1.The education environment

Nonprofit nursing schools mostly offer programs that take a long time with the intention of providing an all-around experience. They offer opportunities to live as well as study. During this time, students can interact with tutors face-to-face, find tutors, and join clubs or groups. For-profit colleges eliminate the social atmosphere in favor of a personalized approach t their education. They might lease space in an office block for classes alone or offer almost everything about the nursing program online. Students even make arrangements to attend clinical and rotations at the facilities of their choice.

2.Course Flexibility

Some of the courses at for-profit universities fit around schedules of the students who work full time. Others offer exclusive nursing programs online to allow learners to study when they desire. The flexibility allows students to complete a course at their convenience and sometimes faster. It is such arrangement that compelled many nonprofit universities to start offering online lessons for their traditional programs to enable study progression at faster speeds.

3.The goal of the university

For-profit schools run like other businesses because their owners and shareholders invest to get a profit. They might do much to offer quality education, but they still have to consider their profit margins. The programs do not justify their existence, but the school will provide the courses that earn it profitable tuition fees.

Nonprofit universities aim at providing full educational experience to all their students. Their primary intention is to enable students to achieve their academic goals more than making a high profit. Some even focus on preparing students for employment through networking events and job fairs. Nonprofit universities dedicate most of their work to students instead of shareholders.

4.Popularity of the School

Institutions that have offering training for many years have grown to a brand. Many for-profit universities are fast gaining traction all over the world although nonprofit schools have more recognizable names because of their long existence. Some employers think highly of graduates from popular schools, and most are the long-existing nonprofit schools. It is essential for students who consider joining for-profit nursing schools to thoroughly research the school to determine the quality of the programs, recognition by licensing bodies, acceptance by employers and alumni.

This point is especially important because not all the schools offer the same degrees or can make an equal impact on the job market. For instance, a degree from Ivy League universities gets more respect than that from a new in-state school or a community college. The same premise revolves around some for-profit nursing schools. It does not make a point to pay for tuition for a degree that will be less worth.




1.Tuition reimbursements or payments

Although most employers offer nurses their 401K, medical and dental benefits the number offering to pay continuing education tuition is lower. It might be a mistake by employers as a survey on a new generation of nurses show that they consider furthering education as the way to boost the salary potential. Nearly 75% of nurses rank salary as the most important thing in job satisfaction. Most of the nurses in millennial and generation X age group consider education as a way to increase their salary potential. The findings show that employers should consider giving tuition reimbursement or pay for continuing education as a recruitment and retention strategy.

Offering nurses salary and benefit packages should not just be attracting good employees, but it is critical to retain them considering that there is a huge demand for nurses. More than 60% of nurses have no problem with changing employers, and about 14% does not mind leaving the profession.

2.Tax saving plans

Tax saving plans might contribute party of salary to a saving account. The employer also provides an equal amount. For instance, a hospital might contribute a full amount of 4% of a nurse’s salary. It means that if the nurse earns an annual salary of $200,000 and contributes $8,000, the employer will also add $8,000 increasing the total contribution to $16,000. Nurses like other people want to save and the contribution by an employer towards increasing their savings is a benefit that gives them a boost to work at the facility.

3.Fringe benefits

Registered nurses relish fringe benefits throughout their job tenure. Fringe benefits allow them to enjoy their life because they facilitate them to do things that they desire without entire reliance on their contribution. Many employers are now paying total expenses for continuing education for nurses who work for them. Additionally, most free lab work annually to nurses working at their facilities. Besides, these professionals might also enjoy these other benefits.

  • Sick leaves
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid –time off(PTO)

PTO benefits mean that nurses receive payment for the hours that they do not work. For instance, some hospitals offer between 160 and 180 hours (13-15 days) of PTO to nurses after working for a year. A nurse of paid time off will get pay for all the hours.

4.Life insurance

An employer can pay health insurance, but employees will achieve more benefit by receiving life insurance. An employer pays for life insurance at a particular insurance company. It assures nurses that family members will get a lump sum of the amount paid for life insurance in the case of an accident. Most employers offer plans that enable employees to set pre-tax earnings for medical as well as childcare expenses.



There are times when mental health days are vital for nurses. A nurse needs to take mental health day off if one or a combination of these issues is happening.

1.Distraction by something that requires addressing within a short time. For example, a nurse can be behind bills and a day off will create time to adjust a budget. Taking time off makes sense if it will create time for generating a solution that will bring back a feeling of control.

2.A degree of self-neglect. Human beings like electronic devices need a recharge, and it is essential to take time from work and re-energize. Spending a little time alone creates a more moment for self-care and can improve performance after returning to work with more zeal.

3.A requirement to attend an appointment for mental health. It is crucial to take time off and spend it to address mental health issues. A visit to a doctor for medication or honoring an appointment with a therapist helps to revive optimal mental performance.



It might not be beneficial to take a mental health day without determining the effective activities. It should not be just a reason for calling in sick without determining how to sort out the problems. Stress and anxiety are extremely emotional experiences that occur due to a cause that needs avoiding. Those who call in sick every time they feel stressed or anxious are creating a habit of using this as their response to the two conditions, but it will not take away the underlying issues. Escaping from stress will not solve it.

A mental health day should come with a plan of identifying the cause of stress. It can be meeting that a nurse dreads attending or a task with a near or past deadline. Taking a day off will not only postpone but not solve the problem thus it is essential to address the triggers of anxiety such as completing a task at hand.

A mental day off should also be an occasion for knocking off the other sources of stress in a non-working environment. A busy nursing schedule can interfere with the ability to perform other chores such as cleaning the house, organizing family affairs or paying bills. It is useful to spend mental health days by dealing with tasks and issues that might damage personal relationships. A nurse can plan for mental health day to be at a time when a spouse, partner, a close friend or family are available to spend time together.


It is paradoxical to take time off work and do more work at home. The priority should be to deal with stress away from work because nurses who turn up to work with relaxed minds are more capable of handling career relating pressure. Creating a serene atmosphere helps to relieve pressure from the body and mind. Meditation, yoga, listening to soothing music, steam bath, and light physical exercises are some of the activities that help fight stressors on mental health days.

Nurses can consider taking mental hours instead of days but on regular days. Frequent mental activities help to prevent a buildup of stress to intolerable levels.



These devices record the time, date, place of inhaler use and if the user took the correct dose. They also detect inhaler use and even remind patients about the time to use their medication.

It will provide valuable insight to determine the level of adherence by patients in taking their controller medications. They also provide alerts when patients experience a flare.

Add on devices that clip to existing inhalers and send the data to a smartphone app are also available. A clinical trial on add-on smart inhaler device found that the participants who were using less reliever medication had improved overall asthma control and more reliever free days for 12 months of the study. The plan now is to avail the fully integrated smart inhalers for sale to consumers.

Precision meds for cancer

Cancer diagnosis might raise more than 1.5 million people, and each requires healthcare solutions to fight the infection. A precision tool is a tool that fights cancerous cells in a better way than before. Precision medicine approach to the treatment of cancer allows doctors to select medicine according to the genetic makeup of the disease. The doctor will not just treat cancer but the precise type that a patient has down to specific proteins and abnormal genes.

Researchers have been gaining a greater understanding of the developments inside a cell as it stats becoming cancerous and once the infection subdues. Specific molecular mechanisms and genetic mutations inside a cell make it vulnerable for treatment. Precision meds target cancer and the molecular thing to exploit in that particular cancer instead of specific organ cancer.

Artificial pancreas

Artificial pancreas also called an automated insulin delivery system helps to eliminate a never-ending cycle to check, monitor and streamlining the glucose delivery process. People with diabetes wear systems like a traditional insulin pump, but the new design has an automatic blood sugar management. The automation allows continued monitoring of glucose levels and providing of insulin that stabilizes blood sugar levels as necessary.

A computer model with an algorithm connecting the insulin pump to a Smartphone manages the artificial pancreas. It can detect the glucose level and give the necessary dose but not a fixed amount. The latest technology in healthcare is a breakthrough that will open the way for making of many other gadgets that improve diagnosis and treatment.



Standard home loan programs for nurses

The reliable nurse home loans are few, but it is still worth it for nurses to look into standard loan types. Despite the popular belief, home loans do not necessarily require a 20% down payment and all are on offer at low rates.

Conventional /conforming loans

Conventional loans are the type that local and national lenders offer to those who are seeking home loans across the country. A home loan can require the borrower to put a down that is little as 3 percent. Any home loan that is less than 20 percent down will require private mortgage insurance, but these are affordable loans even with the extra expense. These loans do not require saving for an extremely long time to make a huge down payment. These are loans suit those with good credit at a down of at least 3-5%.

Getting Mortgage as a staff nurse t

Staff nurses have more opportunities to make an extra income. Over time, shift differentials and extra shifts are some of the sources that add up to extra income.

Lenders can use these incomes by nurses as a qualification towards qualification for a mortgage.

1.Nurse pay

Nurse pay means that the mortgage provider will use all the income as the qualification. It depends on the period that a nurse has been making various types of income.

2.Base pay

Nurses can use base nursing pay immediately after getting into employment even as new graduates. Lenders require nurses to be in their line of work for at least two years before using their income as a qualification for a mortgage.

The new graduates should not see the requirement for two years in a line of work to be a hindrance to a mortgage. They can utilize another lending rule that states leers can regard nursing school as a part of work history.

It takes more than two years for students to qualify as RNs. A new graduate already has necessary work history after getting into employment. Mortgage lender might require a letter from an employer stating the base pay and the number of hours that the person is expected to work. An average earning an hour for a registered nurse according to Payscale is $21.51 which is not too low. A starting nurse can qualify to get a home loan of $200,000 on an assumption of commitment for these amounts:

  • $350 per month for other debt payments
  • 3.5% down payment
  • Payment of home loan at an interest that start from 3.75%


Extra pay can be a qualification for a mortgage if the lender will consider extra pay like a variable income such as bonuses or overtime in other occupations. The lenders might want to see a history of this income for 12-24 months.

The extra income from differentials or overtime might be on and off, and a lender will require seeing base pay. It will together with additional earnings add to total income per month. An extra pay that registered nurse earns can contribute much to qualifying for a mortgage.

Lenders might ask for evidence that certain additional earnings will continue or are going to last for a particular period. A letter from the employer is essential for proof of the period that extra income can last.

The best way for nurses to get the most accurate assessment of income is to ask for the lender for a pre-approval. The lenders will ask for income documentation and send it to an underwriter to determine the earning that a nurse can use to qualify for a home loan.



Another way to prove English proficiency is by completing an overall pass in Occupation English Test (OET) with grades A or B in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

.Meet the current Australian nursing and midwifery educational standards. Applicants are deemed to have the qualifications of a nurse with Australian qualifications if they got their nursing education to degree level in one of these countries.

    • United States of America
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
    • The Republic of Ireland
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong

Nurses with a diploma from one of the countries in the list above will require an assessment of further education or work experience to gauge if their qualifications equal those by Australian educated nurses.

Nurses from other countries that are not on the list above will undergo an individual evaluation to determine if the board recognizes their qualifications and experience.

.Provide evidence to proof practicing as a nurse or midwife in a specified period before the application to work in Australia

.Demonstration of fitness to practice in Australia. A nurse applying to work in Australia should provide proof that there have been no previous disciplinary proceedings or a criminal record which can prevent working in nursing or midwifery. An applicant should also prove that there are no restrictions arising from the following:

  • Mental incapacity
  • Physical incapacity


Someone who meets all the criteria above should apply for registration to Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia by visiting it websites to download and fill the appropriate form.

Apply for a VISA

A visa is mandatory after registering with AHPRA as a nurse. Nobody can live and work in Australia without a visa. You secure consideration for sponsorship by an employer after acquiring one of these types of VISA.

  • Temporary business for long stay
  • A permanent visa for employment nomination scheme
  • A permanent visa for regional sponsored migration scheme

Age plays a role in the application to settle in Australia as a travel nurse. Those who are under 30 can apply for work-holiday visas. It is a simpler option provided that they do not have any criminal background. Work-holiday visas last for 12 months, but an employer cannot hire a holder for more than six months. This visa still favors travel nurses because they do not work at the same hospital for a long time.

Nurses over 30 years can apply for sponsorship visa. A hospital will sponsor the applicant to work in Australia for up to four years. Holders can still apply for a permanent residency visa within four years. It is harder to get than a work-holiday visa, but it is still possible to attain it.



Staff nursing

The primary job for staff nurses is to handle patient management and recovery. They work to assist people to recover from illness and injuries. Their reports guide doctors about the condition of a new arrival to a hospital because staff nursing involves receiving patients. It is at this time that these nurses assess the status of a patient, takes vitals and reports it to doctors for a thorough assessment.

Working a hospital reception or emergency room is hectic, and staff nurses are an area for those who are ready to work for long hours. Many health care facilities cannot function without their contribution, and it is the reason why they receive decent salaries.

Staff nursing entails working under orders of a doctor and act as advocates for the patients when they are undergoing important procedures like surgery. Staff nurses also help doctors to perform diagnostic testing. They can also administer medication and injections or other processes that help to reduce the suffering of the patients much as possible. Although most staff nurses work in hospitals or other medical facilities, their responsibilities might involve travelling to community sites or homes of patients.



Employers hire staff nurses on a long-term contract that includes a salary and benefits that they will receive every month during the deal. The pay usually depends on the level and experience of a nurse with incremental raises. Travel nurses get an opportunity to negotiate their pay for every new contract. Those who possess negotiating skills can gain higher pay packages than most of the staff nurses including those with many years of experience. Travel nurses can earn pay that ranges between $1300 and $2300 a week. With such earnings, the travel nurses can make more than $100,000 per an amount that staff nurses are unlikely to get.

Travel nursing suits individuals who want to choose where they will work and period they will serve. It is an excellent benefit for nurses who do not want to work at the same place for a long time and cherish opportunities to take frequent tome offs.



.Practice resilience

Resilience is an ability to quickly overcome challenges and deal with them efficiently to promptly move forward in life. Building positive beliefs in nursing abilities helps emotions. A great way to build resilience is by increasing confidence in nursing abilities including a capacity to respond and deal with new job environments. Resilience increases an ability to perform well under pressure and improves the way of viewing life as well as its challenges.

.Express feelings safely

Find a way of expressing the feelings from work experiences such as recording them in a notebook. It helps to organize thoughts and determine solutions, especially for the most stressful situations. You can invent a way of releasing the frustrations such as drawing claiming images, creating memes or sharing them with colleagues. Pent-up frustrations hurt within and it is essential to find a way of releasing them.

.Find a mentor

A mentor especially an experienced nurse gives you a positive role model you can reach out for guidance. A mentor helps you to manage work demands and hopefully help to avoid burnout. A mentor can help to recognize emotions and express them in a proper manner that reduces emotional tension.

.Practice deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing is an effective and proven coping skill. They help to relieve anxiety and emotional stress, improve mood and allow disengaging from things that are beyond control. Extra oxygen after deep breathing helps to relieve tension and provide essential feel-good endorphins. Deep breath has also proven to be effective in reducing stress and rejuvenating the mood. It is a simple exercise for a nurse to practice without the need to move away from the workplace.




Extra attention might not cool down all the angry patients and the right action to determine the cause of anger. For example, a patients’ anger might be stemming from anxiety about upcoming procedures. A reassurance that the doctors will take his concerns seriously and an explanation about its importance in recovery will calm down the person: speaking to the appropriate person who can solve administrative issues such as waiting too long for a healthcare provider makes the patient notice that concern and stop getting angry.

2.Maintaining calmness

A professional thing when a patient gets angry and verbally abusive is to stay calm. Healthcare professionals should remain calm until the patient stops the verbal barrage. It is essential to keep quiet after confrontation by a patient who for instance is trying to avoid a procedure because justifying or defending an action will only worsen things. Identify the reasons behind the verbal outburst when by questioning the person respectfully to determine fears. A patient in an irrational state will not listen or comprehend the explanation buy a nurse or a doctor. The right approaches to wait till the persons stop speaking and become ready to hear.

5.Communicate efficiently

Communication is an essential aspect of nursing and medical profession. Patients or their families deserve to get honest information regarding care and treatment. You should use short, simple statements to respond to the concerns that are making them angry. It is simpler to sort out issues that are causing anger by communication. Patients appreciate when someone is available to address their requirements and responds conclusively. Providing information that the concerns will reach someone who has the responsibility to address them is also a way of communicating to the angry, and they are less upset when they know their complaints will reach the right person.

4.Avoid arguments

Avoiding an argument does not mean that it curtails on the right to voice an opinion. A professional way to state the points is to wait for an appropriate opportunity to prevent a back and forth exchange with a patient. Presenting explanations when the other side is listening will solve the issue quickly. A caregiver should truthful about everything without an attitude that everything should proceed in a certain manner without regard for others. Sometimes the patient or family wants involvement in decision making and on some occasions they could be right.

5.Apologize for inconveniences

It is right to accept and apologize for things that might have gone wrong. An apology will reduce the tension and restore the faith in health care due to honesty in owning up to a mistake.

6.Set boundaries

It might be necessary to establish a boundary if the anger escalates to a point where the patient is making unreasonable demands threatens to assault or breaches security. At such moment, a nurse should stop engaging the patient and call security personnel. Angry people can use inappropriate language, but a nurse, a doctor or anyone in the healthcare field should maintain dignity by responding to inappropriate language.



Some users believe that it is something that each nurse should have on the phone. Merck manual has an excellent interface, offline use, and home user version. Merck Manual users do not have to put up with ads or buy additional functionality to make useful. A wide variety of information is at the fingertips after downloading.

.Nurse Pocket Guide

Nurses pocket guide in the form of an app has frequent updates with fresh information on diagnosis and intervention. The free nursing pocket guide that is available on Google Play and iTunes has a diagnosis listing that includes:

  • Related factors
  • Defining characteristics
  • Prioritized actions/interventions
  • NIC/NOC classifications
  • Documentation of guidelines

.Nursing Central

Nursing central app available on iOS and Android devices has won an award for providing lots of customers satisfying information drug and disease. The details help students and practicing nurses to work more efficiently courtesy of detailed information on diseases, testing, medicine, and procedure while on the move. Users like it because all the necessary references are available. Nursing central has a great search that can pull up an item in all references.

.Diseases Dictionary

Diseases dictionary is a free Android and iOS app offering an extensive list of illnesses and conditions that nurses are likely to encounter. The list also includes symptoms and treatments. Users can type symptoms, and a list of various possible diseases appears. Diseases dictionary provides comprehensive information on dealing with symptoms, preventing the disease and improving knowledge on the diseases. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play Store that is extremely fantastic considering that it is a free app.

.Nurse First

This is an app that lives up to its claims of putting the needs of nurses first. Nurses can find daily tips, giveaways, fun facts, vine and quotes for instant downloading. It has a rating of glorious 4.7/5 making it a must-have app for the nurses.

.Epocrates RX

Epocrates RX is a free app available in Android and iOS focusing on direct patient care. It is an ad-free app where nurses can find information on thousands of drugs. They can also use up to 30 medications at once to check for drug compatibility. The excellent functionality of Epocrates RX a must –have app for many medical professionals from various spheres including nursing.

.MedPage Today

MedPage Today is a go-to app for the latest developments in the medical world. It is a leading source for professionals to find breaking news in medicine. MedPage Today has daily coverage of more than 30 specialties, annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia as well as continuing education credits. It is an App that provides all the medical news in one place.

.Nursing Reference Center

Nursing Reference Center is a place for nurses to learn more nursing skills by reading relevant clinical resources, directly at the point of care and most recent clinical evidence from full-text books. It is free, but users must get an access key. Other free nursing apps for nurses are IV Drip Rate Calculator, IV Infusion Calculator, and intensive care medicine. Nurses looking for a lightered break from the stressful nursing work can get the nursing jokes app on android to find humor that takes them through long shifts.