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5 Fun Study Tips to Help You Survive Finals

But has anyone ever thought to make studying fun? Here are 5 fun study tips to keep you on your toes during finals!

1.  Gummy Bears

You’ve been studying wrong your whole life! When you reach a gummy bear you get to eat it. Keep your incentive going!

2.  Get Hypnotized!

Okay yes I am aware that this sounds crazy! But hypnosis can actually help. Hypnosis allows your subconscious and conscious mind to work together which makes it easier to retain information faster than you normally would. Also go ahead and be confident! Tell yourself you will ace your exam. Positive affirmation can be used in the same way as hypnosis.

3.  Laugh until you cry.

Crying when you laugh is due to releasing built up tension. All of the built up tension you have from studying for finals is only going to hurt you, so get rid of it! Look up some crazy YouTube videos or the most hilarious pick up lines on Twitter with your friends and laugh until you are tension free and ready to hit the books again so you can ace those finals.

4.  Go Crazy to Stay Sane.

Lets be honest here, people go really crazy during finals week! Between staying up all night and drinking too many energy drinks your room mates can get weird. Recite all of your favorite vines or maybe make a few of your own! If you can get all of your giggles and goofiness out its easier to be serious about your studies afterwards.

5.  Create Funny Mental Associations.

Connecting your vocab terms to acronyms or other shortcuts can make it easier to remember information and even add a little humor. If you’re having trouble remembering the planets remember! My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Or if you need to remember the order of operations: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

And a little extra for you!

6.  Visit Studypool!

Whether you need help understanding a calculus concept or explaining a Shakespearian play Studypool will be there at all hours of the night to help you out!

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