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Are You Performing Well In College?

Are You Performing Well In College?

How To Get The Right Grades In College?

College is awesome the first few weeks. The first week is all about football, ordering pizza, movie nights, and friends. Then exams start coming and the reality of new school year hits you. While keeping your grades up is challenging, failing grades can make your life very difficult. What should you do if you fail?

Things to do if you fail:


You will not pass if you do not study. Always study before the exam. Create a planner and study for at least thirty minutes a day for a week. Visit your professors if you have questions and go through your notes. This is much better than cramming the night before. In addition, you should know how to study. There are various ways of studying and it all depends with your learning style. You can use practice tests, rewrite your notes, flashcards, drawing out processes and studying with a friend.

Participate In Class

How will you learn if you miss classes? Try to attend all your classes and participate. Go to class, put your phone away, and pull out your pen and notebook. Taking notes helps you memorize better than typing them on a laptop. The most important part of participating in class is speaking up. Ask questions and ask the teacher to repeat anything that is not clear.

Attend Visiting Hours

Office hours can be intimidating. However, you can achieve a lot by visiting teacher. Go over your previous exams to determine where your problem is. Ask your professor for study advice and tips on how to take notes. This is also a way to let your teacher recognize you and know that you are willing to improve your grade.

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