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What guarantees should a nursing writing service provide?

Many students strain under the weight of assignments because they might be having a very tight deadline or subjects in a problematic academic area. It is at such tough moments that students decide to get help from online writing services with a capacity to handle the workload within a short time frame. Academic writing is formal that it makes newbie writers to get much trouble in drafting it because they are used to writing casual work. Informal writing is simple as it accommodates the use of colloquialism and creating words that only the writer and the reader can understand. They use first person singular statements making work directly private. In contrast, academic writing should be a formal style that everyone in this academic field can understand. The method of writing is standard to suit one of the formatting styles. It means that the writing style for a nursing paper should be similar among all students. The difference should occur in the content as each student should develop a paper from independent research.

Nursing assignments contribute to grades. It is essential to write them well or ensure that the service you use is reliable. A reliablenursing writing service should provide these guarantees to the customers.

1.Satisfaction guaranteeThe top priority by a writing service should be complete satisfaction by the customers with its products (academic papers). The policies and terms or use should be developed with the customers in mind to guarantee from protection against poor quality or illegitimate work. It is also essential to determine if a writing service satisfies the customers or makes the statement to get new business. You can find them in reviews because it is necessary to know that the choice is safe.

2.Confidentiality guaranteePrivacy and confidentiality are essential as other factors relating to the quality of a writing service. Professors and peers expect students to write their work without knowledge for issues that interfere with an ability to complete their work on time.

A trustworthy nursing writing service should store personal information securely and limit access to personal information that customers provide when signing upfor writing help. Only the personnel directly dealing with order processing and delivery should access the contact details. The top nursing writing services have a policy prohibiting sharing, selling or disclosing personal in any way to outside parties.

3.Safety guaranteeSecuring personal information should include financial details. A decent writing service should provide full confidentiality for payment to prevent two things. One it safeguards the identity of the customer and secures the details of the credit card used for payment from access by fraudsters. The way to protect payment details is by using up-to-date encryption for protecting data. The best websites are certified by independent internet security organization such as McAfee that monitorswebsites frequently.

4.Punctuality guaranteedA nursing writing company you can trust with your work should commit to delivering your work is its deadline. It should have a track record of completing orders on time by putting an effective order management algorithm in place to ensure there is timely completion. It should also commit to compensate customers for any lateness in order delivery.

5.Plagiarism free guaranteeA writing service should have a quality assurance department with some IT skills to develop plagiarism detection software. It enables them to find out if a paper is 100 original and improve it if the writer did not develop content from scratch.A writing service that is certain about its ability to deliver plagiarism free nursing papers will be willing to promise a full refund if a customer finds any trace of copied work on the order.

6.Quality guaranteeAn online order should make customers happy because of quality and adhering to instructions. It makes an order worth the pay. It is essential for a writing service to guarantee the customers of satisfaction. One of the ways to make customers happy about their work is to ensure that they get a writer with has a mastery of their subject. A revision policy within a particular number of days after order delivery also provides a chance for unsatisfied customers to request amendments that improve their work to the desired quality. Guarantees show that a nursing writing service is ready to meet the needs of the customers.

Tips to Improve Nursing Writing

Tips to Improve Nursing Writing

All students would like to become an expert in writing academic work. Such skills create an opportunity to step closer to academic success. A person with excellent writing skills can write impressive nursing papers and achieve excellent marks for their work. Nonetheless, academic writing can be challenging and complicate writing for some students. In addition to knowing the nursing sphere students should dedicate much time and effort to master the writing skills. Mastery of the basics of academic writing, styling and formatting will help you to improve writing skills and even publish some of your papers in scholarly journals.

You can write excellent nursing papers that are both informative and engaging to the readers by avoiding these mistakes.

1.Check for and respect opinion by scholarsYou will find many scholarly ideas while gathering information to use apart of materials when writing an academic paper. Some may not coincide with your thoughts on a matter you should not be judgmental about them to the extent of ignoring all opinions by that author. Some of the contrary views might add significant value to the argumentation. You can provide and refute the contrary opinions to develop compelling arguments on the subject. Your counterarguments will show why your views are more convincing or have a right to existence. Another way is to politely mention why an opinion from a source in your annotated bibliography in not appropriate for your research specialtyor paper.

Writing takes much perseverance, resilience and patience to make your academic work fit the bill. You must take time to master the basics of citation and formatting styles if you desire to write academic papers that a peer-reviewed scholarly journal can publish.

2.Avoid quote aloneIf you choose to add quotes to your writing, ensure that they suit the context of the interpretation or explanation. It is not right to use a quote for one point and swiftly move to another aspect. Using quotes requires that you provide an example or illustration of a self-formulated idea. It is only under such circumstances that a paper becomes focused and logical.

3.Include the relevant supporting evidence for the topicYou can make your central argument to be more convincing to the target audience by using adequate examples and supporting data. The essential thing is to make the audience to accept your point of view. Supporting evidence should have appropriate examples and back up arguments that support the topic efficiently.

4.State the position to the readerA writer might assume narrating some apparent things but still, lose readers who attempt to follow the topic. Make sure that you will provide enough background information and state the issue you intend to communicate with clarity. You must understand that the readers expect you to discuss a particular issue and possibility that they might be unaware of the topic.

5.Convey the message with much clarity as possibleChoosing proper vocabulary can make a difference in achievingthe purpose of communicating ideas and arguments. Most students assume that the language to use for academic nursing work should be high brow and it is necessary to express ideas in a sophisticated way. What they do not know is that success of academic writing is opposite of sophistication and should not convey messages in difficult words. It is about making complex ideas to sound simple for many people to understand. If you have thought that academic writing should be complicated, it is the right time tochange your presentation. Nursing is about giving care and many people even beyond the academic circles might have an interest in reading your work.

You can improve your nursing academic writing by reading widely and consistently. It might be difficult for new students to start articulating thoughts and ideas regarding a particular subject matter. Reading various pieces of work at early stages of education helps with the early formation of opinion. Practicingwriting also helps to enhance the articulation of opinions in future. Writing is important, but reading plays a significant role in building writing skills.

skills to write nursing academic papers

Can paraphrasing tools affect skills to write nursing academic papers?

Paraphrasing is an act of tasking in information comprehending, synthesizing and expressing it originally. An ability to paraphrase in writing or even orally depends much on the understanding of the material by the reader.

It also relates to skill. Modern communication is causing a steep decline in the use of formal language. Proper punctuation, capitalization and complete sentences are some of the aspects that characterize formal language.

The penchant of informal abbreviation when texting, use of emojis for text and social media messages might help to increase efficiency in modern communication, but it is not entirely complete. This trend is making it more difficult for students to learn and practice necessary skills for writing academic skills.

Academic work requires writers to incorporate work by published authors into their material to reflect a comprehensive understanding of published material they use for supporting their ideas but in an original manner. Paraphrasing is difficult but a skill that every student should learn because it builds critical thinking skills and ability for self-expression in a way that carries weight.

Online paraphrasing toolsPeople will always try to create a simpler way of doing difficult things such as paraphrasing. Paraphrasing tools are the alternative to reading the text and rewriting it to retain original meaning. They are the latest means to avoid actual writing and avoiding outrightplagiarism or relying on online writing services.These tools can paraphrase anything be it a simple sentence or an essay. The latest name foe this practice is spinning.

These tools might seem helpful to the students especially the non-native English speakers, but the reality is that they are inaccurate, flawed and students should not consider it a substitute for learning to paraphrase. Some students still consider them to be an acceptable form of help because reliance on the machines saves them from much of the brain work. Those who advocate for the use of paraphrasing tools should know that it is essential to think about proper citation of the source. There is no comparable mechanism to detect the use of a paraphrasing tool is a reader suspects that the content is not original and that there is no citation of the source material.
Plagiarism and Techniques for ParaphrasingA handbook for university and college student should include a section that discusses plagiarism. It should identify the criteriato use for its assessment and outline the penalties for this infringement. Higher education, in general, has zero tolerance for plagiarism.A significant concern is whether online paraphrasing tools constitute of plagiarism. It is if the paraphrase does not cite the source material and readers should regard it as plagiarism if presented as an academic paper.

Using a paraphrasing tool generally means that the writing is not original and does not acknowledge the author in the absence of citation. The use of paraphrasing tools has not turned to a grey area and another frontier for plagiarism. Universities and colleges should revise their handbooks to include a policy about the use of paraphrasing tools. According to library resource of Simon Fraser University, students should take caution together with these techniques.

  • Change words from apart of speechto another.
  • Change percentage and numerals to a different form
  • Use synonyms
  • Interchange the order of words
  • Use various attribution indicators
  • Try different definition structures
  • Change the structure of sentences and use various connecting words.

Paraphrasing also has a limit and should not involve changing everything. Something like proper nouns and key terms should not change when paraphrasing.

Seasoned authors liken the use of paraphrasing tools to patch writingin which someone patches original text with language that is not cohesive. These paraphrasing tools will always tempt students who doubt their writing skills. They think that because of changing order of words no software will detect source material from the paraphrased output. Since the bibliographical information does not change much if, at all, originalitychecking software such as Turnitin can match the output to a source using the reference data.

Advantage of custom nursing writing help

Advantage of custom nursing writing help

Custom writing is the creation of unique and exclusive content that matches the requirements of a person who requires academic writing help. Another way of looking at it means that you will receive material that is exclusive to your assignment instructions and requirements whether it is for a nursing essay, research paper or dissertation. Custom service is a guarantee that your nursing paper will be authentic with the writer crafting it with your academic needs in mind.

Identifying a writing service that offers custom writing helpCustom writing all about creating academic content that is unique to the owner. It should also be original and meet all the instruction on the order form that customers fill beforecompleting the ordering process by making payment.

Custom writing services allow their customers some freedom to do as they wish with their assignment. The research it performs can be something that customers can use as sample work. They can use it to showcase their skills to research from the most recent sources of information on the subject, structure format as well as reference the paper correctly. A paper that comes with all these benefits is the most effective for a student.It gives a head start to customers because every part of the nursing paper meets their requirements and there is no other need to change something unless it has errors that require a revision.

How to pick a professional custom nursing writing serviceIf you are looking for nursingwriting help, you can count on that which offers custom writing help. It should have a record of showing a capacity to handle academic research work in a convenient notwithstanding its simplicity or complexity.

Writer qualificationIt should also competent professionals to write nursing work for all the academic levels. The solutions should be customized to ensure that students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level get the best solutions and tips for orders of all subjects.

A custom writingservice should have writers with the knowledge to deal with different subjects including the most challenging for their areas of specialization. They should, however, do their best to meet the individual needs. Custom writing help also includes offering suggestions that can help a customer to improve their class record by sharing information that challenges a person to develop critical thinking on a topic.

Any academic paper posing a challenge to your writing skills should not be a problem for an expert writer. Writers who customize writing help should have skills to research widely from various sources and cite it in the proper style such as MLA, APA, Chicago or Oxford among.

Custom nursing writing help also involves adhering to punctuality by completingand delivering orders within the urgency that a customer requires. It is an open secret that many students can write their papers, but they make orders for online writing help because they lack time for research and compelling the results of their study within the specified period. Others aspects show the readiness by nursing writing service to offer custom writing help include:

Dedicated customer supportCustomer support agents are the first people to interact with a client who requests nursing paper writing service. A writing company offering custom writing help should have support reps that are friendly and dig for much information as possible concerning the writing request and meet the specific needs by the customer. Custom writing request will include providing customers with a way to directly communicate with the writers through a messaging platform and follow the progress of their orders.

Privacy guaranteeCustom writing should be customer specific and not one type of approach for everyone.Each customer should get a private account that allows access to a private messaging platform those other users of a website cannot see. Personal and payment information should also be secure to prevent third parties from gaining access.Custom nursing writing service gives the most value for money as the writer will work to meet particular instructions, the ultimate product will be unique to the customer without similarities to any other work.

How to write the winning nursing assignments

How to write the winning nursing assignments

Tips on how to be best in your nursing class

Nursing assignments are tasks that students write as part of their education at various stages of their study. Many students keep wondering why their professors keep assigning different tasks rather than teach the practical aspects of patient care. The reason is that assignments are an essential part of training as they enable students to present information that displays their understanding of particular subjects. Most of the nursing assignments are research-based papers. They are an opportunity for exploring a topic that a student finds to be interesting from the course in an in-depth manner. These assignments help students to express their ideas and develop these essential skills for an academic:

  1. Researching
  2. Evaluating information
  3. Organizing information
  4. Making arguments
  5. Responding to counter-arguments
  6. Analyzing

Writing winning nursing assignments comes out of understanding the academic discourse because it is an area with its lingo. Specific terms should be in use for success in convincing the assignment markers and audience that you have a grasp of the topic. You must adapt to the ways of writing and communicating relevant to nursing.

Tips To Write the Winning Nursing Assignments

Understand and follow the instructionsMany students drop points on their nursing assignments because they fail to follow instructions. It would waste your time and that of your instructor if your assignment deviated from the direction. It will miss the critical element of the work, essential points and length. You can avoid this detrimental mistake by starting with a careful reading of instructions severally until you understand everything. Make notes, mark the most the items and highlight the bits that should be part of salient points.

Adhere even to the things that might seem simple like adhering to the page limit. A scoring guide (rubric) by some lecturers includes taking points off nursing assignments that exceed the maximum number of pages they set. Adhering to instructions helps academic writing to be concise and even directs information search to the most relevant areas.

Choose an appropriate topic and understand it well

Most of the nursing assignment requires the writer to determine a topic. A professor may decide to pick a common subject for everyone. A student in such scenarios must comprehensively understand the topic to search for most appropriate data and present it most relevantly to support the arguments that support or refute the subject. Choose a robust topic if there is freedom to define the subject of nursing assignments because engaging content supported by facts can raise the grades. Research well because unlike creative writing, an assignment must show the validity of the information it presents. Find an interesting topic that will inspire you to explore the subject widely. Choose a topic that is appropriate for the nursing assignment’s length to avoid grappling with an extremely broad subject that leads to overgeneralization. You should also avoid extremely narrow topics for a long paper because it will become more of a summary rather than a discussion or analysis.

Prepare a clear and specific thesis statement

You can develop winning nursing assignments by engaging the reader from the beginning. Entice readers to go through your entire paper by creating a thesis statement in the introduction of the work. Use it to inform the reader about the purpose of your assignment and focus of your arguments in one or two sentences. A thesis statement should not just explain but also persuade readers to agree with your point of view in a few words.

Create a relevant outline

An outline helps to organize thoughts before settling to the writing process. Think about the main points to present soon after developing the thesis statement. Organize the main points under relevant sub-headings. Do not use information that does not fit into the outline’s framework nor has no direct support for a thesis statement. It might be interesting but will not add value to your nursing assignment.

Organize and format your nursing assignments appropriately

.Academic tasks have different sections but winning nursing assignments should have these essential sections. Introduction: Write an introduction that introduces arguments to the readers and provides a reason for them to care about reading the work. Body: provides information and lays evidence to support the central thesis and arguments. Place each argument is its paragraph that starts with a topic sentence for telling readers about the content of a paragraph.

A conclusion is essential for nursing assignments because it shows the significance of findings and creates an impression that readers can recall in the future. A summary should

briefly connect the previous ideas, summarize findings or restate a thesis in different words. The concluding stamen must be adequately captivating to stay in the reader’s minds.Write your assignment to match the academic style that your nursing assignment supervisor will recommend such as APA, MLA or Turabian. A proper paper format should be uniform and adhere to preferred academic style at all these parts.

  • Heading
  • Margins
  • Title
  • Font
  • Size
  • Spacing

The winning nursing assignments should point out the sources of the arguments and conclusions by proper citation per writing guidelines. In-text citation and bibliography also help to avoid suspicion of plagiarism because it acknowledges the sources.

Use scholarly Language

Formality and objectivity contribute to writing the winning nursing assignments because they target professional readership. Use a formal tone to write nursing assignments without colloquialism, idioms, slang or journalistic expressions. Your words should be in full forms but not contractions. For example, use “do not” but not “don’t,” or it is in place of “it’s.” A formal piece is a way to write nursing assignments but limiting the use of jargon is essential to increase readability. The formality of nursing assignments requires the use of facts and evidence for objectivity. The language should be impersonal by avoiding the first and second person in preference of this person as well having things as the subject but not people. For instance “I interpret the findings” can become “the result show that infections are reducing.”

Hire a professional nursing assignments writing service

An overload of assignments, burn out, the complexity of a topic or writer’s block can get into the way of writing winning nursing assignments. Hiring a professional writing service that can turn your assignment into a grade winning paper is the best option when facing one of these circumstances that prevent trouble free writing. Professional writing help will save you from getting penalized for lateness is submitting a nursing assignment or for unimpressive writing.

Professional nursing writers use information that is authentic from most relevant, up-to-date sources for the topic. The use of authentic sources helps to ensure that content is plagiarism free. Additionally, professional writers have access to best plagiarism checkers to determine and remove any plagiarized words. A professional writing service has subject experts who write winning nursing assignments by presenting what members of the faculty want to read as well as adhere to the recommended formatting style. Their language skills enable them to write without grammar mistakes that hinder the flow of content and cause unnecessary penalizing.

sources during nursing research

Primary, secondary and tertiary sources during nursing research

Sources in academic writing are materials that a writer uses to gather ideas and information. The most frequently used sources for academic writing are those in print forms such as journals and books because they orient more towards the subject. Non-print sources are also essential in some instances because they contain valuable information. Some of the non-print sources for nursing academic work research include:

  • Radio and television broadcasts
  • Internet sites
  • Recordings
  • Transcripts
  • Pictures and films

The categorization of information or evidence material can be primary, secondary or tertiary. The basis of this classification is on originality of the material, origin, and proximity of the source. It informs readers whether the author of a nursing paper is reporting first-hand information or conveying opinions and experiences of other people as these are regarded as second hand.It is tricky to determine primary, secondary or tertiary sources. This description below can help you to find the meaning and differences of the above three categories of information.

Primary sourcesThese sources are the records of evidence or events because they are the first description or convey events that took place without an interpretation or commentary. A primary source is an original material on which specific research is based, or it is something to show for the first time. Primary sources display original thinking, report on the discoveries or even share fresh information.

These are exemplary examples of primary sources.

    • Scholarly journal articles that are research based
    • Thesis
    • Dissertations
    • Symposia and conference proceedings
    • Some government reports poems
    • Original artwork
    • Speeches
    • Photographs
    • Memos
    • Letters
    • Diaries
    • Interviews
    • Personal narratives
    • Autobiographies
    • Correspondence

Secondary sourcesThese sources offer a restatement of the primary sources or an analysis. The often attempt to explain or describe sources. Secondary sources will in most instances be works summarizing, interpreting, reorganizing or providing added value to primary sources.

Examples of secondary sources

  • Textbooks
  • Articles and books interpreting or reviewing research works
  • Edited works
  • Literary criticism and interpretation
  • Histories
  • Biographies
  • Political analyses and commentaries
  • Reviews of legislation and law

You can use primary and secondary source data together .for instance your interest during research might be workloads by professors. A nursing research paper during the semester might start with a survey of the professors during the work hours to gather primary data. A request for particular reports from them is a method of collecting secondary data. Using both sources becomes a triangulation or dual methods in study design.

Tertiary sourcesTertiary sources are a collection of information based on primaryand secondary sources.Tertiary sources index, compile, abstract, organize or digest other sources. Some textbook and reference materials are tertiary sources if their chief purpose is listing, summarizing or repackaging ideas or any additional information. There is usually no crediting of tertiary sources to a particular author.

Examples of the tertiary sources

  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias (these might also be secondary)
  • Wikipedia
  • Factbooks
  • Almanacs
  • Directories
  • Bibliographies (can also be secondary)
  • Guidebooks
  • Handbooks
  • Manuals
  • Textbooks (some are also secondary)
  • Indexing and abstracting sources

An evaluation and weighing of quality for each source or combination are essential. The value of all evidence gathered from various sources is not equal. Data from the primary source is the ideal type of collect since the closeness to the source of an original account of target information, or event increases the accuracy of the data.A primary source of data has more value when a researcher is trying to gain a deeper understanding of a situation as it contains raw or original evidence.A comparison of secondary to primary sources shows that former include information where the people are beginning to develop initial understandings about a topic and literature reviews. Tertiary sources consolidate the primary and secondary sources.

A researcher for sources to use in an academic nursing paper should always assume that the assigning lecturers want the use of all types of sources unless there isa requirement to use only one.

Advantages and challenges of ordering nursing

Advantages and challenges of ordering nursing writing help online

Sometimes students find that they reach a mental roadblock and it is an unfortunate position when the deadlines for an academic paper or several of them are approaching. An assumption that students are in school and should always be in the right mental frame to handle academic assignment is not always right.

Everyone at times struggles to pick the right topic, plan the writing approach and find a credible source of materials. A work overload burnout the students that sometimes one more assignment becomes impossible to write. The deadline does not change, and students consider an option to hire professional academic writers who perform in-depth research and turn it into a high-grade paper rather than submit work late.

What are the pros of hiring a nursing writing company to undertake your assignment?

Opportunity to work with a professionalGetting help from a writing service does not mean that it will water down your educational skills. It does not prevent you from doing part of the work required to complete a nursing paper. You can, for example, delegate the task of writing but perform the background research. If your project involves creating scientific reports such as preparing a lab report, the chances are that all the necessary research is readyand with planning your writer will use the data to develop a presentation in the form of words.

Professional writers have a way with words to make it extremely appealing to read highly scientific or scholarly materials.It is essential to hire a writing service that matches customers with writers who specialize in the areas of the papers subjects. They are aware of the writing requirements and a good grasp of the matter thus can point out factual errors and gaps in research.

Satisfaction guaranteeNo one wants to submit academic work without confidence that it is the best. Otherwise, it risks getting a low grade. Fear of low-quality content and lack of satisfaction is the reason why you might put off thought to hire a nursing writing service.
Positive news about nursing writing services is that many offer a satisfaction guarantee and will write an academic paper to perfection. They even agree to offer a free revision to any customers who are unhappy about the quality of their work. It is an opportunity for customers to work with their writers to fine-tune the papers and rectify mistakes until they become happy with their products. The seconds chance should is a reason why students should be careful before making their payment by checking at the status of satisfaction guarantee. The credible writing service agrees to provide free revision or money back.

Challenges of ordering nursing writing help online

CostThe cost of hiring a nursing writer is one of the reasons why students fight it challenging. All the writing services are not costly, but it creates a fear that they are unable to retain a team of skilled writers at their cost.

Hiring a writing service should not rely on the cost alone without thinking about the quality of the product. It isnecessary to find a writing service with professional writers and plenty of experience in the subject of your paper. Make a point of asking for qualifications by a writer and a short sample of your work. You will find it a superb idea to pay a professional writer rather than save money on a writing service that might end up ruining the grades and creating a need to perform extensive corrections when the deadline is approaching quickly.

Risk of plagiarismPlagiarism in academic writing causes dire consequences. The fear among the students is that they might get a writer who generates content that is very similar to other pieces or lacks proper referencing. Such papers can put you at loggerheads with professors because they will think you deliberately stolework by other author and that you do not understand the subject. The faculty might decide you cannot graduate if your end of program projects has plagiarism that makes them doubt your knowledge.

Always search for a writer of professional writing service that believes in writing nursing academic content from sources in different words and proper referencing o0f direct quotes. Ask for a plagiarism report from a reliable checker to be sent with your completed order because a nursing writer who writes unique content will not have problems with the request.

A premium writing service with experience should be your target when searching for writing help rather than a company without a track record.

How to write a nursing case study essay

How to write a nursing case study essay

A nursing case study is a comprehensive report about a patient that students write during their encounter with the ill during everyday practice during the practicum. They provide essential learning experiences as students can apply their theoretical learning to actual situations to even make conclusions and conclusions. Writing a literature review takes much planning of a methodology, literature review, and accurate documentation while proceeding with the case study.

A well-written case study becomes a guide to care for patients as it shows the expectation as a prognosis, right questions to ask and ways to take care of the patient. You should present all cases is a realistic manner that helps to understand the realities of modern nursing practice.


Sections to Write In a Nursing Case Study Essay


A nursing case study has three large sections. The sections provide patient’s information, assessment of the status and a treatment plan that includes the recommendations. All the details in the case study relate, but they should be in these sub-sections.



Patient status


Patient information is the first portion of a case study paper. It begins by laying out personal information about:


    • Who the patient is
    • Reason for inclusion in the study
    • Demographic data such as age and age
    • Reasons for seeking medical attention

A patient’s status section also discusses the role of a nurse in the care of a patient in the case study.

A follow-up step is to discuss any process of the disease by outlining causes, symptoms, observations and the way that preferred treatments might affect nursing care. Remember to describe if the patient has a history with the disease and the progression. Some of the essential questions to answer are:

  • The first indications of something wrong with the health
  • The symptoms that made a patient to get a conviction that it was right to seek medical help


Nursing assessment


A discussion of a nursing assessment of the patient should describe the problems according to nursing diagnoses. The writer should identify a specific reason for determining a particular diagnosis. A nursing diagnosis should help to form a nursing care plan. For example, are a patient’s irregular sleeping patterns as a result of frequent urination?



Current treatment and recommendations to improve it


A third section of a nursing care plan describes the care and treatment that a patient is receiving by medication or therapy. It further explains the appropriateness of each treatment by discussing the way care plans are improving the quality of life for the patient.


It is also essential to describe:

  • Expected positive changes to the patient life after treatment
  • Method of executing the care plan
  • A person responsible for delivering the care plan
  • Measurable goals to track and determine the success of a plan

The last discussion should be personal recommendations. Recommend other actions to take to improve the chances of patient recovery based on current health status, diagnosis, and prognosis and care plan. Supporting proposals with authoritative and well-cited sources is essential.



Highlights of a Nursing Case Study Essay


It is the role of a nursing student to document any treatment activities by recording information such as dose and track the presence or lack of improvement. Always start by analyzing data before making a decision about the efficacy of a treatment plan and making conclusions.


Instructors grade a nursing case study according to the content quality of the case study essay and formatting. You should take time to format everything in the required format.

Common Nursing Assignments

Common Nursing Assignments

The primary concern of nursing education is to train nurses about the provision of quality care to their patients and families. It demands the technical experience together with an appropriate expressing of ideas by presenting information in the written form. Writing in nursing will involve combining of terminology and general language, but it must follow the standards of scholarly writing. There are many assignments that nursing students write to exhibit their knowledge of the subject as well as showing their ability to express ideas.


The Most Common Nursing Assignments


There are different expectations for various nursing assignments, but these are the assignments that everyone in a nursing program will write.




An essay is a short assignment on a topic that a student or a lecturer chooses. Most essays are short comprising of five paragraphs with an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. It gauges knowledge of a topic and tests writing skills.


Term paper


A term paper is an extended essay that students write at the end f an academic term on a topic they covered during this time. Developing term papers requires researching for information from various credible sources to find evidence that supports the arguments.


Case Study


Case studies report of the investigations on one or more patients having an illness or a health condition to determine the circumstances behind the happening. Students write it is during practicum to reveal the patient’s demographic information, diagnosis, current care plan, and recommendations.


Nursing report


An analysis of a situation, its progress and the way it might change nursing practice. A report is the end product of an investigation and background research.



One of the most contributors to overall grade is a coursework paper as it covers the academic areas that student has covered during an academic year. It combines finding from experiments and research work that students write over days or weeks because it is long





PowerPoint assignment is information on a particular subject that is presented in the form of slides that a student creates with special software. The purpose is to create something that a student can present visually before an audience.





A thesis is a lengthy academic paper presenting research findings on a topic chosen by the student within a nursing specialty. This assignment is for students pursuing their Masters in nursing degree. The work should be original in the format as well as a citation that the nursing school uses.



Capstone project


This is a project is one of the last academic projects in a study program presenting evidence-based solutions to a real problem. Raw data derived from primary sources and published literature provides a new concept that is a problem solution ready for adoption by other people.





A dissertation is a project at the end of a PhD in nursing program assessing the knowledge that a student has about nursing and if it is enough to qualify for a terminal degree. It presents research findings from independent sources on a chosen topic in the instructed format.

How to succeed as a nursing student

Resources to use writing a nursing paper

A nursing paper is a piece that presents scholarly arguments, ideas, and solutions based on evidence from credible sources. It is not a personal opinion but a presentation of informed arguments.A well-written case study becomes a guide to care for patients as it shows the expectation as a prognosis, right questions to ask and ways to take care of the patient. You should present all cases is a realistic manner that helps to understand the realities of modern nursing practice.


Type of Resources to Use Writing A Nursing Paper



Primary research source


Primary sources are mixed materials that serve as a basis of various studies. They include surveys, interviews, diaries, records, fieldwork, and peer-reviewed research papers published in journals.



Secondary sources


These are resources that contain a description or analysis of the primary sources. Examples of secondary sources include:


  • Books that describe or analyze another resource
  • Articles
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias




Resources that organize primary and secondary materials including: Abstracts-Provide a summary of different primary as well as secondary sources, Indexes-An index comprises of bibliographic information of various materials, Databases-A database serves as an online index. It might contain abstracts or digital copies of different reliable sources.



Different Resources to Use Writing a Nursing Paper



Peer-reviewed journals


Peers reviewed journals are one of the best places to find research resources for the nursing discipline. Journals are the publications where authorities in the field from scientists, researchers to clinicians publish their findings. Peer reviews journals are extremely reliable for research as content has gone through proper evaluation by professionals for quality and relevance by professionals in the field.


There are many journals on broad issues in the medical and nursing field. Some are on particular topics relevant to care giving or a particular area of medicine. Publine and Medline are some of the databases that maintain a wide range of journals.

Informational websites


There are many reliable websites with information on health topics, but the best are those with information or statistics that trace back to the source. Some of the reliable informational websites are by credible institutions including:

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • National Institute of Nursing Research
  • Medline Plus
  • World Health Organization


Professional societies


Professional societies and organizations are one of the best places to research for issues in nursing .some also publish journals, newsletters, and conference proceedings. It is simpler to find particular information from professional bodies than starting a larger database. Some of them maintain resources and job boards that help nursing students to get practicing opportunities after graduating. Some of the professional societies and organizations dealing with nursing issues include:


  • The American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • American Nurses Association
  • Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing Society
  • Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association


Other Resources to Use Writing a Nursing Paper


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and trade journals
  • Newsletters
  • Short articles of one or two pages
  • Electronic sources
  • Interviews


Evaluating Resources to Use Writing A Nursing Paper


Academic work should be factual. It is important to start by evaluating the sources. The quality of research will below as the data available might lead to some incorrect conclusions if the information that you rely on is from untrustworthy sources.


Take some time to investigate the credentials of the authors to determine if their education and experience give them the authority to discuss a topic. Other work by the same authors helps to determine if they are consistent in writing relevant works. Be careful about information from a source that does not list the names of authors.


Purpose and the audience of information is also a good indicator of its reliability. The best resources target the specific audience, and the content is from experts. Materials with the intention of educating readers without promotional or persuasion intention are likely to be more reliable as they present straight facts