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When it comes to learning and teaching in healthcare settings, students need to be meticulous with the assignments that are rolled out to them.

‘Learning and teaching in healthcare settings’ is a unit that encompasses three modules. In this blog, I shall be talking about all these units and the types of assignments that fall under it.

CNA632 Nursing Assignment: Discussion and Reflection

Mainly, you will have to complete the 4000-word assignment under this unit. For gaining a complete knowledge on this unit, you need to have an upper hand in both the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of the subject. For this, students opt for handing over the tedious task of theoretical aspects to our nursing experts while they focus on gaining practical knowledge.

To let you know of how we approach such assignments, here is a CNA632 nursing assignment sample that has been recently solved by our nursing assignment team for the reference purpose for students.

Part A

As per our nursing assignment writers, ‘competency’ is an important concept in nursing. A nurse is regarded as a competent nurse when she has all the abilities that let her fulfil the roles of this person.

When our experts begin drafting the solution, we focus on the 9 points that must be present in a competent nurse.

These are:

  1. Providing patient-centred care
  2. Exhibiting professionalism
  3. Showing leadership qualities
  4. Performing system-based practice
  5. Having a sound knowledge about informatics and technology
  6. Possessing flawless communication skills
  7. Having the ability to work in teams and to collaborate
  8. Providing safe nursing care to patients
  9. Monitoring the quality improvement process

So, using these parameters, our nursing assignment help experts reflect upon their past experiences and give examples of why they can be regarded as being a ‘competent nurse’.

Part B

Now, in Part B, the concept of capability V/S competence has to be discussed. Though these terms might seem to be alike, there is a huge difference between both of them. ‘Competence’ means sufficiency of qualification and ‘capability’ refers to being able to do something.

Task 2

The reflection writing task has the maximum weightage in this CNA632 nursing assessment. Pedagogy is an important concept in the modern 21st century. With the help of Gibb’s Reflective Cycle, our nursing experts reflect upon an experience which they find to be challenging for the students in the 21st century.

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