an ethical theory or framework for your practice. Describe the key elements and detail the contribution to your overall framework. *theories i use are autonomy, non-maleficence and beneficence*

Utilization of Framework: discuss the application of the critical elements of your framework (theories, concept, philosophy, etc) based on a real or invented case study that describes your POI. The key concept should be readily identifiable to the reader. * an invented case can be used incorporating the information in a labor and delivery setting.*

Conclusion: summarize the essential points of the paper

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