How to write an essay

How to write an essay wants to offer you support and encouragement to develop your writing and your understanding of what is expected of professional essay writer.

In this introductory article, we will consider an overview of essay writing help and briefly outline some of the topics that are dealt with in greater depth in other articles. We start by looking at the defining attributes of the genre and then touch on a number of themes including planning, topics, essay outlines, format and structure.

What is an Essay?

Most students and a fair share of teachers merely think of them as an assessment task and define them by the parameters of each academic format. This is not all they are and furthermore, thinking about them like this limits our appreciation of them. If you want to become a better writer, I hope this article will encourage you to consider how useful and relevant this style of writing has become.

Essays pre-date the printing press and were one of the earliest popular genres after the emergence of mass printing. They are a style of writing, next to novels and poetry, by which authors articulate an idea. That is really all there is to it. You can weave complex ideas through the narrative of a novel or illustrate them through poetry. However, essays are where we get straight into the bare bones of explaining ideas.

More are being written in current times than ever before; they are all over the internet. Most blog articles serve as examples, and most of the popular YouTube videos are written like informal essays which are read by a presenter. You can watch thousands of people on internet videos presenting such works on seemingly infinite topics together with still images, infographics or video clips. On this, and similar platforms, we can observe examples of argumentative, analytical, procedural or almost any other style, with varying degrees of formality.

If you take the time to improve your essay writing skills, it will not only be useful you while you study. To learn how to write a good custom essay you have to build your experience in research and communication. Equally, you need to develop your ability to effectively communicate ideas to your audience: whether they are reading your essay or you are reading it to them on a video or podcast. Writing is a communication skill, for life.

How to Start an Essay

There are some wonderful resources available for people who are not sure where to start. Not least amongst these sources of essay help are those from which you can acquire an essay outline template. A good essay template can make writing an assignment something like a ‘join the dots’ puzzle. Perhaps the greatest power of this tool is that the writer does not need to start from a blank screen and can, instead, start filling in the blanks.

“There’s no starting quite like starting”

Of all the essay writing tips I have learned, my favorite is, “there’s no starting quite like starting.” I often remind myself of this. I will admit that, for me as might be the case for others, starting any major writing project can be daunting. However, I seem to continually rediscover how amazing it is just to get started. I may not be able to visualize the whole project, nor may I be able to write a detailed outline. Nonetheless, once I get started I start to see the problems I must solve, and the project starts to take shape as I find solutions and further explore the topic.

Essay Format V’s Essay Structure

You don’t need to get confused by online guides which seem to use the terms structure and format interchangeably. The difference is very simple. Formats must be followed according to a style guide that prescribes values for things like margin width, indentation, spacing, and referencing style. This is not the same thing as the structure of the essay which is academic and organized to present your writing in a logical order.

For example, a student might be asked to prepare a five paragraph paper according to the Harvard style guide. The ‘five paragraph’ request is a prescription of a structure. This is a basic structure which has, at least, three paragraphs in which an argument or analysis is made, preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion. The criterion that the paper is written according to the Harvard style guide will inform the formatting of the paper.

How to Cite my Essay: Referencing According to an Essay Format

While essay formatting deals with many page formatting details, the vast majority of discussion on formatting is related to referencing. The style guide the writer follows will outline the universal format by which citations will be cited and recorded. As we have discussed in another article in greater detail, there are a lot of reasons to properly cite your work; not least is the need to give your reader the opportunity to access the sources from which you drew your ideas and arguments. The writer needs to familiarize themselves with the format of the style they are using and list information about the sources they have used accordingly.

How to Write a Research Paper Quickly

How to Write a Research Paper Quickly

Do not get stuck in an endless sea of sources. Follow our write my paper service guide to get the best grades possible for your paper.

What is a Research Paper?

When writing a research paper, it is important to remember that it is different from an essay. Primarily, it should include information and ideas from external sources, rather than the author’s creativity. Building your own conclusions based on data from various sources is vital, as well as being able to document the origin of information to avoid plagiarism.

Research Paper Types

Generally, regardless of the type of research paper, it should represent a particular viewpoint or an argument. A research paper can also be analytical or argumentative in nature.

Argumentative Research Paper

As mentioned previously, a research paper can be argumentative in its nature. This means that this type of paper is meant to support the author’s stance regarding a certain topic. All the arguments in this paper should be supported by various evidence, which can come from different sources. These sources include but are not limited to empirical data obtained from experiments, scientific journals, other credible research papers published in the past, books, articles, encyclopedias, etc.

Analytical Research Paper

In contrast to the argumentative research paper, an analytical research paper is focused primarily on analyzing the information about the topic of the author’s choice. It can also include information from various types of sources mentioned previously. However, its primary focus is on critical evaluation of the material and answering questions such as how and why a certain result was achieved.

How to Start a Research Paper


Choose a Topic

If your topic is not already given to you, then pick something that interests you. Research can be done on pretty much anything, depending on how far you are willing to go. The attitude you have towards a particular issue will be reflected in your research and overall writing. Make sure your topic is not too broad, as it can make it hard for you to formulate a thesis statement.

Some research paper topics could include:

  • The effects of global warming in the animal kingdom
  • Effective ways to reduce air pollution
  • The effects of decriminalizing drugs
  • The consequences of Brexit to the EU
  • What threats do refugees have on a hosting country
  • How do various religions oppress women
  • The most popular new age religions
  • Diabetes
  • How to prevent cancer effectively
  • The importance of mental health

State Your Thesis

Try to write your thesis in just one or two sentences and think clearly about what needs to be proven. The thesis statement is the main focus of the writing and the research you will be doing.

An example of a thesis statement could look like:

“Marijuana has a number of medical applications, including the treatment of symptoms for epilepsy, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Legalizing the use of marijuana will greatly benefit the medical sector by giving doctors access to this life-saving drug.”

Notice that the second sentence of the thesis is a point the author is trying to make. In this example, the author’s job would be to answer how legalizing marijuana will benefit the medical sector. Conducting research on marijuana’s medical applications will enable the author to provide evidence that backs up the point he is trying to make.

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Research as much as Possible

When you learn how to write a research paper, remember that a good way to start your research is by going to the library and taking a look at what has already been done before you. Review all the information you can find, including scientific journals and articles written by experts. This kind of information can provide a stable place to start from. It is generally considered reliable as it has been critiqued in the public domain already.

The Internet is by far the biggest possible source for any research paper, and surfing the net for information on your chosen topic may give you good results.

Online surfing tips:

  • Thoughtful use of search engines is vital to gathering quality information. Therefore don’t just take the top three search results and assume you can trust them. Go through many different sites and get a look of what information can be useful.
  • The website extension also can give clues to the reliability of the text; for example, “.com” and “.biz” are typically commercial websites trying to sell things. In this case, it may be harder to find the required articles. Although lots of “.com” sites are valuable sources of information and still can be used, narrowing the overall search process and bearing in mind the contents of the site can be beneficial.

What is an annotated bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography essay writing defines an alphabetical list of citations to articles, book chapters, books, and other categories of documents, in which a brief paragraph, of approximately 150 words, follows every citation. Such a paragraph, in this case, is the annotation, and it provides the description and evaluation of the content cited. Therefore, annotation plays a key role in informing the reader of the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the cited sources.

Most Common Topics

According to our paper writing service team, the most popular or rather common topics of annotated bibliographies may include but not limited to the following:

  • Control of gun ownership
  • Security and public privacy
  • Global warming
  • Animal testing
  • Organized crimes
  • Women and marketing
  • Genetic engineering
  • Nuclear weapons and their control
  • Social justice and others.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Writing an annotated bibliography calls for the writer to use various intellectual abilities, especially research, succinct scrutiny, and concise exposition. As a result, one should first locate and make a record of the citation to the selected source that might be rich in useful ideas and information on the topic under study. Secondly, there is the demand to carry out a brief examination and consequently a review of the actual sources. Third, one then needs to choose the resources that provide diverse perspectives on the selected topics and use an appropriate citation style to cite such items.

Finally, a brief annotation summarizing the dominant theme and range of the article or book, containing sentences that achieve the following.

  1. Evaluate the author’s background or authority
  2. Comment on the targeted audience
    Contrasting or comparing this source with another already cited
  3. Explaining how this source sheds more lights on the bibliography topic.

Outline or Template or Format

See the sample paper. Note that the sample, in this case, uses MLA style of referencing sources.


In conclusion, unlike standard bibliography, annotation bibliography presents a brief summary of all the resources cited in one’s academic essays. Moreover, one needs to clearly state why he/she thinks the information acquired from the various sources used is accurate, helpful, and relevant. If still having difficulty writing an annotated bibliography, one can buy an essay paper online on our website or hire a writer from our write my essay service.

How to Write a Scholarship Essay?

How to Write a Scholarship Essay?

There are tons of different scholarship programs waiting for their perfect candidates. Some will take into account the applicant’s outstanding accomplishments in sports, music, or art. Others are granted solely on the basis of academic achievements. There are also financial aid opportunities with our finance essay writing service designed specifically for students of particular race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Even if you 100 % match the program’s main requirement, you still need to prove it. That is what a scholarship essay is for. So let’s have a closer look at this element of the financial aid application process.

What Is a Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay is the type of paper written by a person who is planning to get financial support for further studies. It gives applicants the opportunity to showcase their abilities, strengths, and unique traits. At the same time, it allows the selection committee to get to know the potential award recipients and learn their stories. Therefore, the jury can make a more informed decision.

How to Write an Essay for a Scholarship?

Writing a scholarship essay is not a piece of cake, especially if you want to do it well. Though this kind of paper is not that different from other essay types, there is one notable distinction. With the scholarship application essay, it’s you, your personal traits and accomplishments that become the main consideration. So you have to be extra good in your thesis to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual who deserves to be granted this award.

Practical Scholarship Essay Tips

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe on how to craft a personal statement that can get you the scholarship money you need to fund your dream education. You have to trust yourself and work persistently towards your goal. Here are some guidelines from our essay paper writing service that will help you navigate through the writing process.

The inspiration can strike in the most unlikely places, so get ready for that.

Light bulb moments often happen when you least expect them, so gird yourself to embrace your creative genius wherever you are. With the myriads of thoughts spinning in your head, it is a nice habit to capture the ideas right when they come. The memory can fail you. Don’t delude yourself by thinking that your mind is a filing cabinet where all your ideas will be labeled and stored until you need them. It’s better to collect them in one place outside your brain so that you can retrieve them later on.

You can create a dedicated Google doc and then add new info from any of your gadgets. You might try recording audio clips on your phone to make sure none of the essay concepts skips your memory. It’s also convenient to keep a memo block at hand or carry around a notebook to write down your thoughts. There are several great note-taking methods that can help you organize your ideas so that you can come back to them afterward.

Create a roadmap for where you’re going.

Growing the organic idea pool will help to overcome one of the main roadblocks many students encounter on their way to the winning application for financial aid. That is: “What should I write in a scholarship essay?”. When you have plenty of options to choose from, it’s much easier to identify the story that expresses who you are the best. With the precise vision of your essay’s focus, you can outline the things you’d like to share in your personal statement.

The most significant point to remember during the planning process is that your writing should clearly demonstrate the connection between your educational and life goals and the opportunity you are applying for. Elaborate on the experiences that have influenced your decision to select the stated major or career path. Describe the events and circumstances that pushed you in the direction of your future goals. Tell your readers about the personal challenges you had to face along your life journey. Outline your essay in a way that every bit of it becomes realistic proof that you’re the best candidate for this scholarship award.

Carefully read the scholarship essay prompts.

Most schools and private organizations that offer assistance with higher education costs are curious to discover who you are, what you care about, and what value you can bring to the community. The judging panel yearns to see how bigger financial freedom can affect your future development. In order to figure that out, the scholarship committee usually provides applicants with the essay statement they should respond to.

The prompt topic can be built around the student’s educational ambitions. Applicants might be asked to write about a historical figure they look up to. The prompt can require to share the story where you have demonstrated leadership or applied an innovative approach to solving a problem. Regardless of the topic, you should try to see beyond the surface and identify the key issue you have to address. Go through the essay statement several times to be sure you understand what’s really been asked from you. Your goal is to fit your narrative neatly to the prompt requirements without devaluing your experiences. So try to strike the right balance between the judge’s expectations and your unique story.

Highlight your resilience and future aspirations.

Your essay is not a place for a pity party. Even when the scholarship prompt specifically asks about the hardships in your life, don’t take it as a green light to weep at your past. When addressing the constraints you’ve faced, discuss how you’ve dealt with those challenging circumstances, acknowledge the way they shaped your personality, or share the lessons you’ve learned.

When working on your essay draft, keep in mind that your main task is not just to ask for money nicely. Your aim is to show your sense of purpose to the donor organization or university scholarship committee. As they intend to invest in your future, you need to express your potential, assert your aptitudes, and describe your anticipated role in society once your educational goals will be achieved. Your essay’s focus should be on your development and not on the conditions which have affected your current financial situation.

How to Get a Scholarship?

How to Get a Scholarship?

Almost every student dreams of an opportunity to study for free at a high ranked university. The interest in grants touches upon higher education, postgraduate studies, or short-term courses. However, the dream does not often go beyond the plans. Often the financial matter becomes an obstacle for students. When asking a question, ‘is it hard to get a scholarship’ they believe that it is hard to get an education at a top educational institution, and this is only available to rich people or geniuses. Sometimes filling out an application may be difficult. In such cases, custom writing services may be helpful.

Nevertheless, many colleges and non-profit organizations offer talented students full scholarships or big discounts on tuition. Every graduate has a chance to receive a grant to study free of charge. They only have to focus on the wish, determination, and maintain self-confidence. Our write my paper service team has researched the options to get free education and the best way to get scholarships.

How to Find a Scholarship?

With such a great variety of scholarships, it’s not easy to choose the appropriate one. So, how to win a grant and where to look for scholarships? Here are some tips: scholarships search can be easy if you use them.

First, select the educational program with the institution and study each one. The course content and the requirements for candidates require special attention when getting scholarships. Note that the set of subjects should correspond to your area and expectations.

Our writers from business essay writing service recommend finding scholarships online. No doubt, you will find convenient options such as full ride scholarships. Useful information about current subsidies and grants can be viewed on the scholarship websites where you plan to enroll. If such records are not available, you can contact the counseling departments. Ask them what forms of financial assistance you may apply for.

If you still cannot find the info via scholarship search engines, you can contact the government web pages of the university where you intend to enroll. Often, state bodies have funds to attract applicants to study in their college.

The Motivation for Getting Scholarships

Private foundations, colleges, large companies, and even writing services offer monetary support to smart students. Their mission is to educate gifted people and then attract them to work in their community. Hence, the educational institutions and organizations are ready to allocate generous subsidies for different student categories. Financial support is usually in the form of grants, scholarships, and other benefits.

A grant is a form of encouragement for young students. It covers the payment for studying and other expenses. There are also partial grants that cover the tuition charges only. Hence, other expenses for accommodation fees with meals are left to the student.

To win a grant, you must:

  1. Contact the preferred university and find out if it currently offers grants. If so, you have the chance to get financial support from the university. It will require you to fill out some documents. You need to write a good motivation letter that explains why the university should give you free years of study.
  2. Government-based grants are also provided. The competition participation procedure is like the university application – prepare documents and an explanation of why you are the best candidate.
  3. Select a private institution that is involved in developing and supporting the study field. You may find such funds on the Internet.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

If you managed to find specifics about the funding on the college website, cautiously read the scholarship requirements for official paper submission. In some cases, a scholarship essay may be required. If you need help writing one, order essay online cheap from our service.

Look for the application for scholarships online from a chosen program or organization that offers it on the page, the required papers list, the deadline for sending, and the scholarship application form. Carefully fill it out, try not to leave empty fields.

  • Remember: properly filled papers are the key to success.

Applying for Scholarship: Tips

The entire application procedure for an award is a bit complicated. You will collect a whole document package. Frequently the process of entering a college and receiving a scholarship may not be related. Thus, your admission to a college does not guarantee you a grant, so you should seek a subsidy fund immediately after finding a suitable institution, especially if the chosen one does not provide any funding for its applicants.

As mentioned above, the package typically includes a CV, a transcript, a cover letter, a list of publications, a recommendation letter, a certificate, a finalized scholarships paper, and others.

The deadline may vary: you initially have to apply to a college and then request a grant or vice versa. The best time to apply for scholarships is in the early fall or the late spring. We do not advise you to delay applying, as some foundations consider submissions as they become available; accordingly, the earlier you apply for financial assistance, the more likely you are to win funding.

For admission, it is required to take several steps:

  1. Choose universities and training programs that meet your goals for quality education with a good reputation.
  2. Find out the requirements of universities and make a training plan.
  3. Pass a language test and, if necessary, a GMAT or GRE for the required points, then collect a full package of documents.
  4. Apply to universities within the established time frame. Most universities accept applications 6-9 months before the studies begin.
  5. Wait for a positive response, choose a university, and go for quality education.

What to Do After You Get the Scholarship?

Congratulations, you’re now ahead of a great number of your peers as you are free from paying for your education. If the result is positive, the selection committee is going to send you an email, and then by regular mail, you will receive confirmation that you have been selected to receive the desired grant.

Free education: Pros

Let’s look over the main advantages of receiving scholarship:

  1. The world level of training of specialists in all professional fields.
  2. Acquiring skills that open up multiple career prospects.
  3. Obtaining education and expertise that is not available in your district.
  4. A flexible system for choosing a specialty.

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How to Use Scholarship Money?

The program for scholarship winnings is formed by the host educational institution and the Education Ministry of the organization.

The host educational institution and the Ministry undertake the payment fees. Generally, either the institution provides free accommodation and food or provides money for such expenses.

The subsidy may as well be used to pay for transportation, insurance, and additional paid courses.

These are the types of grants:

  1. Full grants, sufficient to cover the training fee.
  2. Partial programs, insufficient to fully fund the cost of tuition.
  3. Combined grants. They are paid for training and further employment.

Who Has the Best Chance of Winning Scholarships?

Overall, a contender for the award money, notwithstanding the circumstances, must possess the abilities and expertise that distinguishes him or her as an adept and promising applicant who has high marks. Awards are allocated to a broad range of specialties, so students are fortunate in getting scholarships in several study fields like art, science, and technology.

Take a look at the standard profile of the nominee for scholarship money from an American university:

  1. The candidate has attended a wide variety of courses.
  2. His or her grade rating in the group is high.
  3. He or she has achievements in various fields like social activities and sports.
  4. The student has participated in national competitions.

How does the scholarship system work?

The chances to get financial assistance from universities are quite high. More often, financial support is allocated to candidates for BA degrees, especially in the area of engineering and technical sciences. Private firms and public institutions support investigations conducted in these areas and provide considerable monetary resources to the department to carry out such research. These funds are given to the best applicants in the form of a Research Assistant or Fellowship.


Look over the scholarship guides and ways to gain a scholarship at a reputed university. If your accomplishments meet these criteria, be sure to apply for funding. If you lack some skills, then focus on developing your profile. Now you know that not only specialists or geniuses receive grants. Gaining a scholarship depends not only on the capabilities but also on aspiration and perseverance. That is why don’t give up on your dream.

Things to Know About Internship Interview

Things to Know About Internship Interview

The interview is not in vain considered a vital step. This is your chance to show your best and better understand the process of your future internship. The interview process is the best way for a potential employer to know whether you are suitable for the company’s requirements and whether this is the place and position you are looking for. There are several of the most common types of interviews:

  • Office interview is the most common practice which allows you to see your future workplace and get to know some of your teammates;
  • The telephone interview is usually used by the HR team when they want to narrow the range of candidates for the position;
  • Skype interviews are very popular when the company offers you an option to relocate in the future, and you can’t go to another city or country for this meeting.

Speaking about the types of interview questions, these may be considered the main ones:

  • Questions about your past work experience;
  • Questions to help you understand the level of your professional skills;
  • Questions about your actions in hypothetical work situations;
  • And those that relate to the qualities of your character and stress resistance.

Internship Interview Tips

So how to prepare for internship interview? The preparation process is crucial if you want your interview to be a success; that’s why our write a paper for me service professionals have prepared a list of intern interview tips that might make your life much easier:

The first thing you need to do is collect as much information as possible about the company you want to work for. In general, executives do not prepare for job interviews. Knowing what is expected of the professional who occupies that position is essential to have a “tip of the tongue” reason why you may be the right person for the job. Wanna know how to get internship?

  1. First impressions matter: Optimize first impressions from the beginning, framing the conversation with some well-rehearsed phrases about how you want to be perceived. This will end up being the structure with which the other person forms his memories about you.
  2. Feeling confident makes a difference – According to scientific surveys, those who feel confident in a job interview tend to perform better even without some huge interview experience.
  3. “Imitate” the interviewer’s style – This internship advice may seem strange, but it has a basis. Science has proved, several times, that similarity has a decisive role in how much we “please” someone. It is no different in selection processes.
  4. Prepare the questions to ask about an internship – you should get to know as much information about your future workplace as possible. And please create a list of the things bothering you beforehand.
  5. Divide the career into stages to structure the conversation with the recruiter – Highlight the years of the career where you learned the most, then explain the phase where you used the new skills, which should be followed by the stage of their development and finally applying for this position.
  6. Be ready to answer the most difficult questions – You cannot predict the most original questions the recruiter will ask. Having researched the company and its culture, you can try to prepare yourself to answer something that may come up.
  7. Prove skills based on actions and results – When giving a brief presentation of your career, for example, in essay writing, which is something that happens early in the conversation with the recruiter, enrich the curriculum information by talking about actions and results.

Internship Interview Don’ts

Preparing for an internship interview, you should also keep in mind the main things to avoid to achieve your final goal. Various details can expose a character of indisposition and inactivity in an interview. Make the best possible effort not to appear unwilling to take the position – answer the questions with enthusiasm during the face-to-face interview and make it clear that you have the energy to carry out the required assignments. So it would be best if you didn’t do the following:

  • Criticize your last workplace – Spending the entire interview pointing out defects and problems you faced in other stages will not bring anything beneficial to the process. The interviewer may have the impression that you do not respect the companies you used to work for and resent possible past failures. When talking about finished experiences, highlight the positive points.
  • Talk a lot and just about you – This tip is indispensable. Occupying the vast majority of the interview time by extolling your qualities and characteristics will not have the expected effect. The people you are talking to will be dissatisfied and will not “put faith” in what you have to present. Always wait for the interviewer’s statement, responding in an objective and precise manner.
  • Show the lack of interest – Passing the entire interview without asking a question or exposing a doubt about the vacancy, the company, and the internship itself is not suitable for the candidate. A possible sign of lack of interest will lead you to lose many points. Besides, failing to contact later to ask about the result can also be interpreted as disinterest.
  • Be too relaxed – Your excessive relaxation can give the wrong impression and be considered as if you don’t want to get this job at all.
  • Ask questions about the salary. Yes, this is an important question, but it is discussed in the last stages of the interview when the employer is 90% sure that you are the right fit for him.
  • Never lie during a job interview, even if you want to get a job! If a lie is revealed during the interview, then not only will you not get the desired position, but you can also earn a bad reputation.

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Most Common Internship Interview Questions and Answers to Them

Once you have successfully passed your hiring tests and received an interview invitation, it is helpful to know the basic types of behavioral interview questions for interns you may be asked. This knowledge will help you prepare in the most complete way.

Tell Me about Yourself

This is one of the first intern interview questions. The interviewer would like to hear about some of your background, how you ended up in this work field, about your life goals and dreams. You don’t have to provide too many details, just give the basic and the most essential information. Experts from numerous custom essay writing service recommend imagining that you are writing, or in this case, telling your personal statement.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

The questions for internship wouldn’t be complete without this one. Of course, this question doesn’t mean that you should boast of being a good friend or listener. You should describe the qualities related to the job position you want to get.

Why are You Interested in this Internship?

«Why do you want to intern here» is something that you will definitely hear during any interview. Of course, you should be prepared for such a question and point out the list of things that excite you about this job.

Tell Me about Challenges you Have Faced Recently

Examples of challenges you have overcome will help the recruiter to understand your personality and strengths. If you had to deal with many difficulties in your professional life but always got the best of it, it will show the interviewer that you are a serious and reliable person.

What Achievements are You Most Proud of?

And finally, don’t forget to tell about your professional achievements. This final step of the interview shows that based on the employee’s past behavior in a given situation, it is possible to predict his or her future behavior at a new job.


You always need to be well-prepared for any interview if you want to get a real internship experience. Don’t think of it as just a list of questions regarding your professional past for which you don’t need any preparation. A mutual interest of the interviewer and the candidate is an important aspect of any job interview, so be ready not only to give the answers but also show your interest in the company you want to work for. This is something that any employer will appreciate.

What is an Internship?

What is an Internship?

An internship is a period at work when a person acquires the necessary experience. The purpose of internship usually lies in training a student and helping them to acquire the necessary skills to carry out their duties. It is also necessary when an employee starts a new job, regardless of the experience and knowledge base they already have. This information is part of the answer to the question “how do internships work,” which anyone who comes across this practice may have.

One needs to be prepared for the internship to last for some time. Depending on the job, the skills required, or the specifics of the employer’s company, the employee needs to spend from one and a half months to three years.

Internship Benefits

Sometimes a person may get the feeling that they can start a new job or their very first job from day one. But unfortunately, it is not so easy like for example to order an essay in 4 steps. Sometimes, some companies can hire employees without an internship. At the same time, we strongly advise not to neglect it and use any method to cultivate skills gained from internship. This will become the base of experience where a student can get an understanding of how to perform their duties correctly and efficiently.

One of the main advantages of internship is that a person has the opportunity to assess oneself and own capabilities in the context of new working conditions. Since it is still learning, incomprehensible moments can be resolved on the spot, and one can understand how this work is suitable for a given period of life.

When discussing the importance of internship, it is worth mentioning that a person can practice their immediate responsibilities and requirements. A theoretical basis also appears, which will be useful if a person has to change jobs or needs to undergo an internship of a different type. For example, an internship in the place of a manager.

The opportunity to gain communication skills and become part of the work culture is also important. The internship experience brings relationships with colleagues, managers, or subordinates.

Finally, among the advantages is how do internships work. It is a kind of dress rehearsal of what awaits an employee. During the internship, especially if this is the first job, a person adapts to new working conditions, schedule, workplace, routine, and discipline requirements.

It happens that the place of work during the internship is not suitable for the student. In this case, a person gets the opportunity to indicate in their resume that they completed an internship and are ready to develop and gain new knowledge and experience.

Why Do Companies Offer Internships?

Many employers regularly attract students and young professionals for internships. At the same time, organizing an internship program is a significant responsibility for the HR department. Employees of the company need to think over and prescribe how they will select interns, how they will train them, and evaluate the results of their work.

The most important thing is to develop a motivation system for interns because not all internships can be paid (see “Are Internships Paid?” for more details). In addition, the company needs to make an internship job description to attract more promising young people. Besides, they should ensure that every intern learns about workplace safety and has all necessary conditions.

It seems that the negative aspects of this practice are too much for companies to organize internships. But this is part of the job that will bring enormous benefits of internships for employers. Employers need interns to develop their brand and build a company’s reputation.

Additionally, according to our custom writing service experts, companies receive:

  • intern jobs to bring out-of-the-box thinking to the company
  • promising young professionals
  • a chance to spend less on wages if the budget is limited
  • a chance to take away some routine tasks from key employees.

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What Do Interns Usually Do?

There is a misconception that intern duties consist of coffee making. In fact, the student may find that they do not have enough time to carry out their academic duties. This is where the essay writing service will make up for everything that the internship takes. Don’t hesitate and buy essay services on our platform now!

What will a person have to do at the intern position? In general:

  • help with daily tasks (take notes or organize events);
  • learn and develop the skills necessary for direct duties or communication with colleagues and clients;
  • learn from observing colleagues in a similar position.

Specific intern tasks become clear in direct cooperation with the company.

Are Internships Paid?

People want money for their work. An internship is also a job, so one of the most important questions for future interns is “do interns get paid.” In most cases, the answer will be “yes.” If an intern work is beneficial for the company, then the person will receive remuneration. In addition, employers indicate salaries during paid internships in their vacancies. At the same time, one should not count on large amounts in intern payment. It is usually a minimum wage or ratio of hours worked to work completed.

Don’t neglect unpaid internships. Being an intern means learning and acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience that the company provides for free. It is also an opportunity to show loyalty and increase the chances of having a permanent job.

Of course, if the employer forces an intern to perform work duties that must be paid by law, and does not provide payment, then one needs to refuse such a free internship.


For students, internships are an invaluable milestone in their working life. The internship is an excellent test of one’s own abilities and the employer’s attitude towards their employees. So the student will gain the necessary experience, take a closer look at the place where they want to work, or decide that they want to do something radically opposite.

Full Ride Scholarships Guide

Full Ride Scholarships Guide

Many gifted students who dream of studying at a reputed college think they cannot afford such a costly education. They do not realize how many full-ride study opportunities are available to them.

What if you get an opportunity to study at a high-rank university for free? This may happen thanks to full scholarships. The receiver of this grant should be grateful for life as this is a great way out of a complicated financial situation.

Check out our guide to learn how to win free education. Getting help from a paper writer will improve your admission documents.

What is a Full Ride Scholarship?

A so-called full-ride scholarship is a generous award type for the smartest candidatesIt completely covers the educational resources, accommodation cost, and tuition fee.

Where can a candidate find funded education alternatives?

There is a wide range of sources that provide full paid scholarships and free tuition: private organizations, the government, and institutions.

Do full ride scholarships cover everything?

Funds provided by universities can significantly reduce costs and make a student’s life easier. They will substitute parents burdened by tuition fees, accommodation, and materials. Now that full ride meaning is clear let’s move on to the funding types.

Types of Full Ride Scholarships

The full ride graduate scholarships may be divided into two main categories: the first one includes funds allocated as a discount on education fees; the second – grants “for living,” which let you pay for lodging expenses. The grant called “fellowship” involves reimbursement of tuition and expenses for living.

Another form of getting a full scholarship to college is receiving it from a company, charity, or individual. Other ways of financial support include grants – targeted funding for study projects given to a scholar or a team of researchers.

Full scholarship opportunities are listed below:

Full-ride scholarship based on the merit

This funding option is listed among the common grant forms and is allocated to pursuers with outstanding performance at school. SAT results, GPA, or any grouping determines this merit-focused assistance.

Full ride funding based on the financial necessity

Some higher educational institutions allocate college full ride financial assistance for candidates from families with low income. Besides, some private grants or tuition-freeinstitutions pay attention to prestige or merit with the economic necessity to select the grant recipients.

Athletic funded scholarship

Individuals who demonstrate athletic skills can receive college full ride fundsThis plentiful award is allocated for achievements in sports such as basketball, gymnastics, and football.

Full ride funds awarded by the government

The state-based award is for individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for financial support and are currently studying at the military academy.

Additional options

These grants are provided for various reasons. Any university freshman may qualify for some sort of funding.

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Difference Between Full Ride and Full Tuition Scholarships

Indeed, scholarships that pay full tuition is like a dream for every applicant. Numerous high school students think about winning such a program. However, these grant types are not easily achievable as they have many requirements.

What is a scholarship for funded training? When making university admissions decisions, and while looking for good options, it is crucial to know the distinction between full-tuition support and full-ride funding.

What is a Full Tuition Scholarship?

This financing option pays for the attendance fee only: it typically does not cover all the additional university fees. Briefly, the provided money covers schooling only. However, there can be some exceptions to that as each grant has its criteria.

Many families might not be happy to discover that when using such a full-tuition grant, only a certain amount of the overall attendance charges can be covered. The reason is that accommodation and extra expenses become a large part of school payments. Full-funded tuition scholarships are beneficial but may take time to get as you have to be determined and patient.

What is a Full-Ride Scholarship?

Largely, full funding comprises all academic expenses counting housing, college meals, academic materials, education fees, and additional charges. Obtaining such a grant would be a fortune for anyone, but often they have strict conditions for undergraduates.

Most kinds of substantial full ride scholarship programs are rather hard to receive. Yet, such options are worth exploring once you are trying to study for free and become a professional in your field.

Full Ride Scholarship Requirements

As a rule, full academic scholarships differ based on the study programs and forms of grants. In some competitions, only school achievements are evaluated; in others, the social life of the contender is also important. The funding is usually awarded either for outstanding school performance or those in need of financial assistance. Overall, funding is intended for talented, enthusiastic applicants.

At times grants are given for achievements in sports, arts, or social activities. Another category is fellowships for women, representatives of certain ethnic and social groups, and candidates from a particular region. The students of master’s and postgraduate programs can receive funds for performing certain work.

Requirements for full ride scholarships are as follows:

  • High GPA;
  • Honors and achievements;
  • Receiving the required TOEFL score;
  • High scores in entrance exams (SAT, GMAT, GRE);
  • A good motivational letter;
  • Personal qualities like initiative or volunteer experience;
  • Recommendation letter from an educator.

Why Should You Apply For a Full Ride Scholarship?        

The chances of getting a full ride scholarship at top American universities are not scarce. Studying at a reputed institution is no longer a dream but a goal that requires more time and perseverance.

Fully-financed scholarship receivers will have huge advantages in the future — a professional experience that they gain during training will provide numerous benefits:

  1. High quality of education. Full scholarship programs in American universities are recognized as the best worldwide. Postgraduate programs provide an opportunity to work together with professionals.
  2. Employment opportunities. Every year, US higher education institutions occupy leading positions in international education rankings. American diplomas are recognized all over the world: you will have no problems with employment.
  3. Becoming a professional. You will become a competitive professional as you will gain all the important skills, knowledge, and experience for your future successful career.
  4. A variety of educational opportunities. A flexible education system will allow undergraduates to take courses in a different discipline and receive a comprehensive education.
  5. Full support. Student support specialists are always ready to help applicants with the financial situation, accommodation, employment, and health care.

In addition to building a successful career, you will become more persistent and optimistic after getting funded education.


Obtaining a full-ride scholarship is a lengthy path, for which you need to start preparing in advance. If you dream of becoming a specialist, the result will be worth the effort. A US institution certificate is a confirmation of high-quality education as well as the key to building a career in the best corporations worldwide.

How to Get a Full Ride Scholarship?

How to Get a Full Ride Scholarship?

An academic full-ride scholarship allows one to get free education at a university. This practice is particularly widespread in the USA, where the applicants are granted the most generous scholarships. They may cover up to 100% of the training fee – namely, an applicant who shows good results can study without any charges. All you need to do is be a diligent learner. And remember, our write my essay service can always help you with the latter.

The reason for this is that institutions are interested in attracting bright applicants. Therefore, many educational institutions pay academic grants to the chosen candidates. If you are overwhelmed with many tasks at once, you may turn to online essay writer service to get help with editing your admission documents. So, you may be wondering, how to get a full scholarship to college? Besides this, another question that many students are worried about is what are the requirements for full ride scholarships. If you are asking yourself, ‘Where can I get a full ride’, and want to learn more about full-tuition scholarships and the ways to find and win free education, keep reading this article.

This type of funding is a scholarship that pays for everything and covers the accommodation fees and money for educational expenses. Some colleges may also provide full-ride scholarship recipients with other benefits, including the chance to participate in the honors program.

Tips for Winning Full Ride Scholarship

An academic scholarship fund is available for almost every American university. The scholarship size, along with the requirements for applicants, can greatly vary. Some grants allow you to compensate for a part of the education fee, whereas full ride scholarship programs offer full financial coverage but under extremely strict conditions for the selection of candidates.

In search of an answer to “what is a full ride scholarship,” let us consider some guidelines for winning a grant.

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How to get full scholarships: steps and tips

Each year, various foundations allocate a wide variety of full paid scholarships. The majority of them are intended for US citizens, but it is also possible for foreign students to win financial assistance for education.

The application for a full-ride scholarship has to be carefully thought out and planned:

  1. Obtain information. Everything related to financial support for training is available at the Office of Financial Aid in any educational institution. By contacting the employee in charge of this issue, you will learn about current full college scholarships and requirements for applicants. You can also visit the university’s website and learn about full ride merit scholarships and other funding.
  2. Meet the requirements for applicants. It is vital to carefully read the requirements and select the most suitable program. Pay attention to the number of credits for the previous educational period, a certain score in IELTS or TOEFL, and other conditions. It is necessary that the compliance of the scholarship holder with each of them is documented.

How to apply for full ride scholarships

It is not enough to just meet the requirements to qualify for a full-ride scholarship. Make sure you diligently prepare the necessary documents to submit to the special committee. The full list of documents depends on the scholarship. But the list below was compiled by our paper writing service to give you a general understanding of the kinds of documents you will be needing.

Create a package of documents:

  1. Report card showing good scores in the previous academic period. It should reflect the number of the required credits and points.
  2. Certificate of successful test completion – GRE or GMAT.
  3. Recommendations from teachers. Ask your instructors to write recommendation letters, in which they indicate your achievements, personal qualities, and special skills.
  4. Documents confirming active participation of the student in social life.
  5. All diplomas, certificates, and other awards: participation in sports or knowledge competitions.
  6. Publications. If an applicant conducts any research and publishes his/her materials in periodicals, it is worth demonstrating. This will favorably distinguish the applicant.
  7. The “Statement of Purpose,” should reflect the purposes for which the applicant needs the scholarship and the reasons why he/she deserves it. You can show yourself as a responsible, purposeful person having an active lifestyle through the essay. Buy an essay at our service if you don’t have enough time to write it by yourself. This is one of the secrets to winning a scholarship.

The purpose of such a careful formation of the student’s portfolio of accomplishments is to distinguish it from others because hundreds of smart and capable applicants apply for the same grant.

Deadlines. There are various deadlines for scholarship applications, which usually differ from the dates for enrollment. The closing date for accepting documents may end earlier. Be careful not to miss the period of documents’ acceptance by the commission.


There is a broad range of scholarships. Nevertheless, receiving a grant at atop educational institution is difficult. There is no full funding for the preferred program? You can apply to other organizations. How do you get a full ride academic scholarship? Consider grants from foundations, government scholarships, and funding from universities.

How to Get an Internship?

How to Get an Internship?

An intern is a full-fledged employee but not yet trained. The internships after graduation help the graduates to get something to offer to the employer after university. This opportunity is excellent if you want to join the company of professional people who will share their valuable experience. Let the tasks be simple but essential and necessary, especially when there is no practical knowledge behind them. The internship will help you understand how the company suits you in terms of culture, pace and objectives.

How should you start your internship search? To get started, experts from our write a paper for me service suggest to study exciting companies’ educational projects – read descriptions, conditions, subscribe to their accounts in social networks. Companies offering dream careers internship often post vacancies in university groups, arrange meetings and masterclasses.

If you are starting to work, then it is worth looking at short-term internships (summer and winter format) to try a new direction, understand whether the specialty is right for you or not, and gain experience later indicated in the resume. And only after you have decided on a position that interests you, you can consider starting positions in companies and long-term internships. So how hard is it to get an internship? It’s not hard at all. Getting an internship with no experience is easy for determined people ready to take the next step in their lives.

How to Find an Internship?

The studentship is the best time in the life of each of us. Textbooks and lectures provide new knowledge. It is useful when practical actions support theoretical learning.

Student internships are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. And if you work abroad, it’s a great way to see the world and gain invaluable experience.

Students’ internship is a type of additional vocational education necessary to form and consolidate knowledge and skills acquired during training. It is considered one of the most effective ways to train qualified personnel. It helps graduates by the time they graduate from the university to accumulate a small but valuable practical experience in a specific professional field.

How to land an internship? Officially, interns can only be those students who have already received a qualification, for example, a bachelor’s or a specialist, and continue to study at the next level. Getting into real production conditions, the student completes the program’s tasks or the ones given to him by the company’s internship supervisor. Often, responsibilities go beyond the professional field’s narrow scope and include working with clients, preparing reports, and administrative activities. Searching for internship, you need to keep in mind a few crucial moments.

How and where to find internships?

  1. Determine the direction of your interests. Have you already chosen your company or field of activity? Both are already the first step to success.
  2. Write down all of your abilities and talents. This will form the basis for your future internship resume.
  3. Take a look at the information board next to the dean’s office at the university. Many employers cooperate with specialized universities and invite students to practice. Perhaps the vacancy is already waiting for you.
  4. The best way to find internships is to check the specific internship websites or your dream companies’ sites.
  5. If you still can’t find internship, subscribe to the social networks of the companies you want to work for. Interesting vacancies are often posted there.

Almost every large, and even some famous international company, has vacancies for those who want to look for internships, which they post on their website and social networks. This makes the internship hunting process much more pleasant, regardless of what it is, business consulting or paper writing service. 

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How to Apply for Internship?

Regardless of the source from which a student has chosen a place for an internship, it is usually necessary to fill out an application for internships and include a list of required documents in this application. If there is no application or a deadline is not clear. The organization offering the position should be contacted using the information listed to learn how to apply. Internship applications can usually be found on a company or office website, so students should check them there first.

Applying for internships, a student must ensure that the company receives all requested information and documents before the due date. This information and requested documentation usually include:

  • University transcripts.
  • Physical application forms.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Essays on why the student wants to join this internship process.

Remember that if writing such an essay seems too difficult for you, you can buy an essay online on our website and use it as a sample.

The Official Open Internship Announcements will contain important information that interested students should know. The deadline for applications, the time frame for the internship, where the internship is taking place, what the student will do, how much payment can be expected, and how exactly to apply for the position is the information that is usually provided.

After sending an internship application email, the applicant is awaiting notification of the vacancy. The application or initial posting of an internship usually allows applicants to know when and how they will be notified if they have received the position. It is generally inappropriate to contact an organization offering an internship unless the notification deadline has passed. The organization has stated that they will notify all applicants or the organization has stated that you can contact them.

The best way to apply for an internship can be easily summarized as follows: carefully follow all the organization’s instructions offering the internship. Following our custom essay writing service simple guide is the best and most successful way to apply for an internship.


Every graduate comes to a period when he/she is looking for the right place to get some experience and understand the perks of being full-time employed. If you want your internship to be a success, use the tips we have listed above.


How to Ask a Company for an Internship?

This is the first question that comes to mind if you are ready to start internship. It would be great for you to write a letter to your dream company to list all your skills, essential information and explain why you want this position and why you will fit in. You can ask our rewrite an essay service experts to help you rewrite your letter if needed.

When Should You Apply for Summer Internships?

You should always be prepared in advance. If you hope to get a summer internship, learn more about the internship deadlines, and you will see the most of them are in the winter. So entering the fall semester, start searching for options.

How Many Internships Should I Apply for?

Applying for an internship, you should understand that even though you may want some specific position in some particular company, there is a possibility that you won’t get it. So it would help if you increase your chances of gaining the post-graduation experience by applying to at least five different companies.