What Is a Literary Analysis Essay?

A Simple Decision to Do Any Literary Analysis

What Is a Literary Analysis Essay?

A literary analysis essay is an argumentative analysis that carefully examines a piece of literature by looking at the characters of the story, theme, tone, setting as well as the plot and other literary devices used to narrate the story. It encourages a reader to think about how and why a novel, poem or play was written. It’s meant to be an analysis of a key element in the literature thus you should refrain from writing a paper that explains every single point of the plot of the story. An argument can be raised by looking at the author’s intentions and attempting to explain their significance or from a personal perspective in which case the original text has to defend and account for the argument to the reader.

The Purpose of a Literary Analysis

The purpose of a literary analysis is to demonstrate why the author used specific characters, themes, settings, imagery, etc. to persuade the reader in a story. It tries to identify an important theme and then investigates the literary devices that the author used to reveal that theme. A literary analysis also helps to develop critical thinking skills in students by challenging them to look beyond the literal meanings by dissecting the story to see how the pieces fit together.

Literary Analysis vs. Reading Analysis

From a general view, literal analysis delves into the why and tries to understand the obvious and hidden meanings that lurk beneath the main plot. It causes one to not only reflect on the story itself but to understand the bigger picture of history, human condition etc. Reading analysis, on the other hand, is the act of reading to extract information.

5 Steps on How to Create an Excellent Literary Analysis

The process of learning how to write literary analysis can be daunting and overwhelming at first, but as you gain more practice with this kind of thinking, you can craft a method that works best for you. Here is a guide that outlines everything you need to know to write a good literary analysis.

Step One: Choose and focus the topic

First, you need to read the work thoroughly and ensure you understand the plot of the play, poem or novel and who the characters are. An analysis is only possible when you have a clear understanding of the story. Always pick a topic that interests you as it is easier to start off with something you enjoy. Brainstorm a list of potential topics (themes) by asking yourself questions like, ‘what was striking in the text? Why did the author write this? How are characters developed? How are the literary devices used? and try to look for connections and patterns by mapping out the different aspects of the chosen element.

Step Two: Gather Evidence

It’s important for students to research the topic before or text before writing. Collect enough material to help you answer or support your question.

Step Three: Introduction

The introduction makes the first impression on a reader so it’s essential that you bring it out in a clear and concise manner. A good introduction to a literary analysis essay should provide relevant information about a particular aspect of a work of literature and orientate the reader to what will follow. The introduction must, therefore, include a hook, author, title, main characters, short summary and thesis. A thesis appears as the last sentence in the first paragraph and will mainly allude to the three main points you wish to address in the main body of the essay.

Here is an example of a good thesis statement for literary analysis.

In a Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens demonstrates the process by which an unfruitful and wasted life can be redeemed. Sidney Carton’s intense love for Lucie Manette transforms him from a hopeless man into a hero and star whose life and death bring so much meaning.

Step Four: The Body

After the introduction, you will move towards the body of your essay where you present the paragraphs ( usually three paragraphs for a 500-750 word essay) that support your thesis statement. Each paragraph in the body should include a topic sentence, textual evidence(paraphrase or quotation), commentary/explanation and a concluding sentence.

Step Five: Conclusion

This is the last paragraph in your essay which should reflect how your essay topic relates to the book as a whole. You will need to summarize all that you have discussed in the essay without introducing any new ideas.

Formatting a Literary Analysis

Literary analysis papers are generally written using MLA citation style formatting guidelines unless specified otherwise by your professor.

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Apple Inc. Secrets Revealed

Apple Inc. Secrets Revealed

Apple sparked the personal computer revolution in the 1970’s by introducing Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 80s with the Macintosh. Apple Inc. is committed to bringing the best computing experience to creative professional, students, educators, and customers around the globe through innovative software, hardware, and Internet offerings


Apple Inc. has survived in a competitive and dynamic market to become one of the leading companies in the electronics industry. This case study reflects on some aspects of the company including history, products, competitors, innovation strategy, business strategy, and strategic management. The study will then examine the key success factor of the company and conduct a SWOT analysis.

History and Background

Apple is an American company founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs in April 1976. Initially, the company was primarily involved in developing and selling personal computers. The company was then incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in January 1977 and renamed to Apple Inc. in January 2007. The current owners of Apple Inc. are the major shareholders such as Tim Cook, Arthur Levinson, Craig Federighi, Albert Gore Junior, Bruce Sewell, and institutional shareholders such as The Vanguard Group. Over the last six years, Apple’s income has been consistently on the rise. In the year 2015, the company made $53.4 billion annual profits, the highest in the company’s history.

It is not clear from Apple Company’s Website what the mission statement of the company is. However, Steve Jobs’ mission statement for the company in the 1980s was: To make a contribution to the world by developing tools for the mind that bring progress to humankind. A relatively new mission statement for the company states:

“Apple sparked the personal computer revolution in the 1970’s by introducing Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 80s with the Macintosh. Apple Inc. is committed to bringing the best computing experience to creative professional, students, educators, and customers around the globe through innovative software, hardware, and Internet offerings”.

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You could be asking yourself what exactly the company produces. Apple Inc. has come a long way and is now a world leader in the electronics industry. The business has developed several products and services and has over 375 retail shops worldwide. The company is popular for its hardware products such as the Mac line of computers, the iPhone Smartphone, the Apple iWatch, the iPad tablet computer, and the iPod media player among others. Apple Inc. is also known for its software products such as iOS and OS X operating systems.

Apple Innovation Strategy

To Apple Inc. innovation is more of a culture than a process. Apple has produced innovative products that have propelled it to the pinnacle of the information technology and electronics industries. However, the company does not just focus on developing beautiful and innovative products; they also have a very innovative business model. For instance, it is apparent that the success of iPod and iPhone can be attributed to the fact that these products were matched with iTunes and App Store respectively.

It is also interesting to note that Apple Inc. has crossed many industry-defined boundaries to establish an innovation-friendly business ecosystem. The business deals with hardware, software, entertainment, and logistics, and has made significant impacts in these industries. For example, App Store is the largest collection of mobile applications which makes the Apple iPhone even better. Apple iTunes which is an innovative business model provides an interface that is easy to use on which people pay for music they like if they get it at their desired prices. Apple Company has demonstrated, through their terrific innovation management, that product design and user-friendliness are major determinants of success in the modern business environment.


Apple’s Main Competitors

Apple deals with many different products. As a result, the company has to compete in several different markets. Each of these markets has other big producers controlling significant market shares. For instance, Microsoft is the major competitor in the market for computer operating systems. Amazon and Microsoft have their own smart tablet and have carved out a significant market that used to be largely dominated by Apple. Samsung remains the biggest Apple’s competitor in the Smartphone market. Google challenges Apple in different market fronts such as cloud storage where Apple iCloud has to compete with Google Drive.

Apple’s Success Factors

Despite the nature of competition that Apple Company face, the company happens to be one of the most successful businesses in the United States and the world in general. So we seek to understand what factors fuel Apple’s success. Below is a rundown Apple Inc. success factors.

1. Innovative Activities: Apple Inc. is successful because it has been consistent on the issue of innovation. Innovation is one of the strongest cultures of the company. Over the past decade, Apple Inc. launched the following game-changing innovations:

• The Apple iPhone

• The Apple iPod

• The Apple iTunes

• The App Exchange

• The App Store

Through innovation, Apple has managed to survive for 30 years in a market that is highly competitive and dynamic.

2. Retail Distribution Network: Generally, Apple distributes its products through direct sales, retail stores, online stores, and value added resellers. Apple opened its largest US retail store in Boston to increase its domestic sales. This comprehensive local and international market network is one of the factors that have significantly influenced the success of Apple Inc.

3. Well recognized brand: Apple is one of the most popular brands in the electronics industry. By focusing on customers and product quality, Apple has established itself as a reputable and respectable brand. As a result, it has millions of customers around the world who are loyal to the brand. To some extent, the brand sells the company’s products.

4. Advertising Differentiation: Since the company was founded, Apple Inc. has been recognized for its creative approach to advertising. Its advertisements are unique in that they are planned in such a way that they imitate a setup of selling its products to creative people. The most noticeable advertisement campaign include the “Super Bowl Commercial” of the 1980s, “Think Differently” in 1990s, and “The iPod People” in 2000s.

Apple Strategic Management

At the core of Apple’s strategic management is the customer. To compete effectively, Apple seeks to understand what the customer wants and responds accordingly. Apple has remained competitive for three decades because it has always maintained an open mind and created designs that meet or exceed their customers’ expectations. Apple Inc. also embraces innovation and quality as important features of its strategic plan. A couple of years ago, the company reiterated that it would embark on a plan to compete on the basis of quality. Production of high quality and unique products has facilitated the establishment of a reliable brand which now has cult-like following around the world, and this has placed Apple at the top particularly in the Smartphone market.

Apple Business Strategy

Apple Inc. relies on Generic Business Strategy (Porter’s Model) and Intensive Growth Strategy. These strategies directly influence the company’s strategies when it comes to marketing and pricing among other areas of business. The Generic Model influences the features that differentiate Apple and its products from competitors. On the other hand, Apple Company uses innovation and product development as its core intensive growth strategy.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis highlights the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Apple Inc. faces.

1. Strengths

  • A strong brand image
  • Financial strength
  • Market leadership in several products
  • High-profit margin
  • Well-developed supply-chain infrastructure

2. Weaknesses

  • High prices compared to competitors
  • Technical issues to do with product functionality
  • Narrow product range
  • Incompatibility of Apple products with other companies’ products

3. Opportunities

  • Product diversification
  • Research and development
  • Increasing product compatibility
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with other companies elsewhere in the world

4. Threats

  • Intensified competition from China, South Korea, and India
  • Loss of the company’s innovative potential due to the demise of inspirational founder, Steve Jobs
  • Increasing manufacturing cost
  • How Apple Inc. Changed the World

It is apparent that Apple is now one the most profitable companies in the world. However, the company had to make radical changes in the world to get there. For instance, the Macintosh was the first mass-market personal computer to use graphical user interface. This innovation has had a major impact on how the world knows and uses the computer today.

Why Diverse Teams Are More Successful?

Why Diverse Teams Are More Successful?

Diverse teams are smarter, deeper and more effective than usual ones. The secret is on the surface. 

Diversity is the condition of being composed of different elements and is often referred to people. The types of diversity can vary according to the age, religion, race, culture, and abilities.The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management”. Since 2012 the company’s research team has been analyzing the gender diversity and corporate management. The report shows that the companies with more women in the boardroom bring better results on stock markets.

“Why Diversity Matters”, another report on diversity prepared by Mckinsey in 2015, shows that companies committing themselves to diversity in leadership are more effective and successful. The non-homogenous staff is believed to improve their customer orientation and decision making. The report found that ethnic and racial diverse managers are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the industry mean.

Why Is Diversity Important?

Employees with diverse backgrounds may change the behavior of the whole group. This change may be different, positive and negative. In the USA even mentioning the word “diversity” may lead to conflict. It’s because a strong idea of inclusion that everyone should be able to use the same facilities, enjoy the same experiences and take part in the same activities. American companies tend to spend millions to manage workplace diversity issues, but yet they still having lawsuits on discrimination. But it is reasonable to dig into what importance of diversity is and what good it does.

If you want to create a team capable of outside-the-box thinking and innovating you should bring a diversity in it.

Diversity is considered to change the way a group of people thinks. When different people are brought together to solve the problem, they express their opinions and thoughts on the matter. And there may be the difference in these opinions as to the ways of solving the problem. Diverse teams are more objective and are constantly reexamining the facts.

Analyzing Information

Diverse teams process and analyze facts and information more accurately to make the right decision. In the study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in Northwestern University by Katherine Phillips, a team was divided into 2 groups of members: the first one with the out-group newcomers and the second with newcomers. Both groups were to read the interviews conducted by the detective who investigated a murder and to find out who the suspect was. It turned out that the second group was more accurate of a joint decision. This research showed that diverse groups may outperform the homogeneous ones in discussing, problem-solving and decision making.

Teams with any, gender, racial or cultural diversity work harder both socially and cognitively. Diverse groups of people exchange a wider range of data, they are better at considering the facts, they assume that they need to work harder to come to a consensus.

Globalization demands more interaction among people from diverse backgrounds. Since the diversity in the workplace shows strong potential to improve collective work and yield productivity, bringing it to the companies become a key to effective management. A diverse team in your company may become the reflection of the rapidly changing marketplace and the world.

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Top 101 Persuasive Essay Topics To Help You Score Better

Top 101 Persuasive Essay Topics To Help You Score Better

Don’t know how to jumpstart writing a persuasive essay? Use the list of top topics below as a source of inspiration for your project. Explore 101 ideas and find the perfect one you have been looking for. Alternatively, remember you can always get an essay written for a small fee from our expert writers. Let’s get started!

What is a persuasive essay? is a type of written assignment that attempts to convince the reader or opponent that the argument, presented in work, is correct. The main objective of a persuasive speech is to let the students master the art of persuasion. This type of essay is a typical assignment at high-school and early college years, so senior high school students and junior college students can benefit from it the most. A persuasive essay outline is as follows: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Find Exciting Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay

The 101 topics listed below are a great source of inspiration and material for thorough and exciting research. Among them, you will find an ideal theme to use in your further investigation. On the other hand, don’t forget that you can also get your essay written by our professional writers in a matter of hours. Our service provides high-quality exclusive essay writing services. We have the necessary expertise and years of successful experience in custom academic writing. Our authors can come up with top-notch quality writing that will meet all of your requirements and help you get the grade you want.

Persuasive essays, in many ways, resemble argumentative essays. The major difference is that the argumentative essay should demonstrate a discussion as opposed to a single opinion. When working on a persuasive essay topic, one should remember that aiming to persuade the reader, make sure first that your statement or argument is 100% correct. Write down your topic as a firm statement in the form of a sentence and avoid using questions instead.

Easy Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics

  • In modern classrooms, exams do not match students’ abilities.
  • Schools should have nothing to do with ads.
  • Soda shouldn’t be sold to kids in restaurants.
  • French fries shouldn’t be served in public school cafeterias.
  • There should be different classes for boys and girls.
  • Breastfeeding should be allowed in public places.
  • Parents should go to jail if their kids do something illegal.
  • People under 21 should be allowed to drink alcohol with parental consent.
  • Parents must be responsible for providing a healthy diet.
  • Parents should regularly check children’s belongings for drugs.
  • The Internet was invented to change our lives.

Medium Difficulty Persuasive Topics for a Speech or an Essay

  • Is the ACLU a scam that is no good for America?
  • Commercial testing on animals should be banned.
  • Alternative energy is cheap enough to replace fossil fuels.
  • Churches should pay taxes.
  • The United States should maintain the Cuba embargo.
  • College football should replace the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a playoff system.
  • Decrease of the federal corporate income tax rate creates more jobs.
  • The age for legal alcohol drinking should be more than 21.
  • The felons who have completed their sentence should be allowed to vote.

Difficult Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics

  • Sex orientation is determined in childhood.
  • Capital punishment is a crime.
  • The humans are the leading cause of global climate change.
  • Euthanasia should be allowed.
  • Adults must be allowed to carry the electroshock device.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court should ban same-sex marriages.
  • The ways to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict exist.
  • Defending yourself should be a constitutional right under the Second Amendment.
  • Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be put to prison and forced to work to pay for their upkeep.

College Level Topics for Persuasive Essays and Speeches

  • Is there an equal representation of genders in politics.
  • Cell phone use and texting make it difficult to concentrate.
  • Textbooks are obsolete and should be replaced by iPads.
  • Students should be careful when posting on social media.
  • A border fence will solve the dilemma of immigration.
  • Cyber-attacks are a vital intelligence tool for all countries.
  • More recycling measures need to be forced by law.
  • College network should use special filters to block inappropriate materials.
  • The social network should be prohibited at school property.
  • Should girls have equal representation on co-ed wrestling and football teams?
  • Domestic terrorism is not an overwhelming issue in America.
  • Identity theft is a huge problem for older adults.

Bachelor’s Level Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics

  • Fast food restaurants should prominently display calories.
  • The current tax system overburdens the middle-class.
  • Chronic mental patients live in “halfway houses” in the community.
  • Billboards should be prohibited on highways.
  • Psychiatrists should testify in court when a defendant enters a non-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity plea.
  • The U.S. Constitution should require a National Health Insurance Program.
  • Child molesters should be sentenced to death.
  • Prospective parents should be required to take parenting classes.
  • Getting married in high school should be encouraged for teen moms.
  • The United Nations should be disbanded?
  • Prisons should use music and art to calm prisoners.
  • Educated people must volunteer as literacy tutors.
  • Constructing Olympic venues near UNESCO protected sites is deplorable.

Master’s Level Persuasive Speech and Essay Topics

  • Society should shun prescribed codes of ethics.
  • There is no such thing as the good and the evil.
  • Does sexual desire define human behavior?
  • Selfishness is an innate human behavior and should be encouraged.
  • Intelligence should be genetically engineered.
  • Genetics determines human behavior.
  • Happiness comes from helping others, and this is why selfish people are always unhappy.
  • God’s not dead.
  • There is much evil in the world, and we should turn to God.
  • Ethics are the unselfish means humans derive from their parenting instincts.
  • The truth is universal.
  • Creation of wealth comes from taking advantage of other people’s hard work.

Funny Topics for Persuasive Essays

  • What would happen if donkeys took over the world?
  • Where do all the mismatched run away to?
  • Why I hate country music (an exclusive tell-all biography).
  • The worst song in the world.
  • People love to watch shark attack shows, and they are cheering for the shark.
  • Why do we have tanning booths at the beach?
  • Your video game skills can get you a good job.
  • Why people love email spam more than real email letters.
  • Why wearing braces makes it easier to scare strangers.
  • Playing with Barbie will change your life.
  • Why Mickey Mouse frightens children.
  • How to fake it as a non-sporty girlfriend.
  • How to look busy at work without doing any actual work.
  • Being a living Barbie doll has destroyed my life.

Controversial Topics for a Persuasive Essay

  • Bailing out financial institutions should not be allowed to use federal tax money.
  • Surveillance makes U.S. society.
  • Polygamy should be banned.
  • Lesbian mothers create deviant daughters.
  • No warrant should be needed for search and seizures.
  • We should abolish the jury system and give sole power to judges.
  • Biological weapons should not be allowed.
  • Torture should be illegal.
  • Contraception should be banned for children.
  • To have children, both parents should be certified.
  • Genetically modified organisms have benefits.
  • The world would be better off without educated women.
  • Harvesting sperm from dead male relatives should be considered abusive and illegal.

Bonus Topics

  • Parents should pay children for home chores.
  • The USA should populate the moon and establish a military outpost there.
  • Grades should be outlawed as counterproductive and degrading.
  • A survival plan should become a must-have for every family in case of natural disasters.
  • Parents should talk to their children about drugs at a young age.
  • Cats make better pets than turtles.
  • Religion freedom doesn’t really exist for most people all over the world.
  • There must be an implant contraception for men too.

Experts Illustrate More on Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Experts Illustrate More on Writing Multiple Choice Questions

One of the most widely recognized types of tests is multiple-choice questions. Educators like them, as they are straightforward to make, simple to grade, and can show all the necessary information. If you are an undergraduate, you realize that there is no center path in the game with this test — you either hit the nail on the head or you fail. If your course grade relies upon multiple choice questions online test, it may be a severe test for any student. Here you’ll find out when and how our service can help an undergraduate like you.

Some students consider multiple choice questions to be simple. In general, multiple-choice questions’ answers are destined to be among the choices, and you must be fortunate to guess. However, numerous students think that time-encircled multiple choice questions are the most challenging for them.

Multiple-choice tests can be indeed tricky since students must know about a broad scope of material and a ton of explicit subtleties, for example, dates, names, or jargon. Plus, there are kinds of multiple-choice questions that are very hard to compose for an educator, so undergraduates may confront dangers to come up short on account of unintended vagueness.

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The Perfect Guidelines for Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Instructors have used multiple-choice questions for quite a while because they test students’ basic reasoning and critical thinking abilities. An undergraduate may experience trouble with writing good multiple choice questions and not realize how to manage them. On the off chance that you an astounding grade from your multiple-choice questions, start by breaking down the questions.

Give successful responses to these multiple-choice questions and work through them deliberately. You likewise have the alternative of enough getting ready for the test to guarantee you get the most noteworthy grade. Give us a chance to help you. Here are a few guidelines for writing multiple choice questions:

  • Concentrate ahead of time for the test

On the off chance that you need to perform well in your multiple-choice test, you need to consider before the real date of the test sufficiently. You can define an examination timetable to empower sufficient commitment to studying. Try not to pack for your test since it can cause perplexity and tension. It will prompt a less than stellar score.

  • Study past papers

Your educator can furnish you with past papers that have multiple-choice questions. Use them to plan for the up and coming test. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, you can join an examination gathering and get ready with others. You additionally have the multiple to utilize an investigation guide to help you with the test arrangement.

  • Rest before the test

You can investigate your examination notes and take a walk. Tune in to quieting music or talk with a companion. Make a decent attempt not to be worried before the test since this can make you solidify once you have the paper in your grasp. Keep away from each type of interruption and concentrate on confided in companions. Interruptions can crash your readiness towards a multiple-choice test. It can prompt a deplorable presentation at last.

  • Analyze your multiple-choice questions

Some multiple-choice tests will expect you to compose your answer on a test booklet. Others will expect you to write your answer on a different answer key. You should adhere to each guidance given to you by the analyst.

  • Peruse the multiple-choice questions cautiously

Before you record your answer, you should peruse your multiple-choice questions carefully. If you are managing a physical test, you can utilize a clean sheet of paper to cover the credible answer alternatives given beneath the problem. It offers you a chance to manage one question.

  • Figure a response to the question

Before you, in the end, take a gander at the accessible responses to the multiple-choice questions, determine if you can figure out how to address the question first. Contemplate the problem and think of your answer that relies on your current information on the subject. It causes you to think before you take a gander at the many solutions given underneath the question. The appropriate response that you concoct may be among the multiples given. On the off chance that you can’t do this, don’t stress out, use the proper answers previously given to address the question.

  • Survey every one of the appropriate answers

It can be accomplished through the examination of the appropriate responses given. Peruse each reply and don’t skim or skirt any answer — this aide in settling on an educated choice on the best way to effectively respond to the question.

  • Take out answers that are off base

You can put a little imprint on solutions that you find off base dependent on how you translate the question. Try not to imagine that your analyst needs to deceive you with befuddling choices. Most analysts abstain from utilizing stunt answers. You, at that point, choose the appropriate response that tends to the question accurately.

You need to determine what the proper response you have picked ultimately responds to the question. Feel free to respond to every one of your multiple-choice questions altogether. Abstain from skipping around since it can add to time wastage. Guarantee that each question has a response to it.

Those are only a portion of the bits of knowledge that are required in anticipation of a multiple-choice paper. Notwithstanding, on occasion, writing multiple choice questions using bloom’s taxonomy can exhibit a difficult issue for a student who isn’t prepared. You don’t need to worry because there are different alternatives close by for you. Evidence multiple choice questions and answers online with the multiple-choice questions is in presence, and there are individuals prepared to take up those academic assignments for you.

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Quality Help with Creating an Argumentative Essay Outline

Quality Help with Creating an Argumentative Essay Outline

The argumentative essay is one of the ordinary essays students are assigned to write. Instructors prefer this task since it forces students to think critically. Furthermore, it tests and improves a student’s ability to defend their point of view on a specific topic.

When composing an argumentative essay or any essay in general, it’s always advisable to create an outline before proceeding to write. An argumentative essay outline is quite essential for students since it acts as a blueprint that they will follow while constructing their papers. Hence, in this text, we guide students on crafting a great outline and why it is essential for their essay.

Why a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Is Essential

Most essays that students write usually are 2-3 pages long, which generally translates to five paragraphs. Writing a five-paragraph essay requires some preparation, such as finding a conducive environment to write, gathering all the materials, compiling research, and finally, creating your outline. Why is a 5 paragraph essay outline critical?

First, it helps a student get their thoughts in order. After conducting research, a student is likely to have much information that may all be difficult to remember. In an outline, you will be able to arrange all the main points in the order they will appear in the essay.

Second, it saves time when writing. Having an essay outline helps students avoid referring to their research each time while they write, which saves a lot of time.

Third, it improves flow. In a college essay outline, a student includes all the major points they will have in their essay. Furthermore, in the outline, a student arranges their points and arguments logically, which improves the flow of the work.

Finally, the outline also keeps a student on track so that they do not fail to include any critical information in their work. It also helps you avoid straying away from the main points during the writing process.

An English essay outline includes all the main sections of an essay, such as:

  • An introduction
  • Body
  • A conclusion

In a five paragraph essay outline, one should follow the following simple structure.

Paragraph 1:

The first paragraph is the introduction of the essay. It is where one is required to provide any background information a reader needs to understand what your essay is about.

From there, have a thesis statement that will provide a clear purpose for your essay. It is usually the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Paragraph 2, 3, and 4 are Body Paragraphs

Each starts by having a topic sentence that has one main idea that supports the thesis statement.

From there, the next few sentences will go into detail through examples and even evidence that supports the main idea. The transitions between paragraphs need to be smooth.

Paragraph 5 — Conclusion

It is where the student reminds the reader of the primary purpose of the essay. It’s also basically a summary of all of the other sections of the piece. It is where one might choose to leave their readers with some things to ponder from the essay, but a student shouldn’t introduce any new ideas in this section.

Crafting a Worthy Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive essays require students to produce logical arguments that aim to convince their audience to view an issue from the writer’s perspective. Persuasive essays require an elaborate outline that allows the audience to trace a student’s line of thought properly.

A persuasive essay outline needs to resemble the below example that our essay writers have provided.

Paragraph one is the introduction and entails the following:

  • Here first begin with a hook to draw the reader’s attention and get them curious about your work.
  • Thesis statement
  • First argument
  • Second argument
  • Third argument

Paragraph two entails the following:

  • First argument
  • First Example
  • Second example
  • Third example
  • Transition line

Paragraph three comprises of:

  • Second Argument
  • The first example for argument №2
  • The second example for argument №2
  • A third example for argument №2
  • Transitional statement

Paragraph four should have the following:

  • Third Argument
  • The first example of argument №3
  • A second example for argument №3
  • Third Example for argument №3
  • Transition to the conclusion

Paragraph 5 is the conclusion, and the following should be observed:

  • Rephrase and then restate your thesis
  • Remind the reader of the arguments by summarizing them using different words
  • Clinch it all together with a closing sentence related to your hook in the paper’s introduction

Creating an APA Research Paper Outline

Lengthy tasks like research paper and a dissertation benefit the most from outlines. It is quite natural for a student to get stuck or even forget to include some essential information when writing with these tasks and also papers like theses and dissertations. A thesis paper outline will help a student stay on track, and also it will save time when writing.

Depending on the requirements given by their instructors, a student has to decide whether they want an APA research paper outline or one that follows the MLA format. However, the APA format is most common for students, and that is why we want to ensure that one has the right outline for their APA format essay.

The outline of an APA research essay should also have the three main sections, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, in this case, there are more subsections.

In the introduction, the student has to include these sections in the order they appear problem statement, the definition of terms, your theoretical framework, research methodology, a hypothesis, literature review, scope, and the limitations and significance of your study.

The body section has to include the background of the study and the presentation of the arguments to support the thesis. Have at least three supporting arguments for the position you take. It is also where the analysis and the introduction of data.

In the conclusion section, one is supposed to summarize all their arguments so that they will prepare to present their final stance.

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Get Premium Help Writing A Literature Review for a Dissertation

Get Premium Help Writing A Literature Review for a Dissertation

When writing a dissertation, it is typically required to peruse diverse writing sources. You have to comprehend the purpose of a literature review in a dissertation, past research led on your point, and the most remarkable hypotheses associated with your subject. It to break down writing and show the research that has been finished.

In the references list, undergraduates compose only the titles of sources while in a literature review part, they ought to give short portrayals to each of them. The size of this part can be unique, contingent upon necessities. The more extended the dissertation, the more drawn out the literature review will be. Remember that it should be arranged consistently and assembled into a few segments if necessary.

Here are a couple of tips for writing a literature review for a dissertation. On the off chance that you are stuck in the wake of reading these tips, attempt to use a literature review dissertation writing service. It gives a custom literature review dissertation keeping in touch with any point and subject, regardless of whether you need it quick. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you intend to take the necessary steps without anyone else, our tips must be useful.

Assistance You Should Apply for

You can be an individual who is getting training at college and needs to do a decent literature review dissertation for getting a Ph.D. degree. At that point, you should begin by doing successful research. You ought to likewise furnish relevant sources and start working with them when you compose your paper. This part ought to be found in an ideal spot of the structure of your report. Go through the methodology for literature review dissertation and the necessities to realize where to put it.

This guide to writing the dissertation literature review may support you if you don’t have a clue how to compose a literature review. Simply request help at our site. There you will have the option to make a request and hold up until experienced writers will finish your literature review dissertation.

Writing a good literature review for a dissertation can be a troublesome undertaking, and numerous undergraduates spend many days on it. That is the reason it is smarter to utilize the assistance of masters who realize how to compose such papers quickly. On our site, you will discover numerous writers with the fundamental experience. They will write your literature review, edit it, and check sentence structure. They likewise have involvement with composing literature review dissertations on any point or subject.

On the off chance that you take an academic course, you will be expected to compose literature reviews consistently. However, you do not incline at all to this sort of work. Your time at school is probably going to turn out to be profoundly unpleasant.

A decent and sensible way to deal with tackling this issue would discover a literature review writing service that is known for reliably conveying patterned papers that can be used as tests of uniquely composed assignments with no apprehensions. Fortunately, our organization is a dissertation help literature review service equipped for conveying the custom papers to persons’ needs on schedule, and the rundown of ensures makes us truly outstanding available discussing the cost to-quality proportion. Get in touch with us any time, every day, and we will start writing your task as soon as possible.

Expert Advice on the Dissertation Literature Review Outline

Numerous students are composing their undergrad or masters dissertation literature review with the idea of the literature review. What is it for? To what volume should a literature review be? How it should be organized? In case you are composing literature review dissertations at a lower level where a literature review is certainly not a typical necessity, the idea of incorporating one for a literature review dissertation can be all the more overwhelming.

Here, we separate the dissertation literature review and give you some top tips on the most proficient method to hit the nail on the head.

  • The literature review frequently appeares close to the beginning of your literature review dissertation and is a crucial piece of your general dissertation literature review structure. It is a synopsis of the flow works in the field you are researching and into which your dissertation will fit. It’s far-fetched that you will have the opportunity to peruse each word accessible on your subject.
  • As opposed to just a rundown of various writers in the field and their suppositions, your literature review should give a reasonable thought of the entire area as it right now stands, portraying different assortments of writing, giving shifting angles on the significant issues, and showing where general sentiments have changed or tested. It must provide a scrutinize of each work, not just a dissertation literature review outline of the books and articles to which you allude. Besides, this ought to be finished using definitive works composed by specialists – you’ll have to assess each pertinent book or article you find to guarantee it has been written by a scholar.
  • Keep in mind – a decent dissertation proposal literature review not just gives a significant foundation to your very own literature review dissertation composing, yet in addition, shows where your dissertation will fit into the field.
  • Sections giving the title of each book and afterward abridging their substance don’t establish a literature review. You have to search for subjects that few creators make reference to and talk about the manners in which the various specialists have handled them. Your literature review should be as far-reaching as could be allowed, referencing all the significant scholars or writers in the field of your literature review dissertation subject.

Some Recommendations You Must Use

You have to give a substantial thought of how the field lies. So don’t merely refer to every writer separately, yet attempt to relate them to each other and contrast their perspectives with giving an outline of the present contentions and which collections of writing have a place together.

It may be useful to utilize subheadings or visual cues in your literature review dissertation writing to explain the various territories of hypothesis and the places of every writer. These subsections may reverberate zones of the subject you will later visit in your dissertation itself.

As a general guide, the dissertation literature review ought to be around 25% of the total dissertation, even though this will likewise rely upon the more extensive your structure of a literature review dissertation and the extent of writing accessible to you. Regardless, while thinking about your incorporation and avoidance criteria, it is imperative to solicit the accompanying from each article: is this essential, appropriate, and helpful?

By and by, this procedure will guarantee that the survey remains compactly custom-made to the point examined. Additionally, if you find that the writing accessible is excessively meager, or on the other hand, unconquerable, it merits rethinking your research inquiries to build up an increasingly obliged spotlight on the current subject.

Tips to Put Your Dissertation Proposal Literature Review Together

The following area of this blog offers 9 top tips on the most proficient method to guarantee you compose an incredible dissertation literature review.

  • Questions

Try not to start breaking down the writing before explaining as far as you could tell the research addresses that will control your literature review dissertation. By defining issues previously, you will abstain from squandering hours in careless reading. Know the problems that worry you and consider the material through this perspective alone.

  • Wide search

To compose a useful literature review, you should exhibit your capacity to look out relevant content from a wide assortment of sources. Trawl online databases for valuable literature review dissertations and articles by utilizing their edited compositions to think about the importance, use all accessible college, school and departmental libraries, counsel the web for additional assets, and pursue commentaries. Remember likewise, about the literature review dissertation writing service from our company, which offers an altered example literature review dissertation from which to display your very own work.

  • Importance over substance

A typical misstep recorded as a hard copy of a literature review is to get stalled in level portrayals of the content of the numerous books, diaries articles and reports that you have been reading. Relate just the legitimately important substance, and invest as a lot of energy breaking down the near criticalness of different hotspots for your very own motivations.

  • Key topics

It will be essential to distinguish, draw out, clarify, decipher, and assess critical subjects that rise out of the writing you have been considering. The topical investigation won’t just exhibit a real commitment with the paper. However, it gives you a framework on which to assemble the body of your content.

  • Basic attitude

Nothing must make it into your literature review, which has not been examined, addressed, and dismembered. A primary way to deal with all assessed material is the way to guaranteeing the end of an insignificant portrayal and the correct accentuation on a unique examination. Challenge suppositions, create contentions, and give purposes behind your responses.

  • Discoveries

Past the distinguishing proof of critical literature review dissertation and issues, it will be essential to arrive at specific findings considering your examination of the pertinent writing. Attempt to make working determinations about the present equalization of feeling concerning specific contentions, propose what you accept to be the new or future patterns in the field, recognize insufficiencies in current information, and relate your situation to that of others.

  • Substantial sources

The need to counsel an expansive scope of material has just been expressed, yet consider additionally the legitimacy of the sources you audit. In some branches of knowledge, great writings hold their expert for indeed a considerable number of years. Bleeding-edge logical research should be increasingly aware of the risks of counseling outdated information.

  • Categorization

Key topics give a characteristic organizing standard in a literature review, as do classifications dependent on pertinence to research questions, academic position, hypothetical worldview, sequence, etc. Classifying audited material into ‘for’ and ‘against’ classes for specific discussions is one valuable approach to show discoveries.

  • Hypothesis

Some portion of your examination of explored material will more likely than not include a thought of the hypothetical supporting of each source, inborn working suppositions, paradigmatic points, etc. Unequivocally lucid the method of reasoning behind the theoretical perspective to your discoveries and the position you have come to before the finish of the literature review.

The Importance of the Introduction

The Importance of the Introduction

During the writing of a research paper, always put in mind that the opening is a crucial dissertation introduction chapter. It is because the introduction will be the first part your readers will come across before any other section of your paper. Dissertation paper introductions provide brief overviews of the entire document. It also set the direction and tone, gives explanations of the importance of writing the paper.

Therefore, you must leave a positive mark on your readers to be curious to read more. If you start the dissertation introduction annoyingly, then it main ruins the whole paper and the urge for your target audience to read it.

Look for essential elements that are to be included in the introduction and go through them to develop a winning paper. Follow the selected topic and strictly provide a clarified and cogent paper introduction. A good introduction will provide you with a set of directions for you to follow.

Some students do not know what an introduction is and how it should look like. Your introduction is an opening for the rest of the paper, such as the abstract, the methodology, and among others.

The purpose of the basic introduction is to announce your dissertation topic and the objective of the paper. The introduction is also used in demonstrating the relevance of the discussion. You can as well use it to convince your readers to develop a curiosity to read more of the paper. Be able to grasp the attention of the target audience through the application of relevant information sources in the introduction.

Guidelines on Writing a Dissertation Introduction for a Paper

Now, what do you write in a dissertation paper introduction? It is a common question asked by a majority of students. Well, the masters dissertation introduction should never miss certain elements that are crucial in achieving a winning paper. The introduction should indicate the scope of your research and try to stick to it.

Provide practical evidence of the relevance of your research work. You may include theoretical clarifications too. State a brief paper description of the dissertation introduction design. Lastly, it should never miss an explanation of the dissertation introduction outline it will have.

The dissertation objective determines the area of your research and the focus of the introduction. Why is it that you are carrying out the research? It can be anything close to what you like. Mostly, if not given a specific topic, you are encouraged to go for an area that interests you. Also, you may delve into a topic that your readers love, especially when you are writing a dissertation introduction for paper publication.

Most students are caught in the trap of researching even in foreign sources. Only stick to literature that will give you what you are looking for. Search for information that provides evidence and back up your points. It will work so efficiently if you look for a unique research niche.

Towards the end of the undergraduate dissertation introduction part, only use solid arguments and apply relevant knowledge. State any scientific facts related to the research. Cite for reliable sources of literature and merge them to achieve a typical flawless and coherent paragraph.

On the other hand, for some students, introductions are seen as reverse work. They write it after completing the rest of the paper. It enables them to cite in for information sources to merge them and create one flawless paragraph.

All in all, it does not matter how you write the introduction. The goal should be to catch the curiosity of the reader. Try to orient the reader through providing them with concrete ideas of what they should expect. After all, the bottom line is to shape introductions in a way that invites the reader into planning more in other chapters.

Challenges in Writing Dissertation Introduction Outline

Many students struggle to write their academic assignments. It is even harder to work on a simple dissertation paper because of its length work. For a plain paper, it can have roughly ten pages of content. You can imagine a student who has missed quite several classes writing such a lengthy paper.

For most, it is an exhaustive and tedious activity that involves intensive research work and writing. Only a few students can confess to like conducting research. In such a case, a student with poor English grammar problems experienced a tough time completing a dissertation on their own.

Also, some have a slow pace in writing and researching and will end up finishing late past the deadline. Yet, some instructors would never understand, no matter how much time you spend explaining.

Other college students do not have proper researching skills, yet it is an essential element in looking for introduction content. Students who lack experience have a hard time gathering information. Some think research is done on a few sources, and that is all. On the contrary, you require intensive searching of sources with related facts and literature useful for the paper topic.

A dissertation paper has rules, dissertation introduction structure, and guidelines that must be adhered to. Now, if a student cannot even construct a complete sentence, how is it expected of them to write a whole paper? Most students who are not native English speakers experience extreme challenges that derail their academic progress. The student has to write from the introduction up to the reference section and then apply the specified dissertation citation styles.

Now, to be able to solve all writing problems with ease, it is straightforward. Find a reliable writer online and work with them. There is no better feeling than to know that all the assignments will be taken care of and delivered to you in top quality. Every writing dissertation paper is done as you instruct. With no extra cost, the writer will proofread the article and ensure that there are no errors left.

Why not search online for academic experts to handle your dissertation proposal introduction assignments? Are you worried that you may be conned with your hard-earned money? You should not be afraid. Currently, it is easy to spot out a scam service. Such a service is hard to have professional writers working under them.

For that reason, the company will not have writers profiled on their webpage. Many genuine writing companies display their writers and dissertation services for customers to see. They even provide an opportunity for you to select an expert you would love to work with. Therefore, using such factors to identify a suitable dissertation for introduction service may be helpful.

Dissertation Introduction Structure: Why Buy from Our Experts

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Good Dissertation Introduction: Enjoy Favorable Benefits

Our help comes with bounty benefits that are customized to complement the dissertation for the introduction service we provide to customers. Some of these guarantees include:

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You have no reason to worry about the privacy of your details. We have encrypted our systems to ensure that your information is safe from cyber threats. Every conversation and transactions are secure. Such information as contacts, email addresses, and payment receipts.

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You have unlimited access to our free psychology dissertation introduction papers and other disciplines which use as samples for customers. These papers are to ensure that you verify what we offer and compare it to the quality you wish to receive from us.

Quality Writing Services: How to Place an Order with Us

We use a straightforward and user-friendly order form and client profile account. Here is how:

  • Open the dissertation’s introduction order form.
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Awesome Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation Methodology

Awesome Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

The dissertation is one of the tasks that cause college scholars’ sleepless nights. This paper is lengthy and has several sections that scholars need to encounter, among them the dissertation methodology. The section is basically where a scholar shows how the data was collected while conducting the study. It is usual for scholars to get stuck in this section.

Thus in this text, we provided some useful guidelines for crafting this section successfully. We also offer assistance to students struggling to compose this section of their dissertation or even the whole paper.

Some Basics on Methodology Chapter Dissertation

The methodology is among the most critical sections of this paper. It is common for scholars to place it after the literature review. The main aim is to describe the research design used. To succeed in crafting the methodology chapter dissertation, a scholar needs to identify the correct method of research. Standard methods include interviews, questionnaires, observation, and even document analysis. The goals of your study should guide you in selecting the most effective method to use.

The methodology section differs depending on the type of dissertation. There are qualitative dissertations, quantitative dissertations, or even mixed-method dissertations, which are a combination of the above two. A qualitative research methodology for dissertation mainly uses words, and its process is more valued in comparison with the outcome.

In research, a student also has to choose whether they prefer primary or secondary research. It’s because each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For one, a scholar who has a secondary research methodology dissertation mostly has to use past data that was collected by another person.

In the primary research, the researcher collected the data themselves. The advantage of primary research over secondary is that it can meet their needs, specifically from the collected data. Secondary research, on the other hand, may not meet the needs of the researcher directly.

However, a scholar who chooses the secondary data dissertation methodology will find that the research they conduct will not become as expensive as when making use of primary research.

Essentials of a Dissertation Methodology Structure

Outlining a dissertation is essential since it helps keep scholars from straying away from the main points. A dissertation methodology outline should encompass these segments:

  • Philosophy segment

In this part, present the philosophy that supports the investigation. Many philosophies can be presented here. The most common are positivism, interpretivism, and post-positivism. Choose what is most valuable in your study.

  • The research context

Here, you have your dissertation survey methodology. The objective is to provide answers to the questions: what, where, when, how, and why. Also, highlight whether qualitative or quantitative methods will be employed.

  • Strategy of research

Here, the researcher demonstrates how data collection was attained. Alternatively, you are required to specify if the facts will be qualitative or quantitative. As well, highlight approaches for collecting data and justify choosing the technique.

  • Collection of facts and analysis

In this segment, you showcase the techniques employed in gathering facts and the approach for analyzing them to obtain a suitable judgment.

  • Limitations, Ethics, Reliability, Validity

It is the part where you, as the researcher, explores the ethical considerations associated with the investigation, and the level of dependability of the study. Also, how effective the research was in accomplishing the goals and the aspects that limited the investigation.

A dissertation methodology structure may vary across different institutions, but the above components are similar. The arrangement of some of these components, however, might be different, but a student should have all of them.

Our Awesome Dissertation Service

Sometimes scholars find themselves in need of assistance with tasks such as writing a dissertation methodology. It comes as a result of various situations, like a scholar having too excessive work to complete and limited time to do so. Any section of a dissertation demands time to complete. Meaning that a scholar who has several other assignments might seek assistance with their dissertation to create time for their other academic tasks.

Insufficient time is also quite common for some students. Scholars who have crucial non-academic responsibilities, such as being employed part-time, will struggle to find time for their papers like a dissertation. They result in seeking assistance, especially for the methodology segment of the dissertation.

It is common for scholars also to seek help when they don’t have enough knowledge or experience in completing that task. For example, a literature based dissertation methodology might appear challenging for a scholar who has no idea how to approach it. Thus professional assistance will guarantee that they submit quality.

Close deadlines will also push a scholar to acquire assistance with a task such as a methodology section of dissertation. Having a professional complete, this section on your behalf will much time, which will ensure that you submit your work in time.

There are also reasons, such as laziness or even illness, where one feels incapability to complete a dissertation. Thus they require reliable assistance to guarantee that the work they submit will be of good quality.

We assist students with any strenuous academic papers they struggle with, for example, dissertation. We help in composing the different sections of a dissertation, like introduction conclusion, methodology and discussion, and also with the complete dissertations. We also assist with other papers such as essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, reviews, theses, and annotated bibliographies.

We offer various services, including:

  • Writing help for any academic work.
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  • Help in creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Programming and design assignments

Our company approaches ten years in this business. During this time, we have grown as a company while hiring new dissertation writers, and currently, we fulfill at least 300 client orders daily. Through our excellent papers, our customers can improve their scores and even manage to protect their grades.

Other advantages of our service include:

Fast Completion of Dissertation

Our methodology writers work fast when completing client orders and still ensure guarantee they produce quality. Essays are completed within 6 hours, then a research paper gets done within 24-48 hours, and a dissertation takes 7 days to complete. We also allow our clients to acquire urgent assistance with the methodology part of the dissertation. Thus, if you require your methodology to be completed in 3 hours, you will receive it on time.

We Always Meet Deadlines

Our service is strict in guaranteeing that customers get their work punctually. Any paper that customer orders are delivered within the deadline that they provided us. Our dissertation writers always complete working on papers on time without fail or excuse.

Full-Time Availability of Dissertation Service

Clients manage to contact us at any given time when they intend to acquire our services or even make inquiries regarding our service. Our company has a full-time client support team that is always ready to handle any concerns that customers may have.

Decent Customer Service

Our customer service team consists of well-trained individuals who deal with clients with the utmost professionalism. These individuals are patient towards our customers. Furthermore, our online live chat consists of real individuals rather than programmed responses.

Communication Allowed with Assigned Dissertation Writers

Our customers are granted the opportunities to communicate with professionals assigned their tasks so that they will succeed in getting them the type of work they want to the detail. Clients can provide extra specifications for their tasks. Furthermore, this gives them confidence that their order was assigned to the right individual.

Different Subjects

Need help with your law dissertation methodology? How about an engineering course? We offer assistance with papers in more than 50 subjects. The dissertation helpers are spread out across a variety of disciplines, and hence any academic task a scholar may have will be placed in the right hands.

Greatly Qualified Writers for Methodology Sections

Our dissertation writers are individuals with advanced level degrees. We require them to produce their proof of education to confirm they are qualified appropriately to handle these tasks. Furthermore, we have 58 dissertation writers already with their Ph.D.’s. They will prepare an excellent methodology section for your Ph.D. dissertation.

Our hiring process for dissertation helpers is also very strict in getting the most competent people to handle scholar’s tasks. First, background checking is done on the candidates to know more about them. From there, we organize a series of tests to confirm their abilities in writing. These include tests in grammar and writing, proficiency tests in their chosen fields, and finally tests with limited time to confirm they are capable of meeting deadlines. The successful candidates are then trained for two weeks to become methodology writers.

Writers Are Natives

Our writing team is made up of UK and US natives. These are people who studied in their institutions. Furthermore, these people have a strong command of the English language, which they use when fulfilling client orders.

Quality Methodology Section

Quality is a guarantee for our methodology help. We value customer satisfaction, and hence we always ensure that they work they receive of high quality. First, all the specifications that a client provides are followed very strictly by the assigned dissertation writers.

There’s also a dissertation editing department whose task is to go through all the papers that have been completed by our dissertation writers to confirm that they meet specifications. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking tools are used on papers to verify that the level of language proficiency is high.

No Plagiarized Dissertation

We are strict on plagiarism, and we always ensure that any document a client receives is 100% original. All our papers undergo plagiarism checking to confirm this, and then they are delivered to the clients. Our service has a strict no resell policy, which makes sure that a client can never receive a dissertation previously sold to another.

Our Great Discounts and Bonus System

We understand that our customers are scholars, and hence, they don’t have too much to spend on papers. Thus, we have set our prices to accommodate a good percentage of them. Furthermore, our discounts on services make our prices even better, for example, one for all new clients where each receives a 5% reduction on their first order. From there we have holiday discounts and also a referral discount for clients who introduce others to our facilities.

Our loyal customers can opt to reap the benefits of our bonus system that award them a 5% bonus every time they place a consecutive order. This bonus is the percentage of what you paid for the methodology part of the dissertation. This bonus will then be used when a client pays for a future order and will act as partial payment.

Reliable Refund Policy

We are very accountable for all our services. We make sure our customers’ interests are safe when they entrust us to deliver the excellent quality papers we promise. Our refund policy covers quality and ensures that the requirements of the papers are met. Otherwise, clients receive their refunds.