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30 Things all College Students Need to Know!

1.  You will never have enough water bottles.

2.  Don’t dabble with too many illegal things.

3.  No one really cares about your high school GPA or your SAT score after you’re in college.

4.  Don’t buy your textbooks until your teacher tells you that you need them.

5.  Don’t put alcohol in a reusable water bottle. The taste will never come out!

6.  Do NOT become addicted to Netflix.

7.  Be prepared to pull an all nighter at least once a month.

8.  If you’re living in the dorms the best time to do laundry is NOT on Sunday.

9.  Less is more if you’re planning to live in a triple.

10.Make an effort to get along with your roommates.

11.Always go to class – you never know when your professor will drop a huge test hint.

12.ALWAYS back up your files and take advantage of Google Docs.

13.Learn to do your taxes and your FASFA yourself.

14.Ditch the procrastination habit!

15.Get a bank account with a bank in your area! You don’t want to depend on Mom and Dad to send you cash; you never know when you will be in a tight situation.

16.Never be late to move your clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. People WILL pull your clothes out and set them somewhere.

17.Get a part time job that actually relates to your major and will benefit you in the long run.

18.Get to know your professors… they will be your best references and are a wealth of information.

19.Don’t bring a car to campus unless you really need one, public transit systems can be very cost effective and convenient.

20.Live in the campus residence halls your first year at least. They are much more social than apartments and your hall mates will be your lifelong friends!

21.College really is a lot more fun than high school but it goes by a lot quicker. Enjoy it!!

22.Take smart notes; figure out what system of note taking is best for you. Your high school teachers weren’t lying when they said your college professors wont wait for you to take notes

23.Do not put off registering for classes or taking required classes. You don’t want to have to take an extra year because you didn’t get a required class or was waitlisted for a class.

24.You NEED TO keep a calendar. Google Calendar will become your best friend.

25.Supervise your friends if you are taking them for their first party. And if it’s your first party, it’s not cool to over do it.

26.Never take for granted a care package from your family, even if it only has cold medicine.

27.You will become sick, and you will need to rest. Don’t try to over do it even when your friends are still out having fun.

28.Use Studypool to help you with your homework troubles.

29.Visit your school library. Librarians are often the people who have the answers to all of your questions and can help you earn that A+ grade.

30.Take advantage of any free food! Only college students fully appreciate the miracle of free food.

What are some things you have learned in college!

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