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Management studies are booming and this generation of managers will certainly be more innovative and creative. While there are a plethora of courses that the broad umbrella of management entail, most of the students choose their careers in knowledge management. And, one of the challenging assignments they face is the BSBINM601 Manage Knowledge and Information Assessment.

This unit has further bifurcations of different types of assignments, an Atlantis Health Case Study being one of them.

Knowledge Management: The First Step For These Assignments

Before I take you further into the subject and the assignment that you need to complete, let me raise the curtain from the question, “what is knowledge management?”.

As per our management assignment writers, knowledge management (KM) is the process of managing all the assets in an organisation that comes under the knowledge sector. With the help of this systematic process, an employee becomes efficient in enhancing the value of the organisation, while meeting the requirements of the firm as well.

There are several dimensions of knowledge management (KM) that need to be incorporated in the Atlantis Health Case Study Assessment.

These are:

1. Strategy

As per our management help experts, the strategy of knowledge management is solely dependent on the corporate strategies that get formulated within any organisation. Then only there will be a smooth exchange of relevant knowledge about the assets for meeting the requirements of the firm.

2. Organisational culture

Culture has a direct impact on the interaction of employees within an organisation. So, in a way, it also influences the method of creation of knowledge.

3. Organisational processes

The processes that take place within the boundaries of an organisation has a direct implication on how well KM gets implemented there.

4. Management and leadership

There is a need for several office-bearers such as CKO, knowledge managers, etc who can take charge to implement KM effectively within an organisation.

5. Technology

KM requires a lot of technologies to get implemented. These technologies need to suit the requirements of the organisation.

6. Politics

To implement KM in any organisation, it requires long-term support as well. These have to be cost-effective and saves time.

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