Some essay writing companies are charging students exorbitant amounts for poorly crafted assignments. According to a report published in The Daily Telegraph, some essay writing companies are charging up to $600 CDN for A-level coursework that is “barely literate.”

Researchers targeted three companies: Custom Essays, UK Essays and UK Essay Writing Services. One of the most shocking finds of the report warned pupils of wasting their money because most of the work was of “poor quality.”

While the companies that provide custom-tailored essays are wholly legitimate, many ghost writing services tend to produce essays riddled with typos, misspellings and clumsy sentences.

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Homework is a conflated idea that has little to do with overall success later in life, new research shows. According to renowned educational expert Alfie Kohn, the majority of studies show no positive correlation between giving elementary school students homework and becoming better students.

Reason 1: The Educational Merit of Homework Isn’t Backed by Research

You read right: researchers have examined the merits of homework and found that it is often repetitive and designed to make students conform to authority, rather than learn anything meaningful. Researchers are in agreement that exploring the world, rather than sitting down and doing long worksheets, reports, or other standardized forms of testing, is actually how students learn best.

Reason 2: Homework is Harmful to Student’s Overall Well-Being and Health

As we have blogged about before, researchers at the Stanford University were able to link the amount of homework a student has to poor physical and mental health. The hindrance of homework can lead to a number of physical and mental ailments including depression and alcoholism, anxiety, ulcers, and migraine headaches.

Reason 3: The Home Part of Homework is Variable

One study set out to find whether homework even had an impact on a student’s grade in a given course. Surprisingly, the data showed no connection between how much time students spent on completing homework and their grades in the class, as well as “no substantive difference in grades between students who complete homework and those who do not.” Moreover, students with stable home environments and with parents able to oversee completion of homework, often do significantly better, giving them an advantage over students without this support network. Due to this, students from backgrounds where English may not be a first language, or with parents who are not available/qualified to help, largely do less well because they lack the advantages given to students that have strong domestic help structures in the home.

Reason 4: Homework And Grades Do Not Actually Correspond

One of the big misnomers we tell to students is that homework completion and grades do not correspond. Surprisingly, new data has shown that there is no connection between how much time students spent on completing homework and their grades in the class, as well as “no substantive differences in grades between students who complete homework and those who do not.”

Reason 5: Leave It to the Experts at Homework Help

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Plagiarism is a very important matter in today’s world of academia. Adhering to all standards of plagiarism-free work is something also required within the realms of business and society.

Plagiarism is something that must be followed by both students and educators alike. For example, in recent news the CDIO Initiative in Sweden had retracted four papers on July 1, 2015 written by a Queen’s University professor due to plagiarism. It was found by the Queen’s University investigative committee that the papers “showed elements of plagiarism”.

While the investigation is ongoing, the lesson learnt is that one must always remember to reference where appropriate. This includes but is not limited to: when presenting and using another’s published or unpublished work, theories, concepts, ideas, data, source material, methodologies or findings, and graphs and images. Therefore, every writer and researcher (i.e. students, professors, and others alike) must be aware of their referencing duties.

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Rosen, J. (2015, July 28). Queen’s professor has papers retracted. Retrieved August 10, 2015, from http://www.queensjournal.ca/story/2015-07-28/news/queens-professor-has-papers-retracted/



Crafting essays is not an EASY task. The ability to use, understand, and dissect information and to then translate it into written form is a useful and necessary skill in all parts of our lives. In a recent literacy study by the International Adult Literacy Skills Survey, it portrayed that “2% of Canadian-born university graduates scored at the lowest levels of prose literacy.” In simplest terms – 2% of Canadian-born people that finish university can barely identify or decode words and numbers – a task easily suited for 7-year-olds! The survey also reveals that “above two in five adults aged 16 to 65 scored below” the desired threshold of prose literacy. That is quite sad isn’t it? Thus it illustrates the forgotten art of writing, research, and creating persuasive and compelling arguments.

Many students find it a waste of time and a punishment to research and write a paper. However, essay writing is crucial to one’s future career. The concept of creation comes into play. The ability to write what we think, understand, and feel is quite under-rated. To be able to synthesize different areas of insight and information is not only a skill, but an art. The ability to write a coherent and well-structured essay with an introduction, body of arguments, and a conclusion is very essential to a student’s success. Students are asked to write essays as it’s important to learn how to write, persuade, and to construct sentences in convincing and argumentative contexts.

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What student is not familiar with feeling overwhelmed by class workloads? With increasing tuition costs and the need to work while maintaining a social life, it can become difficult to manage your time effectively. School piles up: papers are due at the same time, exam cramming is essential and you are still behind on those readings and weekly reflection postings for your online course. The key to addressing these student woes is to master the art of time management. Following are some guidelines on how to effectively manage your time in order to have the most beneficial school year.

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities
Begin by making a list all of your responsibilities from class readings and paper deadlines to social time and shifts at work. Creating a list of priorities will help you visualize your schedule and allow you to prioritize what you have to complete first. It is also helpful to make note of how much time it will take to finish each task.

Build a Schedule
Use a day timer, a calendar on your phone, or a desk timetable as a means to organize your schedule. Assign dates to each task to each of the priorities in your list. Schedule time for socializing and work, as well as study time. Try not to rely on late nights or all-nighters to complete papers. It is important to get a good night’s sleep if you want to be as effective and productive as possible in your studies.

Put in a Full Day of Work
Think of going to school as your full-time job. Most professors will expect a full-time student to commit 35-40 hours a week to their university studies. Work out the time you spend in the classroom and in seminars; these hours combined with your independent study time should add up to a week of full-time study.

Keep Up on Class Readings and Assignments
Classes are often structured to assist you to maximize your success. Professors provide course outlines that include readings and assignments that build up to the final paper or exam at the end of the semester. Attempt to keep up with readings and assignments to avoid cramming, rushing, or asking for extensions at the end of the term.

Avoid Procrastination and Distraction
Find a place to study that minimizes distraction. Lose the distractions such as Facebook and other social media that can lead to hours of idle browsing before you realize it. Time management takes some practice but Homework Help Canada’s custom essay writing and academic editing services can assist you to work towards organizing your time efficiently. We offer custom essay writing by academic professionals, which can give you time to focus on the many other priorities that come with being a student.

7 Time Management Tips for Students. (2015, February 26). Retrieved August 31, 2015.



Why would you ever want to write something solely for someone else to take credit? It might seem like a far-fetched concept to some, but the truth is that many people enjoy this. Just like songwriting, ghost writing is a business that is based on helping others achieve success by letting them take the spotlight.

Ghost writing an essay is no different than what songwriters do for musicians and pop stars. In pop music especially, many hit songs are written by someone in the background and then performed by someone else. The performer is the one credited for the song when it is played on the radio or television. Hillary Lindsey is someone whose name might not be in the mainstream media, but her products are. Lindsey has written some of the mega hits that today’s pop stars have taken to number one on the Billboard charts. She has written songs for Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

Sometimes a successful singer will write a song for someone else so they can make it a hit. For example, Prince wrote the Bangles’ hit “Manic Monday,” a song that one could argue put them on the map. Prince could have saved it for himself but instead he sold it. When an artist does this, they often believe that someone else would make the song sound better than they could. “Manic Monday” might not have become a mega hit if Prince had done it because it was not his style. In addition, the song itself would have turned out differently and likely not as he had intended it to sound.

The songwriter sits back and lets their song become a hit, often while the public does not realize they wrote it. It is purely a business model, and their songs are the products that they sell to singers. Ghost writing an essay is this same concept. The writer is selling their product so that someone else can become successful.

Ghost writing is also used in politics and other professional industries. In fact, political speeches are almost always written by someone else. Hilary Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes a Village was written by a team of ghost writers. The president’s speeches are written by ghostwriters. The politician serves as the face of the idea but there are always a team of professionals and experts to back them up.

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Life can be really hard in school for any student. There are the struggles of your course load and homework, any extracurricular activities, studying, exams and tests, maybe a part-time job, and balancing your personal life. Now, add English as a second language to this mix. You thought it was hard enough to keep up with the demands of all of your professors, who often conveniently schedule all of their due dates or exam dates within the same week. Imagine how hard it is when you’re still learning English.

Welcome to the life of a foreign exchange student.

There are many foreign exchange students in Canada. YES Canada is a foreign exchange organization that operates among 20 different countries around the world. Through YES Canada, students stay with a host family in their designated destination and learn all about that country’s culture while attending school there. Since this organization is so vast, chances are that you or someone in your class is there through this program. In addition, there are other government-run programs that offer educational exchanges to various locations around the world. Sometimes there are also grants and scholarships available to help students afford to participate in these amazing opportunities.

Learning the English language is hard enough as it is. When you have to write academic essays in a foreign language it can seem like you will never succeed. On top of all of the coursework, tests and exams to worry about, foreign exchange students have a mountain of other concerns. Many of these students do not know anyone and are in a country where they do not speak the native language. This makes it very hard to make friends and balance a personal life. In addition, being a foreign exchange student is expensive and there are many costs to worry about. Some programs can run up to $10,000 per year. Other worries include homesickness, emergency preparations, and adjusting to a new culture.

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Augart, A. (N.d.). Costs to be an exchange student. Retrieved 30 August, 2015, from http://exchangestudentworld.com/student/costs/

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If you’ve ever tried your hand at writing, whether for personal or professional gain, you’ve experienced the frustrating, all-consuming, seemingly insurmountable phenomenon known as writer’s block. Publisher’s Weekly recently published an article about Joseph Mitchell, one of the longest standing staff writers at The New Yorker, who possibly experienced the longest bout of writer’s block in history: over thirty years! That may sound a little extreme, but if you’ve ever stared at a blank page for hours and hours, surely you can relate. The good news is that there are plenty of tools you can use to help get those creative juices flowing. Whether you need to write an academic paper, a blog post, or just a personal journal entry, these simple tricks will help you put pen to paper:

Ask questions:

Interview yourself about your topic. After you’ve answered all your questions, you can go back and combine your answers together, refining them into one single document. To get started, ask yourself:

1. What am I writing about?
2. Who am I writing for?
3. What is my goal in writing this?
4. Are there any definitions that could help me understand my topic better?
5. Do I need any sources or references?

Write freely:

Freewriting is for your eyes alone, and doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, structured, or coherent. Self-criticism is the biggest contributor to writer’s block, so in order to combat it, you have to give yourself a break. Writing quickly and without interruption will allow your mind to explore the topic free from evaluation. The only restriction on freewriting is that you need to set a certain amount of time, and write continuously throughout it. Set a timer for ten minutes, and don’t stop writing until time’s up! Don’t stop to read over your work or make changes; don’t stop for anything! You can go back in later and refine your writing, but for now, just get everything down on paper.


This might seem like a cliché, but that’s because it works! If having some structure helps you think, and freewriting seems too loose for you, then brainstorming might be the way to go. Brainstorming can take many different forms. Some writers like to jot down everything that comes into their heads. Others like to number and arrange their points. Some use a graphic aid like a bubble or tree diagram.

If writer’s block is getting you down, try these tips to help you break out of it. And hey, if you really get stuck, one of our professional writers can help you create a custom essay outline if all else fails! We’d love to hear if these tips worked for you! Send us an email if you’d like to learn more!

By Ceilidh Marlow

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Did you know that most presidential candidates don’t write their own speeches?

George W. Bush’s speeches were written by a man named Michael Gerson. Gerson is a professional ghostwriter specializing in political speeches. Gerson once stated that the people around the president are the ones who are really in charge. While Bush was the face of his campaign, and the leader that the people were putting their faith in, Gerson was the brains behind the operation.

Many people who work in communications are the ones who write speeches for their clients. These clients exist at all levels, from cabinet ministers to presidents and prime ministers, or sometimes even just correspondents or local level politicians.

Sometimes presidents and prime ministers have the ideas, but can’t get it across the right way. When your job depends on getting a message across, it’s best to leave it to someone who really knows what they are doing. This is why ghostwriters are very prominent in politics. Politicians also have to make sure that they show the correct amount of emotion at the appropriate time. For example, Barrack Obama used a speechwriter for his eulogy for Senator Ted Kennedy in 2009. While it is important that the president or prime minister show their respect and support in emotional times like someone’s death, they are not always the best ones to articulate that respect. Therefore, when a speechwriter or a professional ghostwriter is the one writing the message, they can make sure that everyone remains happy and not offended.

Therefore, just because someone else is writing your speech for you doesn’t mean that it makes you any less respectable or intelligent. In fact, getting help with your speech is often a good and encouraged idea, especially when you have a hard time figuring out what to say. They are still your ideas, but they are coming across in a better way.

Do you have to write a speech, but you don’t know how to put the words together? You might know what you want to say but would rather have a professional put it to paper? In the same way, a ghostwriter can create a custom speech for a political candidate, Homework Help can get you a custom written speech. Check out our website to get a quote so that the next time you speak in public, you captivate all audiences.

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Why do students plagiarize? Recent investigations at Harvard University have suggested a variety of reasons: some students cite overwhelming course loads, which caused too much stress for their own creative process to work efficiently; others cite the growing instances of plagiarism in the professional world, such as the employment of ghostwriters by professional authors. Finally, some maintain that plagiarism is commonplace in everyday life – from pirating music, to reusing song chords, to un-sourced material being reused across the Internet – and as such does not constitute a serious academic offense.

However, investigations at Georgia Middle State University have demonstrated that academic plagiarism is not necessarily a malicious or lazy action – on the contrary, some students who turn to plagiarism do so out of ignorance, fear, or helplessness. Writing standards and course practices from different institutions of higher education vary widely, and as a result not all students have the same underlying basis for research techniques or source evaluation. Some are unfamiliar with their institution’s library catalogue or scholarly databases, others receive improper citation instruction resources from their professors, and others have trouble distinguishing the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing – a problem which is compounded when the need to paraphrase unfamiliar vocabulary or technical terms arises.

Some students may also feel ashamed of their own intellectual ability, and experience a fear of failure on account of internal or external influences – pressure from family to do well, professorial expectations, personal motivation, etc. It is not uncommon for certain students to feel it more ‘honourable’ to risk expulsion or other academic punishment in exchange for alleviating the pressure felt from their workload, time constraints, or writing and research abilities (or lack thereof). Furthermore, a student with free creative reign on his or her assignments is far less likely to plagiarize than a student who is forced to operate within rigid guidelines which deal in topics they have no interest in.

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