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8 Life Hacks all College Students Need to Know

It’s the beginning of your freshman year, all of your classes are a breeze. Don’t slack off just because your classes are easier, you’ll want those A’s to balance out with your harder major classes when your junior and senior years rolls around.

2.  Don’t have a sound system in your room? No problem!

Stick your phone in a mug or empty plastic bottle to magnify sound for any random dance parties!

3.  Tape dryer sheets over the vents to keep your dorm smelling fresh.

If you’re tired of smelling your roommates hot pockets in the microwave you can tape your dryer sheets over your fan or your AC unit to keep your dorm room smelling fresh.

4.  Put Siracha on everything.

Does your cafeteria food taste bad? Not to worry, Siracha will do the trick! If you like a little spice in your food Siracha can liven up even the worst scrambled eggs.

5.  Use Studypool to get your homework done.

Homework can be a struggle, especially when you don’t understand the question, don’t have quick access to a tutor, and have five loads of laundry to do. Use Studypool to get even your hardest problems explained and answered.

6.  If You Have a Break Between Classes Take a Nap.

Only college students will appreciate the power of naps! A 30-minute nap will change your life!

7.  Get the big box of goldfish and get snacks from Costco.

Chances are you will never be alone in the dorms, so when you’re eating goldfish in front of everyone they will definitely want some too! Costco is the perfect place to get snacks in bulk.

8.  Make a fort under your bunk bed.

Even if you live in a single, a bunk bed can be put to use to make room for more things, like a fort! Raise your bed, hang lights from the bunk, and lay some blankets and pillows out to make a cool study spot!

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