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The students pursuing their primary health care course have to work often with the Aboriginals as well. That is why the students are taught to give a culturally safe health care to everyone. The best way of doing so is to write assignments.

Case scenario

Before you board, it is essential that you know that you are boarding the right train, right? Below is the snapshot of the scenario that a student sent to me.

The case study is pretty clear with the objectives that you need to fulfil. Below is a brief of how to write this assignment answer.

1. Write down the important information from the case scenario

I always stress upon the students that writing down the information as you read the case study is the most important thing to do. Before you start the assessment, have a pen and paper ready. Pick up the useful information that you think is really necessary and note them all down.

Here, I have listed some important points to writing this case scenario.

  1. Annie is 69 years old
  2. Visiting son Tony and his wife Kate in Melbourne to help take care of 9 month old baby
  3. Worked as Koori primary school teacher and retired 3 years ago
  4. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension at 60
  5. Managing diabetes with Local Aboriginal Health Service
  6. Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Melbourne
  7. Agreed to go to ACCHO and connect with nurse Lizzie

2. Identify the needs of the assignment

This is what you need to write in your assignment answer. But to be able to write it well, you need to see that you understand the assignment requirements well.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare a concept map. In this concept map, you have to draw the life story of Annie, talk about her strengths and highlight the issues related to her psychosocial factors, her general health, etc.

Once done, the next part is creating the care plan. In this care plan, you have to keep in mind the cultural well-being of Annie. Along with this, you also have to draw up the parameters of –

  • Social well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical well-being

Moreover, you also have to use the goals and strengths of Annie that you identified in the concept map above. The goals are divided into psychosocial issue and health literacy.

The psychosocial issues include depression, sexual abuse, family problems, violence, substance abuse and anxiety. Health literacy means how capable the individual is of the understanding the health information and use it to make proper decisions related to their health.

Remember, your arguments and plans are only good as the literature you are using for that. Search the internet and look out for all the supporting literature that the researchers have proved and give a strengthened base to your arguments. You can find a lot of information in –

  1. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan (2013-2023)
  2. National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions (2017)

3. Read the reports for treasure of information

When you will read the above 2 reports released by the Australian government, you will realise that it contains the secret to every question that you have.

Trust me, you can literally prepare your entire assessment based on the information provided in these 2 reports. And that is why it is more important to stress here that you need to use secondary literature to write this assignment.

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