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A Guide To Travelling On A College Budget

A Guide To Travelling On A College Budget

How To Travel On A College Budget

Everyone likes to travel. However, travelling comes with its own challenges one of them being finances. Finances are a big nightmare to college students. How will you make the extra money? How do you plan your budget? If you love travelling, you have to find a way to save up some cash. Look, for a part-time job and focus on saving and within not time you will be travelling to your favorite destination. Below are some tips to help you have an awesome vacation:

  1. Plan Ahead

You need to plan from your destination, means of transport and where to stay. Always track flight prices for as long as possible. This way you will be able to track when flights have discounts and plan to travel then.

  1. Compare costs from different airlines

Most people prefer flying on Jet Blue or United. However, it is easier to forfeit the airline flight and fly based solely on cost. Review every airline before making a decision and booking. Make sure to consider everything before settling.

  1. Use is a third party booking website. This website offers you with several choices for the area you want to go to, great prices and detailed information. However, if you are not sure of where to go do not use this website. This website is awesome only if you are 100% sure about when and where you want to go. helps you save hundreds of cash on bookings.

  1. Check out reviews

Be aware of where you are going, what you will drive, and where to stay. Check all these things out before you get a room full of bedbugs, dirty sheets, and insecurity. Check what other people said about the place and make your decision based on theat. Most students rush to look for quick and affordable places and often overlook the reviews.

  1. Driving is always the best option

Everyone prefers flying since it is quicker and easier. However, driving is the best choice since it saves you a bunch of money. If you are travelling with your friends you can each contribute for gas money. This is an easier route especially when working with a college budget. In, addition driving is fun as you will get to enjoy the view.

  1. Calculate all your bills

Consider even the small things like food and drinks. You do not want to fly all the way from and the got to starve. Buying food at tourist’s destinations can strain your pockets. You can buy snacks and groceries to avoid eating out all the time. Remember to include food on your budget.

You can easily travel even on a school budget. Put your mind to it and work towards achieving your dream destination.

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