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Writing an essay involves both skill and artistry. If you are not a confident writer and your teachers or professors continually assign essay, you might need a refresher on how to write an essay. Since most people never write another essay after they have graduated from college, you could hire someone who knows how to write essays instead. The professional writers at precise nursing essays know how to write a good essay, so when you need a written assignment completed, let one of our expert writers craft the essay for you.

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In today’s world there are so many other ways for students to showcase what they have learned, but professors continue to assign the essay. College professors are often surprised when they realize how many students do not know how to write an essay, but they continue to assign this form of writing. The idea of an essay is that students are able to show what they know, but you are a student who struggles with knowing how to write a good essay, your knowledge may become tangled up in your weak writing skills.

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Custom Written Nurse Essays

Custom Written Nurse Essays

It comes as little surprise that people are asking for nurse essays around this time of year, especially when many collegiate aged individuals are hoping to take their vacations on the best possible terms. Nursing students will, of course, also have plenty of projects that need completed relevant to their internship. Because MyEssayWriting.com offers unparalleled support to nursing students, we’re prepared to handle your small, medium or large essays quickly.

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With a host of scams on the internet today, and the untrusted postings on Craigslist, you are often times left with either toughing out the RN, LPN, or NP assignment yourself, or coming up with an excuse as to why you couldn’t finish it. There are options out there for you – ones that MyEssayWriting.com will take pride in offering you.

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essays editing serviceEditing Essays is not hard but easy with us

Editing. It’s not so hard, right? Well – tedious, sure. Time-consuming? Definitely – but hard? No way. Most people believe that the editing phase of writing is the least of their worries. After all, the hardest part is done. You’ve finished writing the paper, and that’s the most time-consuming portion of all. Editing is just a breezy read-through to make sure a sentence isn’t in the wrong place. Editing, however, is much more complex than it may seem at first. It’s more than just rereading; it’s revising, improving, clarifying, adding, cutting and so much more. Editing essays and other material the right way takes time, focus and skill – and after several hours or days of crafting the text, you probably don’t want to spend another second on it.

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Hospital Disaster Challenges

A Sepsis Protocol procedure

Implementation of a Sepsis Protocol procedure for Hospitals using Evidence Based Practice and Peer Review

Write a paper on Implementation of a Sepsis Protocol procedure for Hospitals using Evidence Based Practice and Peer Review , 6 Scholar references all withing 5 years.this can be based from research hospitals but it must to show how the disease kills and how and what to look for in a patient do the research and build a  (Implementation of a Sepsis Protocol procedure for Hospitals with Evidence Based Practice with Peer review) so a hospital can use it to treat and what to do for and care for a person with sepsis, what to look for in a patient with sepsis how it affects the body also the use of his is a pharmacology drugs, and drugs discussed should have an inclusion/discussion of their known and/or theorized mechanism of action. We will heavily focus on mechanism in this course and how it directly relates to treatment and outcome of patho-physiological conditions I want the drug action and the pathology as well as the toxicity of the drug to the human system…..also look at what to do for different types of people as in adults, older adults and younger children.Hire a writer

from best.


How to write Statement of purpose

How To write Statement of purpose to study abroad?

How to write Statement of purpose has been always an integral part of your application to any graduate school. It becomes even more important if you are applying for a study abroad position. Different universities have different specifications. However, every university will include a statement of purpose as one of the components for its application. More importantly, in this regard, the statement of purpose is given a lot of importance and a clearly written SOP can really help your application to succeed. So do pay attention to the following points to understand how you can write a winning SOP to study abroad.

Secrets to write a winning How to write Statement of purpose:

Students find it extremely difficult to understand what they are supposed to write when faced with the challenge of writing such a document. So if you have clarity on this aspect then naturally you get a head start.

  • Explaining the rationale behind choosing to study abroad: Universities, especially the top ones, are very particular in this regard. As now more often than not studying aboard has become like a norm that every student just aspires to without having any clarity on why they really want to go abroad to study. If the rationale for you are clear in your head, then write that down first. If you lack clarity, then talk to your present professors/teachers/mentors or parents or just well-wishers to be completely sure why you want to go for an internship to abroad. Don’t follow a mob and demonstrate that you are not part of it in the first few lines.
  • Pay attention to the academic aspect: The admission team will look for that you have the urge to put in the hard yards to learn and excel in the program you are applying to. So do mention why you want to choose the course you have selected and how much interest you truly have for that.
  • Explicate why you are choosing the particular school or university: It is important that you demonstrate that you are choosing the particular school for some reasons and not because this is the best option you have at your disposal. Every university wants students who are really eager to come into their space. For this, you need to either know about the fortes of the school you are applying to or you need to do some extra research to equip yourself on that aspect. Believe it putting in this effort will really pay you on the long run.
  • Focus on your personal traits: It is important to highlight the traits of your own personality. Schools prefer that as it helps them decide whether you would be a good fit for their program. You can bring in your personal life details if you think these are relevant or are important for the course you are applying. As contexts of different countries are different, these details also help the admission team to understand the background from where you are coming. Your background actually works in your favour in getting the position, especially if you are from a developing part of the world or from an underprivileged section of the society.
  • Elaborate on your goals: Let them know what are your long term career or academic goals and how you see the program is going to help you achieve those. If you manage to show some continuity in your choices, then universities generally prefer that as that you ensure you will be more motivated towards the particular course.
  • Write a great closing paragraph: After elaborating on all the points, it is important that you end the document on a high note. You should make sure that you have manage to retain attention to your document throughout. Make a quick summary of your points and once again elaborate why you really want to attend the course in the school if given an opportunity.
A Nursing Student’s Life In US

A Nursing Student’s Life In US For 24 Hours

How 24 Hours Are Making The World A Better Place

Studying in a nursing college brings you the experience of fun activities mixed with long academic sessions that keep you engaged throughout the day during the working hours. Life at the nursing college is full of daily challenges and beginning of the lectures in the class to the practical lab sessions and tests that exhaust you until the end of the day when you step back to your home while carrying the burden of assignments on a daily basis. The detail of the busy schedule is provided below for attaining an insight of the 24 hour engagements of nursing students.

Here is a video about a student from the University of Southampton. Her name is Becca. She is into the Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) degree. Check out what more Becca has to say about her life as a nursing student.

Let us have a look at an average day schedule of a Nursing student:

• 5: 00 AM – This is the time of waking up early in the morning, undertaking refreshment within the next 30 hours and subsequently consuming the breakfast. Next one hour is consumed in studying the academic books when it is 7 am and you gear up in dressing yourself and running to the college premises.

• 7: 15 AM – You rush to the college bus and save every second in catching the same because you cannot afford to miss the bus in the context of time attending to your very first lecture


7: 45 AM – This is the high time when you reach your class and take your first academic note. Sometimes, the lecture relates to the subjects attributing to medical ethics and human development that gives a relaxing start to the day. However, at times the lecturer discussed regarding drugs-classifications and human anatomy thereby overburdening you at the start of your day.

• 8: 45 AM – The second lecture starts by this time and the scenario becomes more pathetic when the same lecturer continues the session for another hour, thereby increasing your burden when you continue taking the notes in the classroom.

• 9: 45 AM – The third lecture relates to the topic of health assessment and observation, and the burden increases further when each student requires active participation in the discussion session with the lecturer. Sometimes each student is required to deliver a presentation on the subject and address the fellow students. The students also need to respond to the questions raised by the presenter as well as the lecturer on the topic of discussion and derive a logical conclusion at the end of the question and answer session.

• 10: 45 AM – The fourth lecture begins by this time and covers the concepts related to pathophysiology of diseases. This is the most difficult lecture of the day and the presenter discusses the disease manifestations, prognostic factors, etiology and outcomes that we have to record in the context of revising the concepts at home. The lecturer also asks the students to revise the presentation and clarify the doubts related to the discussed subject. This session continues for more than two hours without a single minute’s break.

• 1: 00 PM – This lunchtime begins and gives relief when I sit with fellow students and enjoy the meals for another half an hour.

Lunch Time

• 1: 30 PM – Next 30 minutes attribute to the preparation time when I have the chance of revising the subjects that will be taught in the afternoon session. This is a good time to interact with fellow students and execute the process of group revision for knowledge enhancement.

• 2: 00 PM – Afternoon session begins with the lecture attributing to the clinical bedside when the art of clinical history taking is explained to the nursing students. This is indeed a practical session where every student attains the opportunity to understand the concepts of clinical evaluation.

Nursing Lecture

• 3:00 PM – The classes terminate by this time and students get 30 more minutes for socialization and making an exit from their respective classrooms.

• 4: 00 PM – You reach home, and consume some snacks and attend the family members and friends.

• 5: 00 PM – You begin with your homework attributing to the revision of concepts taught in the classroom and preparing for the content expected to be delivered in the subsequent classroom sessions.

• 8: 00 PM – You move to the gymnasium in the context  the end of your day.

• 9: 00 PM – You take a shower and have your dinner within next one hour.

• 10: 00 PM – You resume your study and revise the concepts further for another one hour.

• 11: 00 PM – You move to bed with the hope of initiating another day of stress, joy and learning. Indeed, providing essay help for writing nursing assignments is a less tedious job as compared to describing the structure of your daily study schedule. It’s easier said than done.

As a student it is essential to recognize the importance of a schedule and follow it consistently. The nursing students sometimes need help with nursing diary in the context of tracking their daily study schedule. Taking nursing essay help proves to be highly effective in developing a synopsis related to the life of the nursing student. Indeed, this adds value to the configured synopsis with regard to their daily study schedule.

I hope you now get a clear imagination of how a nursing student average day goes like.

Difficulty With Assignments

Difficulty With Assignments

Things Students Do When They Face Difficulty With Assignments?

Most of the students staying abroad face a lot of difficulty with their assignments. The first year of the college is very alluring for international students, but few obstacles are obvious to arise. Settling down in a new city can be one and the other, is the problem faced in academic front.

The various challenges they face while completing their assignment are like cultural challenge, understanding of the structure of new assignments, new subjects, new friends and new food. All this creates a lot of pressure in their mind and they gradually face difficulty to meet their deadlines.

Sometimes a student does not understand the topic at all or they miss a lecture, which makes it difficult for them to complete an assignment. In this case they schedule an assignment help session with an expert of their choice. The session helps them to understand the topic vigorously and answer most their questions and answers

Online Assignment help

There are various online websites which help them in their dissertation and entire write up. These websites understand the entire marking criteria needed for an assignment and help them achieve good grades. They raise the overall understanding of the student

Study Preparation Guide

These guides can be in the form small books or online guides. By and large they increase the understanding on the subject. This helps in increasing the student’s analytical as well as comprehensive skills.

Video Tutorials

A lot of students take help from video tutorials available online. These tutorials help them to learn new technology, which helps them to be more productive in the classroom as well as helps them to complete their assignment in time. Video tutorials provide latest educational tools and help to explore more management systems

Solution Library

This library is basically a global community available online which connects members to interact with others and helps them discuss on various topics. They provide options to share the experience with a solution. It helps to enrich the knowledge on a range of topics and provides a deeper understanding on the subject involved

Online Guest Lecture

In this technique students read articles submitted by some proficient professors. The articles are available for a limited period of time, which opens a range of angles on a particular subject. Students get all the professional insights on a particular topic which they can use very well in the completion of their assignment. These lectures provide links between their research and teachings which enables students to have access to the new disciplines

Innovative Learning, Actions

Every student wants an environment which fosters a love of learning in them. It involves a lot of things, social changes; emotions are all the part of it. Positive attitude is the most important aspect of learning the subject. The powerful emotions are core part of meeting the deadlines, but overlooked sometimes. Group activities and seminars are other parameters which help in the overall growth of the student. In a group activity each student brings a different angle to a problem which develops new ideas among all other students bringing in new ideas and perspective. Regularly finding new ways of learning, whether in a form of interaction to a stranger or joining classes to learn the local language of the city keeps the mind active. Students collect as much information as possible about the subject and inculcate new standard of living.

Relation of Music with Nursing

Relation of Music with Nursing Majors

Relation of Music with Nursing/Medicine Majors

 Relation of Music with Nursing majors for Your research paper examines the association of music of your major course of study.

For instance, education majors may wish to explore the practice or history of music in the classroom. Business majors may wish to investigate financial issues related to music licensing, music downloading, etc. Medical students may write about music in therapy, occupational hazards of musicianship, or about the physiology or psychology of performance.A list of sources consulted during your research should be included on a separate page of your submission.


Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

Paper Instructions on Genetically Modified Organisms

1.) •recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems •make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudo-scientific explanations •weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method •use knowledge of biological principles, the scientific method, and appropriate technologies to ask relevant questions, develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, interpret results, and draw conclusions 2.) Write a 750-1500 word paper, excluding references and title page. You must read the information sources that you find and summarize the information in your own words, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your chosen topic. Extensive quotes from the article are discouraged 3.)Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). What is the purpose genetic engineering of crop plants and domestic animals? Briefly explain how GMOs are created. What foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What types of regulations exist for these foods? Clearly explain your reasoning for each answer. The following website from FDA regarding GMO regulation may be helpful: