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Choosing exploratory essay topics for your assignment is an easy task, right?

You have an idea in mind but not sure how to frame it?

You have a question but not sure how to prepare a topic out of it?

Not sure how you are going to write your exploratory topic?

Stuck on choosing the best among various exploratory essay topics?

Do you have a good topic ready in your mind?

I am going to tell you 7 mistakes that most of the students make when they have to choose a topic.

Y’all ready? Let me shower some heat on you. You probably never realised it until now while choosing exploratory essay topics.

Mistake 1 – The Topic Is Argumentative Blended with Exploratory

Some students think that they are the smartest person alive with the highest IQ mankind has ever seen and the professor is a total fool. That professor has seen more students like you than you have seen professors like him.

The students think that they can actually choose an argumentative topic and blend it as exploratory essay topics. This is when the professor thinks, “You don’t mess with the Zohan” and gives a low grade. There is the difference between the argumentative essay and exploratory essay. The topic should also be chosen keeping in mind that difference.

Mistake 2 – Getting Personal

Sometimes the topic you have chosen is close to your heart. Maybe your father was a space scientist and he was allegedly kidnapped by an alien. You choose exploratory essay topics to search for proof of alien life. But do not mention the sad story behind the topic selection.

Getting too personal in an essay, unless a reflective type, should be avoided. The students consume words in something that is of no value to the discussion at hand. This leads to loss of grades. There is no harm in choosing exploratory essay topics which are personal unless you are telling a story to the readers instead of something of use.

That should not be the professor’s reaction.

Mistake 3 – Failure to Understand the Prompt

Misinterpreting or not clearly understanding the essay prompt is also a major mistake that students commit. The exploratory research topics in such a situation may be different than what is intended.

Reading the question file carefully and word for word is important for you. If you do not take enough time to read and understand the question fully, you might end up with a wrong topic in your bag. Even if you choose somewhat right exploratory essay topics, you might get stuck because they don’t have enough information available for full discussion. Failure of such analysis will cause you to not realise the bigger picture of the assignment.

Clumsiness can cause such disruption.

Mistake 4 – Choosing A Controversial Topic

The students many times think that they can choose controversial exploratory essay topics and act all cool in front of their peers. But little they know that such topics do not impress the professors unless you have mentioned some extraordinary information or have mentioned a fact from your research that gives a new direction to the controversy.

For example, you chose the topic “All Terrorists Are Muslims” will not be counted in good exploratory essay topics. This is highly controversial and you are bluntly alleging a whole religion of terrorism.

Stay clear of such topics to avoid such a situation in the class.

Mistake 5 – Choosing A Topic You Have No Interest In

You get an assignment, you are all excited. You then and there open Google and search for some good exploratory essay topics. You chose one that sounded cool and then relaxed. Then came the day when the deadline was near and you started to write about the topic.

But what is this, you are falling asleep?

You are not at all interested in the topic that you have chosen?

You are realising this now?

Always make sure that you choose a topic out of exploratory essay topics that you have an interest in. Failing to do so will lead to stress, irritation, unavailability of information, not-so-impressive essay and low grades.

That’s going to be either your reaction or your professor’s.

Mistake 6 – Choosing A Topic Different from The Objective

Every assignment has some objectives are to be achieved at the end. These objectives have a large impact on the discussion that is going to be carried out in the essay. Exploratory essay topics should be chosen that are aligning with the objectives of the essay.

The discussion should be in a form that is neutral and non-biased. You have to address the discussion from a common ground and present various perspectives for that. If your essay has to be read by other sections of the audience, then the exploratory essay topics should such that they are of interest to everyone.

The population of such people should be less after reading the essay.

Mistake 7 – The Topic Is Vague and Does Not Give A Clear Idea to Audience

There are some topics which give a crystal-clear perspective to the readers of what this essay is going to explore. Then there are exploratory essay topics that have nothing to give off to the audience.

The topics in which you cannot derive any conclusion from is a serious mistake that the students make. Don’t think that you can create an air of mystery around the topic and that readers have to read the essay to get what this essay is talking about is a positive point.

Your exploratory essay topics should be such that the reader can understand immediately what discussion is there.

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