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In management courses, SWOT analysis is conducted to identify where the organisation is lacking and how can it improve further. The concept of SWOT originated from there and is used in nursing as well. Nurses conduct a SWOT analysis either of themselves or of a situation. Nursing assignment help expert will help you with conducting these SWOT analysis in assignments.

I am going to discuss the process of SWOT analysis with respect to the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, popularly known as NACCHO.

1. Identify the stakeholders

The stakeholders are all the people who will be affected by the action of this SWOT analysis. Every person who one way or other is affected by the activity or can affect the activity is a stakeholder.

In preparing the SWOT analysis, the NACCHO says that there are 5 types of stakeholders that you should be aware of –

The internal stakeholders are the ones which are active within the clinical setting and are involved in carrying out the daily activities. For example, the receptionist, the cleaner, etc.

External stakeholders are those who operate outside the clinical setting. For example, the person owning a restaurant near the hospital or the members from a non-profit organisation, etc.

As the name is, the primary stakeholders will be those who are directly influenced by the activity in the department.

Those who are indirectly affected by the decisions are the secondary stakeholders.

Key are those people who play a role in defining the carrying out of the activity.

2. Assessment of values

Once you are done with the stakeholders, you have to conduct an assessment of the values of the organisation. For example, if you are conducting a SWOT analysis of National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, you will find the Vision, Mission and Values as –

Like this, you can assess the values of any organisation that you have chosen. This is through a series of 7 steps that are outlined below –

  1. Ask the staff if they know the values and what is their understanding about them.
  2. Check if the vision and purpose of the organisation is clear among the employees.
  3. Check if the requirements of the work, services, processes and operations are being fulfilled or not.
  4. See if the employees show respect to the diversity in community leaders.
  5. Do the actions of the staff show a commitment towards the public health.
  6. Check if every department is working to improve public health.
  7. The final step is to review everything that you have written down in the above 6 steps.

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