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The University of Tasmania (UTAS) extends a nursing course for students that is highly beneficial for them. Transition to practice or CNA347 practice enhancement streams is a course that is a combination of several areas of nursing. A student who is enrolled in this course gains a comprehensive knowledge of different areas of specialisation, conducting a research-focused approach and an amazing experience in nursing practice in their respective fields.

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In this blog, we shall discuss the assessment tasks in brief so that you get a decent idea of how to approach them.

An Overview Of Practice Enhancement Streams Course

This course helps a student explore various fields of nursing and then make use of their knowledge in professional practice. There are three streams in the course among which students have to select anyone. These are:

  • Specialisation

Those students who opt for this option get to study a lot of nursing specialisations and then choose the most desirable one for themselves.

  • Research focus

Those students who choose this option would mainly focus on identifying a researchable question within the chosen nursing field of study.

  • Fieldwork experience

Only a few students get the opportunity to choose this option as this is the most interesting option to choose from. Those students who get the privilege of choosing this are bestowed with the facilities of performing fieldwork and gain practical knowledge as well.

CNA347 Assessment 1: Contextual Paper Proposal Writing

The assessment 1 of Utas transition to practice is a contextual paper that must be written in an area under specialisation in a health setting. It is a proposal for the education tool. In this, a student has to think of any instance or experience that he/she has come to terms with that has happened due to the gap in education. So, in this assessment, a proposal has to be written for an appropriate education tool that would help to cover this gap. With the help of a sample CNA347 Practice Enhancement Streams Assessment Answer, let us see how to do this.

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